Inside the Life of Alex Lagina and Miriam Amirault

Alex Lagina and Miriam Amirault are not dating, nor have they been romantically involved with each other. Miriam is currently single and it has not been confirmed that she is in a relationship with anyone at this time while the Alex has been linked to Katherine Sneed.

Alex Lagina is a TV personality best known for the reality TV show The Curse of Oak Island while Miriam Amirault is an archeologist who also gained fame for starring in the same reality TV show. After being together for a year on the TV show, the public started speculating that they might be dating. However, despite the public’s speculations, here is all that you need to know about the duo.

Who Is Alex Lagina?

Alex Lagina is an American TV personality, engineer, businessman, and producer born in 1978 in Traverse City, Michigan, in the United States. He is an American national and is of White ethnicity. He was born to Marty Lagina (father) and Margaret Olivia Lagina (mother). His father is a vintner, engineer, and producer of The Curse of Oak Island.

The TV personality has an only sister known as Maddie Lagina, who is a physician. His sister has also obtained a Master’s degree in public health. The siblings grew up together under the care of their parents in Traverse City.

Alex has remained mute about the names of his elementary, middle, and high school education. However, it is known that he had his education in the United States. He later enrolled in the University of Michigan’s College of Engineering, where he obtained a degree in engineering.

Alex Lagina and Miriam Amirault

What Does Alex Lagina Do?

With parents who have established themselves and set up a business, Alex Lagina found himself in the business sector. Upon graduating from the university, he returned home to face the family’s business. He worked for his father’s oil company known as Marty’s Oil and Gas Exploration. The company was later sold to CMS Energy Corporation.

Currently, he is the general manager of his father’s wine company, Mari Vineyards company which was founded by Marty Lagina in 1999 and named after his mother and Alex Lagina’s grandmother. The company specializes in red and white wine extracted from Italian grapes and it is located on the Old Mission Peninsula in Michigan. It has attained success as it is sold in over sixteen states in the United States.

Alex Lagina Is a TV Personality

Aside from his family’s business, which he runs, Alex also has a side gig as a TV personality. He is a member of Oak Island Tours Inc., which is owned and run by his father, his uncle, Rick Lagina, himself, and some investors who are interested in uncovering mysteries.

The TV personality who loves uncovering the mystery behind the Oak Island treasure is one of the cast of the reality TV show, The Curse of Oak Island. The first episode of the show, which was aired in 2014, had Alex as one of its casts. So far, he has appeared in over 100 episodes of the reality show.

Alex Lagina is not just one of its cast members but also has some jobs behind the scenes. He is also an associate producer of some TV shows, including The Curse of Oak Island and its spin-off series, The Curse of Oak Island: Drilling Down.

Mirian Amirault Is a Canadian

Alex Lagina and Miriam Amirault

Mirian Amirault is a TV personality and archaeologist born in Nova Scotia, Canada. Unlike Alex Lagina, her age cannot be determined as she has not mentioned anything about her month, date, or year of birth. She is a Canadian national and of White ancestry.

The TV star is reserved when it comes to disclosing details about her family background. As a result of this, the names and occupations of her parents are not known, however, it was revealed that she came from a wealthy and prosperous family. Just as she likes keeping details about herself vague, the names and occupations of her siblings, if she has any, are also a mystery. The TV personality grew up under the care of her parents in Digby, Nova Scotia.

Mirian has remained mute about the names of the elementary, middle, and high schools that she attended. However, all that is known is that she went to school in Canada. She furthered her studies at the University of New Brunswick, where she obtained a degree in anthropology, majoring in classical studies. Meanwhile, she plans to study forensics at Humber College in Toronto. She developed an interest in the course after she started taking part in excavations.

What Does Miriam Amirault Do For A Living?

Mirian Amirault’s education helped her in the role that she plays in the TV show, The Curse of Oak Island. Meanwhile, prior to joining the team, she began her adventure in her second semester. This was when Dr. Aaron Taylor invited her to take part in an excavation in Cuba. After she embarked on the excavation, she picked more interest in it.

Upon her graduation from the university, Dr. Aaron Taylor gave her the opportunity to become part of the History Channel’s documentaries. As a confident lady who loves adventures, she later joined The Curse of Oak Island around 2020 and has appeared in over 26 episodes. She is still active as one of the casts.

Are Alex Lagina and Miriam Amirault a Couple?

Alex Lagina and Miriam Amirault are not a couple. Because they appear on the same TV show, fans started speculating that they are in a relationship and even went further to assume that there might be something going on between them as they could see a spark in their eyes.

Unfortunately, Alex and Miriam are two people who cherish their privacy and as a result, they have never deemed it fit to respond to the rumors. They might be in a relationship but have decided to keep it on the low.

Alex Lagina and Miriam Amirault

Meanwhile, following the fact that Mirian is a reserved person, she has not revealed if she is in a relationship or not with anyone at this time. On the other hand, it has been revealed that Alex Lagina is in a relationship with Katherine Sneed, a social media influencer and fashion blogger. The news about the two being in a relationship began to circulate after the fashion blogger began posting pictures of Alex Lagina. She often posts pictures of them on trips on her Instagram account.

Katherine Sneed took to her Instagram handle to wish Alex Lagina a happy birthday in 2020, stating that she wishes to travel with him soon. This has further helped in debunking the relationship rumors between Alex Lagina and Mirian Amirault.


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