Is Bella Ramsey Gay, Bi or Trans? What Is Her Gender?

Bella Ramsey is Gay, and her gender is non-binary.

The English actor came out as gay following rumors and speculations about her sexuality and gender. She made this known in an interview, where she describes herself as being “a little wavy” but is certain that she’s pretty much gay. 

Bella Ramsey also went further to call herself a non-binary person, and she would love it more if she went by the pronouns “they/them,” and even “their.”

Is Bella Ramsey Gay?

Bella Ramsey has revealed that she is pretty much gay and would like to remain so. This was made known following her recent role as Ellie Williams in The Last Of Us, where she disobeys an instruction by the show’s creator, Craig Mazin, not to read the social media comments about their show.

Bella, however, went on to read all the comments, but instead of meeting a barrage of negative comments about the show, she sees a gay community who are proud of her and her role as the queer character, Ellie. 

The discovery convinces her that these people’s voices and support are much louder than any other she has seen in recent times. She further adds that it’s a reaction she has come to really enjoy, satisfied that there is a “gay army” standing behind her.

Before her big reveal with the New York Times, Bella had always had a quieter life than the other stars who are now in the spotlight. She has always seen fame as being “silly” and wishes she could still do things like every other normal human being. 

After her main television role as Mildred Hubble in the Worst Witch series and following her queer storylines both in The Worst Witch and The Last Of Us, Ramsey decided to come out clean to the public about who she really is and how she sees herself. By extension, this shows her confidence and acts as a voice for the community of people like her.

Speaking about her sexuality, Bella told British Vogue in an interview that she “is a little bit wavy,” as she believes she isn’t “100 percent straight.” This is a part of her she had hidden away from the public, as she isn’t known to share much about her life. 

However, The Last Of Us star also talked about her role as Ellie, a teenager immune to the fungus that has turned the world into a post-apocalyptic terrain full of infected and is considered the last hope for man. Bella reveals that one of the reasons she felt attached to Ellie’s character is her “gayness,” an attribute original to the 2013 video game, and if people aren’t comfortable with that, then that’s on them, she said.

The Origin of Bella Ramsey’s Gay Rumors

Nothing much is known about how Bella Ramsey’s gay rumors came to be or how long it has been around. The actor was only 13 years old when she got her first role on television in 2016, and even at that, her sexuality was still not known. 

Bella was still too young to have formed a concrete stand about her sexuality, though she had shared she didn’t quite feel like a girl or a boy while growing up but hadn’t thought much about it.

Then her role in The Last Of Us came, and fans got to see a slice of her sexuality in her character, Ellie Williams, raising questions about whether or not she is gay. Subsequently, in various interviews that she has granted, Bella has come out to declare that she’s gender “fluid,” and doesn’t mind if people think her to be gay or not. And that she appreciates all the love she’s getting from her “gay army” on Twitter, now X.

Is Bella Ramsey Transgender?

In the technical sense, Bella Ramsey isn’t a trans person but doesn’t mind going by some pronouns such persons use in their everyday lives. In her posts across her social media pages, the star refers to herself as “he” or “dude,” as that is what “excites” her the most, and she would prefer if people referred to her as such more often. This was known in a tweet she shared early last year, March 31, when she said, “Happy TDOV to this little dude!”

This came out during the month when trans people were recognized for their struggles and sacrifices, owing to their decision not to identify as the gender they were born with.

In Bella’s case, however, the standpoint of her sexuality is ever-changing as she keeps exploring who she is and what she’s comfortable with. She tells her fans about her role in more feminine characters, and she said being called a “young woman” is more bothersome than whatever pronoun she’s been addressed with.

“I know people will think what they want to think. But they are gonna have to get used to it,” she said, “If you don’t want to watch the show because it has gay storylines, because it has a trans character, that’s on you, and you’re missing out.” She had said this while addressing homophobic sentiments arising from her role in The Last Of Us.

In an interview with The Times, she said she’s pretty much a person, and that being gendered isn’t something she particularly liked.

Is Bella Ramsey Non-Binary?

Bella Ramsey is non-binary. This truth about her came in mid-2022, after she turned 19, when she shared words about her sexuality and identity, as she states, as per the New York Times, that she identifies as “non-binary,” and uses any pronoun peculiar to the set.

In another development, she shares that she would like to be addressed with the pronouns “they/them” and “their,” which she feels is the most appropriate for her gender and identity. She had once said in an interview that being gendered wasn’t what she fancied, as it bothered her a lot.

So, in summary, Bella Ramsey is a non-binary English actor who plays queer characters and loves it more when she’s addressed with ‘they’ or ‘them.’ It has taken her a long time to accept this, and she’s willing to keep pushing the message of sexual positivity and love for a person for who they are.

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