In What Episode Does Deluca Die in Grey’s Anatomy?

Dr. Andrew Deluca died in Season 17, Episode 7 of Grey’s Anatomy after he was stabbed. His death broke the hearts of many fans of the long-running medical drama series, with many stating that he deserved much better.

However, his death was for the greater good, the capture of a notorious human trafficker, and he exited on a high. He was not just one of the most beloved doctors that the series had ever seen but also a hero in every sense of the word.

Does Deluca Die?

Dr. Andrew Deluca is one of the few major characters to die in Grey’s Anatomy. Given its nature as a medical drama, many supporting characters, including patients, have lost their lives, but it is a different ball game for the major characters.

Grey’s Anatomy does not make a habit of writing the departing major characters out through death but provides other reasons. In its first 17 Seasons, only five major characters died, and one of them is sadly Deluca.

When Does Deluca Die and in What Season?

Deluca died in Season 17, Episode 7 of Grey’s Anatomy, titled Helplessly Hoping. However, the events that eventually led to his death stretch back to Season 16, Episode 18 of the show.

This episode sees the introduction of a lady named Opal, who accompanies a young girl named Cindy to the hospital. Opal turns out to be a sex trafficker, and Cindy is one of her victims. Deluca is the physician that attends to them and correctly guesses what is going on. He tries to intervene, but his superiors tell him to focus on doing his job. Opal is able to get away with Cindy, whom she later dumps when she (Cindy) gets sicker.

How Did Deluca Die?

Deluca died after being stabbed by one of Opal’s thugs in Season 17, Episode 7 of Grey’s Anatomy. The notorious Opal made an appearance once more in Season 17, Episode 6 when a fellow trafficker named Bob is hospitalized after two of his victims set fire to his house while he was sleeping.

This time around, there is no doubt the criminal activity Bob and Opal are involved in, and once things start hitting up, Opal escapes the hospital premises. Deluca, however, spots her and gives a hot chase with his sister, Carina. He eventually gets close to Opal, but one of her accomplices stabs him, and his sister immediately calls emergency services.

In Season 17, Episode 7 of Grey’s Anatomy, Deluca is left battling for his life. His colleagues, Teddy and Owen, operate on him and do all that they can to save his life. He seems to be stable after his surgery and can even respond to inquiries. However, he later starts coding and is returned to the operating room once more. His colleagues try to save his life, but he gives up the ghost to the anguish of everyone.

Throughout the time that he is hospitalized, Deluca is shown in a vision hanging out on a beach with his former lover named Meredith Grey. He expresses no regrets for going after Opal and says that he will do it again if given the chance. He tells Meredith that she made him want to be a better person. Deluca’s mom, who predeceased him, is later seen waving at him, and he leaves Meredith’s side and happily joins her.

Why Did Deluca Leave Grey’s Anatomy?

Deluca left Grey’s Anatomy because his character was killed off in Season 17, Episode 7 of the show. The reason Deluca’s character was killed off was in order to conclude the sex trafficker saga, which started in Season 16. The creators of the show saw it as an opportunity to tell a beautiful story that highlights the story of sex trafficking, and they decided to take it. They also loved the fact that Deluca would end up as a hero.

Despite all these noble reasons, Deluca’s death wasn’t an easy one for the creators and fans of the show and even the actor himself. Giacomo Gianniotti, who portrays Deluca, made it known that he had been on the show a long time, so it wasn’t bad to depart. He stated that the story would help many people and thanked the cast and crew of the show for everything. He also stated that he would love them forever.


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