La Brea Season 3 Release Date: When Does It Come Back On?

La Brea Season 3 release date will be in 2024. The third installment of La Brea, the NBC sci-fi drama, will continue the story of people torn apart by a giant sinkhole that opens up in Los Angeles and their efforts to stay alive and reconnect with each other.

La Brea received some solid ratings upon debut in September 2021, but this dropped in Season 2, raising fears that the upcoming Season 3 may be the last of the series.

Is La Brea Season 3 Canceled?

Season 3 of La Brea has not been canceled, as it is still slated to hit the screens once production is completed. It was initially set for a 2023 premiere, but that has now been pushed back. It will, however, still air. Bear in mind, though, that season 3 of La Brea may be the last season of the show, given some of the happenings reported by the media.

News reports show cast members have been freed from their obligation post-Season 3, making them free to take up other work. The implication of this is that La Brea may likely end with Season 3. There is a chance, though, that the producers could shake up things, create new characters, and thus get new cast members for Season 4.

When Does La Brea Come Back On?

La Brea will return to the screens in 2024. The producers are keeping the plot details quite close to their chest, and it is hard to tell what will unfold in Season 3. However, fans can expect a treat. The show’s creator, David Appelbaum, has revealed that they have a lot of ideas for where the show could go moving forward and are mapping them out and working on them. Fans will, therefore, have to be patient till 2024.

How Many La Brea Season 3 Episodes Will There Be?

La Brea Season 3 will be abbreviated and will have only 6 episodes. This is in stark contrast to the first two seasons of the show. Season 1 had 10 episodes, while Season 2 had 14 episodes. One would have naturally expected an increase in Season 3, but what we are instead getting is a decrease. This is because of a fall in ratings.

La Brea had a high-concept premise, and as such, many fans lapped it up in the first season. The showrunners, however, couldn’t keep up with a believable tale, and many fans grew disillusioned as time passed. This led to a drop in viewership, and this made NBC to now reduce Season 3 to 6 episodes. It is believed that Season 3 will be the last season.

Potential Cast of La Brea Season 3

There has been no change in the lineup of cast members for La Brea season 3, and as such, fans can expect the stars they saw in seasons 1 and 2. They are Jack Martin, Veronica St. Clair, Natalie Zea, Eoin Macken, Jon Seda, Nicholas Gonzalez, Chiké Okonkwo, Josh McKenzie, Tonantzin Carmelo, Michelle Vergara Moore, Zyra Gorecki, Rohan Mirchandaney, Lily Santiago etc.

Of course, there is always the possibility that we may have some guest appearances on season 3 of La Brea, which means that there may be new cast members.

Where To Watch La Brea

If you are intrigued by the plot of La Brea and would like to watch the current seasons, or perhaps you are a devoted fan who would like to re-watch them, then you have various options. One can stream La Brea on platforms such as FuboTV, Peacock Premium, DIRECTV, USA Network, and Spectrum On Demand.

Do, however, note that Peacock Premium, DIRECTV, USA Network, and Spectrum On Demand only have one season. So, you are better off sticking with FuboTV, which has two seasons. One can also outrightly purchase and download La Brea from Apple TV, Amazon Video, Google Play Movies, and Vudu. The good thing about these four platforms is that they all have two seasons of La Brea. When Season 3 of La Brea returns, it will originally air on NBC before fans can stream it online.


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