Meet Grant Chestnut, Morris Chestnut’s Son

Grant Chestnut is the son of Morris Chestnut, a popular American actor. Grant was born to the actor and his wife, Pam Byse, in 1997, making him 27 years old as of 2024.

Unlike his father and sister, who have careers in Hollywood, Grant has chosen a quieter career. He attended the University of Colorado Boulder, where he finished with a major in Strategic Communications (Marketing and Advertising) in 2018, signifying his passion for sales and marketing.

What is Grant Chestnut’s Age?

Grant Chestnut is 27 years old as of 2024. He was born in 1997 in the city of Cerritos, California. The exact date of his birth has yet to be discovered, as no information has been given in that regard. Grant and his family like to lead a quiet, happy life away from the glamour of the media; thus, not much is known about him or the rest of the family. He rarely releases anything publicly, as most of his life is private.

However, it was gathered that Grant finished high school in 2014, which was when he started his path to becoming a sales executive, working for the business world. He must have developed this interest in business before graduating and, thus, had no interest in acting or the entertainment business.

Unlike his father and sister, who are both in the entertainment industry, Grant is working his way up the corporate ladder the way he knows how; he has worked for a cutlery brand and as a sales coordinator for another business in the same city of Colorado, including other exciting roles he had taken up over the years.

And for someone his age, Grant has managed to live up to expectations and not crawl in his father’s shadow, knitting a career that only he will love and enjoy. Thankfully, his family will always support him every step of the way, as his mother and father will ensure he’s well-guided.

Grant Chestnut
Grant and his sister Paige – image source

Who’s Pam Byse, Grant Chestnut’s Mother?

Grant Chestnut’s mother is Pam Byse. Pam is an educated woman, born December 22, 1973. She hails from Los Angeles, California, and is of African-American descent. Pam married her husband in 1995 and had her son and daughter in 1997 and 1998, respectively. Her occupation as an astrologer and psychologist gives credence to her ability as a homemaker and mother, as she’s able to keep her family strong and on the right track.

Where Pam got her higher education isn’t known to the public, neither does where she works or what she does outside of her work. Her very private lifestyle makes it hard to know anything about her, except that she’s a 50 year-old mother, the known wife of a celebrity husband, and an astrologer. Juggling all of these is no small feat, but Pam Byse has proven she’s up to the task.

Grant Chestnut’s Parents’ Relationship Before His Birth?

Judging from the numerous online photos of Morris and his wife, one can see that they are happily living their lives together, and it’s been so even before Grant was born. Pam Byse has stood beside her husband and supported him for more than a decade, and despite his line of work as an actor in an industry bedecked with divorces and separations, their marriage has seen any turbulence ever since. And even if it has, the Chestnuts would never bring their private lives to the fore for people to see.

When asked about how he does it, Morris, during an interview with Live with Kelly and Ryan, said, “I would tell people to communicate…,” stressing the need for couples to talk to one another often to communicate their feelings just as he does with his wife. Morris also tells his fans that the secret to a lasting relationship is having mutual respect for one another, a quality neither partner, he told ESSENCE in 2014, should compromise on.

What does Grant Chestnut do for a Living?

Grant Chestnut is currently working at a multinational company headquartered in Austin, Texas. However, he seems to be working for the Denver branch as a Business Development Representative and was only employed in the position in 2022.

But before his big role at the company, Grant had, in 2018, worked as a salesperson for a Boulder-based cutlery firm, CUTCO cutlery, where he spent a short time before leaving it for another. Then in 2019, he took up a new role at EF Educational Tours as an international Sales Coordinator and only spent a few months before leaving in May of the same year. Then came Atlas Consulting, a marketing and advertising firm in Greenwood Village, Denver, where he worked as an account executive and trainer.

Grant Chestnut has packed a lot for his resumé, owing to his arduous commitment to his passion for sales and marketing, and from what he has done so far, there’s still more to be seen from him.

What is Grant Chestnut’s Relationship with his Father like?

Grant Chestnut’s relationship with his father, Morris, is very good. Morris Chestnut has paid no mind to the amount of love and care he shows his children. He has been by them right from their birth to the point of their adulthood and has always made sure they lacked nothing.

Grant maintains a very close relationship with his father, recognizing him as one of the pillars in his life, an inspiration that gives warmth to his dreams. He has stated he will never take his father’s love for granted, thanking him for the support he has shown him thus far – per a Facebook post.

Where is Grant Chestnut Now?

Grant Chestnut is in Denver, Colorado, where he holds a position at Oracle as a business development expert. He often frequents Los Angeles and Colorado, coming to see his family either during the holidays or just when he has missed them too much.

His life seems to be caked in Denver, as that looks like the place he would be for some time. Perhaps he might even settle there and begin his family there as well, just as his father has built his own in California.


Who is Morris Chestnut’s Son?

Morris Chestnut’s son is Grant Chestnut. He’s from Cerritos, California, and he’s into sales and marketing, unlike his famous father who’s an actor.

When was Grant Chestnut Born?

Grant Chestnut was born in 1997, in California, and has lived there almost all his life. Grant is 27 years old as of 2024.

What Is Grant Chestnut’s height?

Grant Chestnut’s height is 5 feet 8 inches, second only to his father in the family, and he weighs 62 kg.

What Is Grant Chestnut’s Net Worth?

Judging from the field Grant works in, it can be estimated that Grant Chestnut’s net worth is roughly $100,000.

What Is Morris Chestnut’s Son’s IG?

Grant Chestnut’s Instagram handle is @gchestnut.

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