Is Ryan Seacrest Gay and Does He Have a Wife or Girlfriend?

Ryan Seacrest is not gay. The 49 year-old American television and radio personality’s dating profile suggests that he is not gay but straight, and despite the rumors about his being gay, he has never publicly identified as one but has always proven the speculations otherwise. While Seacrest does not have a wife, he has a girlfriend. He is in a relationship with model Aubrey Paige Petcosky. 

Is Ryan Seacrest Gay?

Ryan Seacrest is not gay despite the rumors surrounding his sexuality. There have been ongoing speculations about Seacrest’s sexual orientation, with some suggesting that he might be gay. However, his dating history and public statements indicate that he is straight, as he has always been involved in relationships with women and has never been in a romantic or sexual relationship with a man.

Although Seacrest has been known to make gay jokes on his television shows, it should be noted that these remarks were likely meant in a lighthearted and comedic context rather than reflecting his personal orientation.

Additionally, aspects of his fashion sense and mannerisms have led to further speculation, such as an incident where he danced with a male audience member during an episode of American Idol. However, it is important to remember that personal style and behavior do not necessarily indicate one’s sexual orientation. Ultimately, Seacrest’s dating history and his consistent interest in women provide a clear indication of his preferences.

Is Ryan Seacrest Gay and Does He Have a Wife or Girlfriend?
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Is Ryan Seacrest Married?

Ryan Seacrest is unmarried. Despite having been in relationships with numerous women, he has not yet tied the knot. The former co-host of “Live With Kelly and Ryan” has never walked down the aisle and has not popped the question to any of his past partners. During a discussion with Kelly Ripa on a Live episode in May 2017, Ryan shared that there was a moment when he contemplated proposing but ultimately concluded that it was the correct choice to refrain from doing so.

Is Ryan Seacrest in a Relationship?

Yes, Ryan Seacrest is in a relationship with Aubrey Paige, a model born in New York. Ryan and Aubrey have reportedly been dating since 2021 when Seacrest was a host on “Live With Kelly and Ryan.”

The duo officially debuted as a couple on the red carpet at Jennifer Lopez’s “Halftime” event in 2022. Their relationship has since flourished, with the couple introducing each other to their families and embarking on vacations to picturesque European destinations. In April 2023, Aubrey showed her support by attending Ryan’s final episode on Live, marking an important milestone in their journey together.

Ryan Seacrest and Aubrey Paige’s Relationship

Ryan and Aubrey keep a low profile about their relationship, and not much is known to the public about their romantic life, future plans, or the trajectory of their relationship.

The couple has chosen to keep their relationship mostly private, and they have not made any official comments about the nature of their commitment. However, there are indications that they have a strong bond. Ryan Seacrest has referred to Aubrey as his girlfriend in interviews, and Aubrey has shared posts about Ryan on her Instagram account. Their relationship, which began in 2021, seems to flourish, suggesting they have deep feelings for each other.

Despite their connection, they have faced criticism due to the significant age difference between them. Ryan Seacrest is almost 23 years older than Aubrey. Some people have expressed concerns about the age gap, especially compared to Ryan’s previous relationship with Julianne Hough, who was 13 years younger. However, Ryan and Aubrey do not seem bothered by the opinions of others and are focused on their own happiness.

As Ryan Seacrest’s career undergoes changes, their relationship has become more public. In early 2023, when Ryan announced his departure from a morning show, Aubrey publicly expressed her support for him on her Instagram on his last day. Despite societal expectations or pressure to get married, they are content with enjoying their present moments together and nurturing their relationship.

How Did Ryan Seacrest Meet Aubrey Paige?

Aubrey Paige and Ryan Seacrest met for the first time during the birthday celebration of Mark Consuelos, Kelly Ripa’s husband. Kelly Ripa herself introduced Aubrey as an exceptionally captivating guest at the event. Subsequently, Aubrey and Ryan Seacrest began dating, and on January 1, 2022, Aubrey took to Instagram to express her awe for Ryan, labeling him as an incredible man.

Ryan Seacrest’s Girlfriend Age

Aubrey Paige is 26 years old. Ryan Seacrest’s girlfriend was born on 29th October 1997. She has four siblings: Riley and Halley (sisters) and Elliot and Ethan (brothers). In 2016, she enrolled at Austin Community College in Dallas, Texas, where she studied Marketing and Fashion Marketing and graduated in 2018.

Paige is a model and actor represented by LA Models and NTA Talent Agency, as stated on her LinkedIn profile. Her LinkedIn also highlights her experience as a scriptwriter in the marketing and advertising industry.

Her Instagram bio reveals that Paige enjoys fitness, fashion, travel, and screenwriting. While not as well-known as her boyfriend, Petcosky is also involved in the entertainment industry. She holds degrees from Austin Community College and the University of North Texas. During the COVID-19 pandemic, she resided in Texas, but in May 2021, she announced on Facebook that she had relocated to Los Angeles.

Kelly Ripa and Ryan Seacrest’s Relationship

Kelly Ripa and Ryan Seacrest Co-hosted the ABC TV show Live with Kelly and Ryan for six years. Apart from being co-workers, Ryan and Kelly are friends but are not a couple, as Kelly Ripa is married to her husband, Mark Consuelos. Kelly and Ryan have been friends for over 20 years, with Kelly regarding Ryan as the kid brother she never had.

Kelly’s husband, Mark, has since taken over from Ryan as a Co-host on the show, now renamed Live with Kelly and Mark.


Who is Ryan Seacrest’s Wife?

Ryan Seacrest has no wife, as he has never been married. The 49 year-old has, however, been in romantic relationships with several women, ranging from TV personalities to models.

Is Ryan Seacrest Dating?

Ryan Seacrest is dating Aubrey Paige, a model, scriptwriter, and actor. After Seacrest announced in February 2023 that he was leaving “Live With Kelly and Ryan,” Aubrey took to Instagram to publicly commend him and express her pride in his achievements on the last day of his show.

Who is Ryan Seacrest’s Girlfriend?

Ryan Seacrest’s girlfriend is Aubrey Paige Petcosky. They have been in a relationship since 2021. Seacrest was first romantically linked to model Aubrey Paige when they were seen together celebrating Memorial Day in the Hamptons that May. 

Is Julianne Hough Ryan Seacrest’s Wife?

Julianne Hough is not Ryan Seacrest’s wife, as he has never been married. The duo were, however, in a relationship in the past. Hough and Seacrest began dating in the summer of 2010 and ended their relationship in March 2013. Sources cited their busy work schedules as a contributing factor to the breakup.

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