Is Alaska Daily Canceled or Will There Be Season 2?

Alaska Daily has been canceled by ABC Network, and there will not be season 2. The prime-time drama was canceled for low ratings amidst other technical considerations.

Despite the positive reception and an 86% audience score on Rotten Tomatoes, the American Crime Drama series Alaska Daily has been canceled by the network, with no plans to develop a second season.

The decision was made after the show struggled to gain momentum in ratings, from its debut in October 2022 to the airing of the finale in March. The show’s lead actress, Hilary Swank, received a Golden Globe Award nomination for her role in the series, but unfortunately, the ratings did not meet ABC’s expectations, leading to the show’s cancellation.

Why Was Alaska Daily Cancelled?

Following a combination of reasons, ABC confirmed that Alaska Daily had been canceled. The production of the show faced a significant setback at first when the lead actress, Hilary Swank, discovered she was pregnant with twins shortly after filming began. This led to delays and a multi-month hiatus, resulting in only 11 episodes being produced by the end of March. Despite having a favorable time slot following popular shows like Station 19 and Grey’s Anatomy, the show struggled to gain a substantial audience.

The combination of filming in Canada and the low ratings that followed were not what ABC had expected. Additionally, the ongoing Writers Guild of America strike led ABC to decide that it was not worth continuing the show, especially as Swank would have required more maternity leave before filming could resume. Although it is disappointing, the show has come to an end, and Alaska Daily has published its final story on ABC.

In October 2022, Alaska Daily premiered with Hilary Swank in the lead role as Eileen Fitzgerald, a renowned and conceited reporter from the New York Times. Eileen’s career was jeopardized after she published a story that exposed a corrupt general, only to be accused of fabricating the evidence. This led to her being terminated and ostracized by the journalism community.

Despite her downfall, Eileen found employment at a small newspaper in Anchorage, Alaska, where she collaborates with a committed team to investigate local cases, particularly the disappearance of indigenous women, and endeavors to uncover the truth.

Is Alaska Daily Canceled or Will There Be Season 2?
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When Does Alaska Daily Return?

Following the official cancellation of the show on May 12, 2023, after only one season, there is no information about Alaska Daily ever returning. This is because the show was canceled on the grounds of its ratings, amongst other reasons which we have previously mentioned.

The series returned for the final episodes of season one in March 2023, and the 11th and final episode of the season premiered on March 30, 2023. Alaska Daily doesn’t return afterward as its cancelation is final.

How Many Seasons of Alaska Daily Are There?

As previously mentioned, there is only one season of Alaska Daily, comprising of eleven episodes. The show followed Hilary Swank’s character, Eileen Fitzgerald, a disgraced reporter who sought redemption by joining a metro newspaper in Anchorage, Alaska.

The first season of Alaska Daily concluded on March 30 with a Live+Same day rating of 0.2 and an audience of 2.8 million viewers. The filming for the series began on August 8, 2022, and wrapped up on January 5, 2023. Season one premiered on October 6, 2022.

Where Can I Watch Alaska Daily Season 1?

For Fans of the show seeking a rewatch of season one or newcomers to the show looking for suitable options to watch the series, we have curated a list of places you can watch season one of Alaska Daily.

There are several options available to you through streaming services. Being an ABC original, the series can be viewed on the ABC network and ABC’s streaming service at and Hulu Plus.

You can also stream the show by renting or purchasing episodes through popular services like iTunes, FuboTV, YouTube TV, DirecTV Stream, Google Play, Amazon Instant Video, or Vudu. And for fans residing in New Zealand, Ireland, United Kingdom, and Australia, season one of the show is available on Disney+. With all these options, you can enjoy the show at your leisure, no matter where you are.

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