Is Chanel West Coast Transgender and Was She Born a Man?

Chanel West Coast is not transgender, and she was not born a man. Chanel was born a girl with the name Chelsea Chanel Dudley, and she has maintained that identity to date.

The rapper and reality TV star, who is synonymous with her work on MTV’s Ridiculousness alongside Rob Dyrdek, has faced some rumors over her gender identity, but a deep dive into these rumors shows that there is no evidence whatsoever to back them up, and they are the product of a viral online meme.

Is Chanel West Coast a Man?

Chanel West Coast is not a man. She was born a woman and has maintained that identity to date. Of course, it is now medically possible for a biological male to transition to a female or for a biological female to transition to a male, but that is not the case with our subject.

Chanel West Coast was not born a man. She was born a woman and has maintained that identity as she has built a career for herself in the entertainment industry. She has also not expressed any misgivings about the gender that was assigned to her at birth. She is comfortable in her skin and is not looking to change the status quo.

Is Chanel West Coast Transgender?

Chanel West Coast is not transgender. She was born a woman and has maintained that identity to date. Before we go further, it may be pertinent to define some terms.

Transgender is a term generally used to describe a person whose gender identity does not match the one that they were assigned at birth. For instance, a transgender woman was labeled as male at birth but has the gender identity of a female. A transgender man was assigned female sex at birth but identifies as male.

Therefore, for Chanel West Coast to be transgender, it means that she was born male and then chose to identify as female and maybe also take medical steps in that regard as well, but that is not the case here. Chanel West Coast is not transgender. She identifies as a woman and has described herself as a girl.

Despite these strong declarations, Chanel West Coast has faced speculations that she is transgender in the past. These speculations are examined below.

Chanel West Coast Transgender Rumors First Surfaced in 2015

The speculation that Chanel West Coast is transgender and was born a man is one that goes way back to July 2015 when a meme to that effect started circulating on the internet. The meme utilized Chanel’s picture as well as the picture of Stuart Minkus, one of the male characters on the popular TV show Boy Meets World.

The post emphasized the similarity in their facial looks and claimed that the young Stuart Minkus (portrayed by Lee Norris, a male actor) had grown up to become Chanel West Coast. Due to the uncanny resemblance between Minkus and Chanel, the meme went viral on the internet, and many started claiming that Chanel must have been born male and transitioned into female.

The speculations garnered steam over time, but Chanel ignored it. She was, however, forced to respond to it some years down the line. For instance, in 2016, she took to Twitter to tweet that she was planning a lawsuit for all those sites posting the ad that she was transgender and that she used to be Minkus.

The MTV star did not follow up with her threat of a lawsuit and so, the online mischief makers continued unabated. By 2018, a good three years after the meme first went viral, Chanel West Coast was asked about the transgender speculations. She revealed that the speculations were technically defamation of character and she was trying to take legal means to get all the misleading information off the internet.

She also pointed out that beyond the defamatory nature of the claims, what hurt her most was that some Trans kids who were struggling with their situation often approached her and wanted to talk to her because they believed she could relate to what they were dealing with. According to Chanel, she wanted so badly to be there for such kids and felt terrible when she had to confess that she wasn’t actually Trans.

In that same interview, Chanel West Coast made it categorically clear that she is a girl and was born a girl. She attributed the rumor, as well as other speculations about her, to a weird internet stalker. The rapper admitted to seeing the funny side of the whole meme but called it frustrating. She further stated that she felt bad for Norris, who had to deal with the rumors as well. On his own part, Lee Norris never reacted to the speculations and chose to focus on his acting career.

What is Chanel West Coast’s Real Name?

Chanel West Coast’s real name is Chelsea Chanel Dudley. This was the name that she was given by her parents at the time of her birth on the 1st of September 1988. It also remains her legal name to date, as there is no indication that she has taken legal steps to formally adopt her stage name as some celebrities do.

Chanel West Coast’s stage name is most likely inspired by her background. She was born in Los Angeles and spent a good deal of her formative years on the West Coast. She also spent a significant amount of time with her dad in New York. The folks in New York would have inevitably started calling her West Coast, and this was how she came about her stage name.

Did Chanel West Coast Have Her Baby?

Chanel West Coast had a baby on the 2nd of November 2022. The baby, a daughter named Bowie Breeze Fenison, is her very first child, and she welcomed her with her boyfriend, model and realtor Dom Fenison.

Chanel West Coast was quite excited about becoming a first-time mom and shared her joyful news with the world shortly after giving birth. Of course, she hadn’t kept her pregnancy a secret in the first place. However, upon giving birth, she gave a lot of details. She revealed that her pregnancy was high-risk and that the childbirth was rough, which resulted in an unplanned c-section. She also stated that she was thankful to be healthy and happy.

Chanel West Coast and her partner Dom Fenison were friends for about five years before they began dating in early 2022. They had reconnected when Dom appeared in a music video for Chanel’s song and subsequently began dating. The couple have a great relationship, and Chanel has praised Dom as an amazing dad. They celebrated their beloved daughter’s first birthday in November 2023.


Is Chanel West Coast Pregnant?

Chanel West Coast was pregnant, and she gave birth on the 2nd of November 2022 to a daughter named Bowie Breeze Fenison. It is her first child, and the father is Dom Fenison.

Is Chanel West Coast Married?

Chanel West Coast is not married, but she does have a boyfriend named Dom Fenison. She and Dom welcomed a daughter together in November 2022, which is the same year that they started dating. Chanel has admitted that they got pregnant a bit early in their relationship but that it solidified their romance. She has also indicated that she would love to marry Dom but pointed out that it is up to him and she is not a pushy person.

Who is Chanel West Coast’s Husband?

Chanel West Coast does not have a husband as she is not married, but she has a partner named Dom Fenison. She and Dom began dating in early 2022 and welcomed a child in November of that same year.

Who is Chanel West Coast’s Baby Daddy?

Chanel West Coast’s baby daddy is Dom Fenison, her boyfriend. Dom is a professional model, licensed realtor, and business executive. He has appeared in music videos as well as ads for companies such as Nike. He has also worked the runway for the likes of Givenchy.


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