Where Is Vivi-Anne Stein From Dance Moms Now?

Vivi-Anne Stein, the reality television star from Dance Moms, currently lives in Ohio, the United States of America, where she still practices and competes as a dancer and also attends Cleveland State University as a medical student.

The Guatemala-born American dancer stepped into the spotlight after she appeared on the first season of Dance Moms, the popular American dance reality television show. Read on for more information on the Dance Moms star’s current whereabouts.

What is Vivi-Anne’s Age and where was She Born?

Vivi-Anne Stein was born on September 11, 2004, and is currently 19 years old. Although the identities of her biological parents are unknown, she was born to them in Guatemala, Central America. However, she later moved to Ohio, USA, and spent the rest of her childhood where she was adopted by an American couple.

Vivi-Anne’s Parents

Vivi-Anne’s parents are Cathy Nesbitt-Stein and Mark Stein. Although they are not her biological parents, Cathy and Mike adopted Vivi-Anne as their daughter when she was very young and the family of three have remained together ever since then.

Cathy, Vivi-Anne’s mother, is a dance coach and the owner of a dance studio, Candy Apple’s Dance Centre. Her dad, Mike, is an insurance adjuster and businessman who founded the Beef Jerky Store.

Is Vivi-Anne Adopted?

Yes, Vivi-Anne is adopted. However, there is no information on her birth family and she is only recognized as the adopted daughter of Mark Stein and Cathy Nesbitt-Stein.

Does Vivi-Anne Stein Have Special Needs?

No, Vivi-Anne Stein does not have special needs. Rumors about Vivi-Anne being a special needs kid started going around the internet after some netizens noticed what was presumed to be a lackluster attitude towards dance in her. A lot of people at the time pointed out that Vivi-Anne’s face was often completely emotionless, even when she was dancing. Given that dancers are very emotional people, the young star was considered weird and her lack of emotions was written off as her having special needs.

These rumors even intensified after little Vivi-Anne revealed that she didn’t like dancing and was only in the competition because her mom promised her Tacos. Another time, Vivi-Anne was also caught lying that she had cut her pinky and didn’t think she would be able to dance. While some people took these weird behaviors as proof that Vivi-Anne had some underlying mental illness like Down’s Syndrome, others thought it was all from living with a mother like Cathy who was often described as highly materialistic and very competitive.

Vivi-Anne Stein currently resides in Ohio, USA where she still practices and competes as a dancer. When she is not dancing, she devotes her time to her studies as she is a medical student at Cleveland State University.

While she isn’t the most popular contestant in the Dance Moms reality show, Vivi-Anne was able to warm her way into the hearts of several fans during her appearance on the show’s premier season in July 2011. Years down the line, most of these fans have been wondering about the whereabouts of their favorite dancer.

After Vivi-Anne got off Dance Moms, Cathy revealed that she had gotten a call from one of the show organizers who wanted to work with Vivi-Anne when she got older. While it is still unclear whether that prospect is still open, the child star has gotten into diversifying her dance skills and even won 12th place in the competition and also a Standout Award for her routine. When she isn’t dancing, Vivi-Anne dedicates her time to her studies, she recently got admitted into Cleveland State University where she is studying for a Bachelor’s Degree in Medicine.


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