Is Tyler Perry Married or Dating? Who Is His Wife or Partner?

Tyler Perry is not married and does not have a wife. He is also not dating anybody presently, and as such, he does not have a partner.

The billionaire African-American filmmaker, however, has a son named Aman Tyler Perry, and this is from his past relationship with Gelila Bekele, an Ethiopian-born model. Perry and Bekele were together for a little over a decade, and many thought that they would walk down the aisle for sure, but this was not to be.

Who is Tyler Perry Married To?

Tyler Perry is not married to anyone presently and has never been married in the past. This reality comes as a bit of a shock for many members of the public, given that his movies and TV series often highlight family issues, but it is what it is. Perry did not consciously set out not to get married, but the situation of things in his life means that it may never happen for him, and he has accepted it.

Back in 2013, when he appeared on the Jay Leno Show, Tyler Perry was asked about the possibility of him getting married someday. He stated that he wasn’t sure that he would ever walk down the aisle. He wondered what kind of husband he would be given his work ethic.

That work ethic has only increased in recent years as Tyler Perry has gone on to dominate Hollywood, producing hit TV shows as well as movies. This keeps reducing the odds of him ever getting married, but one can never say never.

Who is Tyler Perry Dating Now?

Tyler Perry is believed to be single at the moment. His last confirmed relationship ended in 2020, and he took to social media to bemoan that fact. Specifically, in December 2020, he tweeted a picture of himself in workout gear and declared that this was what a midlife crisis looked like. He described himself as 51 years old, single, and wondering what the next chapter held for him.

Striking a more positive tone, he stated that he will “keep on walking with God, whatever the future looks like for him, be the best father and man he can be, hold his head up high, and try to look his best through it all.” Perry’s message resonated with his followers, and many tried to encourage him by also sharing their own relationship status.

It is a possibility that Tyler Perry has gone on to date since that public declaration of his single status. It is also possible that he has never dated anyone seriously since then. Only time will tell the true status of his love life and who his partner or girlfriend is.

Who was Tyler Perry’s Partner?

Tyler Perry’s partner was Gelila Bekele, an Ethiopian-born model, social activist, and author. Perry and Bekele first met each other at a Prince concert in 2007. Some reports say that it was love at first sight, but this may not have been the case though. The two were friends for two years before they started dating in 2009.

Tyler Perry’s relationship with Gelila lasted for 11 years. During this time, they moved in together and made a life for themselves. They appeared on the red carpet at award ceremonies and movie premieres. They also joined hands to support many charitable causes close to their heart.

Perry and Gelila also welcomed one child together in the course of their romance. Given all this, many thought that they would end up getting married. Perry was even straight out asked about that when he was interviewed by rapper T.I. in April 2020. He went on to describe Gelila as wonderful and stated that even though they were not formally married, she was getting a cut of his fortune.

Sadly, some months down the line, he and the Ethiopian model broke up. They stated that they would remain amicable co-parents to their son. The exact reason why Tyler Perry and Gelila Bekele broke up is unknown, but speculations have it that it was due to Perry’s busy schedule. One will also inevitably wonder whether the filmmaker had cold feet towards marriage, and this made Gelila walk away. However, this is just speculation with no atom of confirmation.

Tyler Perry
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How Many are Tyler Perry’s Kids?

Tyler Perry has only one kid, a son named Aman Tyler Perry. He was born on the 30th of November 2014 and is presently 9 years old. There is scarcely any photos of the boy on the internet, and this is a result of the deliberate efforts of his parents. They want him to have as normal a life as possible and are trying very hard to keep him protected.

Perry has however dropped some tidbits about his boy, revealing that he loves Bob Marley’s music and that his favorite holiday is Halloween. Aman is also quite intelligent and started reading at the early age of three. Perry is one doting and proud dad, and this doesn’t come as a surprise. He previously stated that even though he may not be husband material due to his busy schedule, he already knows that he will be a great father.

Who Did Tyler Perry Have a Child With?

Tyler Perry had a child, a son named Aman Tyler Perry, with Gelila Bekele, his former partner of over 11 years. He and Bekele started dating in 2009, welcomed their son in 2014, and split six years later in 2020.

The mother of Tyler Perry’s child, Gelila Bekele, is an Ethiopian-born model, social activist, and documentary filmmaker. Bekele was born in Ethiopia and spent the early years of her life. She later relocated to Europe and then the U.S., where she attended college. Gelila was scouted while in school and has gone on to become a professional model, working for brands such as Michael Kors, Pantene, Anna Sui, etc.

Gelila Bekele is also a social activist and is passionate about improving the lot of young girls and women in her native Ethiopia. To this end, she has written a thought-provoking book and produced a documentary.

A Look at Tyler Perry’s Dating History

Tyler Perry is quite protective of his personal life, and this makes it quite difficult to know who he has actually dated in the past. He is, however, said to have dated actress and director Tasha Smith in the past. This is, however, doubtful, given that Smith exclaimed that she thought he was asexual when she heard the news that he was expecting a child with Gelila.

Tyler Perry is also said to have dated Tyra Banks, the supermodel; there is no confirmation of this romance. Find the list of Tyler Perry’s girlfriends below

Tyler Perry’s Girlfriends List

  • Gelila Bekele (2009-2020)
  • Tasha Smith (rumored)
  • Tyra Banks (rumored)


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