What Is Jonathan Roumie’s Religion, Christianity?

Jonathan Roumie’s religion is Christianity and he is a practicing Catholic. The 49 year-old American actor takes his religion more seriously than anything else. It is because of this that he has been a part of many religious stage and TV productions, including The Chosen, for which he is mostly recognized, and Jesus Revolution.

Best recognized for portraying Jesus Christ in a movie, his Egyptian and Syrian roots from his father’s side have put up his religious beliefs into question. However, he has since settled the questions by making it clear that he is Christian, just like his parents.

Is Jonathan Roumie Catholic?

Jonathan Roumie’s religion is Christianity, and he is a practicing Catholic. The faith was taken seriously in his home by his parents, who are very religious. It was at the age of 4 and a half that he first experienced a change in his spiritual growth, which he described as the start of his conversion and the beginning of his spiritual journey.

According to him, he attended public primary and secondary schools, and whenever he was home, he was always absorbed in his faith. As he continued to grow, he took the faith even more seriously. Today, even as an actor, he shares so much about Catholicism and Christianity on his Instagram. The Chosen actor indicated that his role in the aforementioned movie was the foundation upon which he played the role of Jesus.

Because of his activities in relation to the church, he has been recognized among Sunday Visitors 2022 Catholics of the Year on a list that has individuals such as Mark Wahlberg and Archbishop Borys Gudziak. He was recognized for “uniting Christians and non-Christians alike through his portrayal of Christ.”

More so, he holds the office of an extraordinary minister of Holy Communion in the catholic church, which means he can be permitted to distribute the holy communion. In 2021, he had one of his childhood dreams of meeting the Pope came true when he had a meeting with Pope Francis.

Jonathan Roumie’s Family was Not Originally Catholic

When Jonathan’s parents had him, the family was not Catholic. His father, George Roumie, was a Greek Orthodox, although he is part Egyptian and part Syrian. His mother, Rosemary Roumie, who is better known as Rosie, was the one who was catholic. She is from Ireland.

Because of the faith of his father, Jonathan and other members of his family worshipped in the Greek Orthodox Church, which was also where he was baptized. He continued to practice the faith for the better part of his early life and has continued on the path.

Jonathan Roumie Takes His Christian Faith Very Seriously

As stated, Jonathan Roumie’s religion is one thing that he takes seriously and brings into everything he does. In his acting career, he has taken other normal Hollywood roles since he started professionally in 2000 with a voice role in Celebrity Deathmatch. He has also taken several productions that are described to be with un-Hollywood themes.

Some of the most recognized Christian roles he has taken part in are Once We Were Slaves, a short film in 2014, The Good Wife (2016), and then The Chosen, among others. His most recognized role in that regard is The Chosen, a role that earned him a Movieguide Award in 2020.

Another thing worth recognizing about him is that he has taken some unpopular steps because of his faith. One of these is his strong stance against abortion, something that is condemned by the catholic church. In January 2023, he joined a pro-life march where he described pro-life advocacy as the worthiest and noblest cause there is. He also insisted that the devil was trying to make humans believe that abortion was not a problem.

Jonathan Roumie’s Religion Is One Thing That Matters in His Relationships

According to the actor, he dated several women in the past, but because of reasons linked to religion, he couldn’t continue with the relationships. He made it known that after he met the women, they told him they were also Christians, but along the line, the spiritual connection was not there, and so the relationships did not work out.

Currently, the actor is reported to be married to a woman known as Hannah Vanorman. Just as it is not clear if he is actually married, the religious life and faith of the woman that is claimed to be his wife is not known.


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