Meet Matt Walsh’s Wife, Kids and Family

Matt Walsh’s wife is Alissa Ann Linnemann, and the couple has been married for 12 years. They have six kids, including two sets of twins, and their names include Jack, Josiah, Jeremiah, Julia, and Luke.

Matt and his wife have a beautiful family dynamic going by the social media posts that the controversial political analyst often releases. The couple also share a strong matrimonial bond, and the reason for this is that they share the same ideological beliefs. While the public may criticize Matt for his views, his wife is his vocal supporter.

Matt Walsh is Married to Alissa Ann Walsh (nee Linnemann)

Controversial political commentator, author, and public speaker, Matt Walsh is married to Alissa Walsh. Alissa’s name at birth is Alissa Ann Linnemann. She was born in the 80s. She is of Caucasian ethnicity and has American nationality.

Details about her childhood are scarce, but it is known that she has a beloved sister who she visits any chance she gets. It is also known that Alissa Walsh is college educated, unlike her husband, who is not a big fan of piling up debt in the name of getting a college education.

Alissa Became Matt Walsh’s wife In October 2011

Matt Walsh met his wife, Alissa Walsh via eHarmony, a dating app that is targeted at people looking for lasting relationships. It is also designed to help users find real love based on compatibility. While this particular claim has been disputed, it seemed to work in the case of Matt and Alissa. The couple dated for some time before getting engaged.

Matt Walsh and Alissa Walsh got married on the 29th of October 2011. There was a heavy storm on the day of their wedding, but they did not allow this to dampen their spirits one bit. They and the wedding party had a great time, and many of Matt’s friends, who served as his groomsmen, gave hearty speeches.

Matt and Alissa’s Marriage Is Still Waxing Strong

Matt Walsh and his wife, Alissa, make their home in Nashville, Tennessee, and have a strong union judging by their social media accounts. Though Alissa’s Instagram is set to private, her husband’s Instagram is available to the public, and he often extols her virtues online.

He never fails to remember their wedding anniversary and has described their journey thus far as unexpected, adventurous, joyful, challenging, sometimes kind of crazy, and always beautiful.

Matt Walsh has praised his wife as the most loving and compassionate person he has ever met and one who finds great joy in existence. He has also described her as one that loves the Lord, and through whom the Lord’s love shines.

Matt has also described Alissa as a blessing and praised her for believing in him even when he did not believe in himself. Matt Walsh also does nice stuff for his wife, such as giving her time off for mini vacations during which he takes care of the kids.

Meet Matt Walsh’s Six Children With His Wife

Matt Walsh and his wife, Alissa, have six children, including two sets of twins. The couple welcomed their first set of twins, a boy and a girl named Luke and Julia, respectively, on the 26th of May, 2013. They welcomed a son named Jeremiah around October 2017, while their fourth child, a daughter, followed in 2019. Matt Walsh and his wife welcomed their second set of twins, identical twin boys named Josiah and Jack, in January 2023.

The couple have previously spoken about the challenges of starting a family at a young age and having a large family, but they wouldn’t have it any other way. They love the life they have built for their kids, as a trip to social media would reveal. Matt Walsh often shares the adventures that the entire family embarks on, such as road trips as well as visits to museums, parks, etc.

The political commentator also offers interesting tidbits into the habits of his little children. He is a great advocate of having kids and believes that the joy and love they dispense are worth all the trouble.

Alissa Walsh Shares the Same Beliefs as Her Husband

If there is one thing that has sustained Matt and Alissa Walsh’s marriage, it is because they share the same beliefs. Matt Walsh subscribes to the typical ideologies that one would expect of a right winger, and his wife has supported him publicly.

For instance, Alissa Walsh is pro-life like her husband and fully supports the decision to have as many kids as God gives them. She has suffered multiple miscarriages in the past, but this does not deter her. She has held on to her Christian faith and has revealed that she has named the kids and does not regard them as mere fetuses.

Matt Walsh has also been critical of vaccinating children as well as the wearing of masks during the Covid-19 pandemic, and his wife has toed the same line as him. In one of her tweets, Alissa Walsh frowned at a mandatory requirement by her pediatrician that she must consent to her kids receiving all mandated vaccines. She maintains that she reserves the right to determine which vaccines her children will take.

Her Support For Her Husband Has Led to Some Backlash

Alissa’s public support for her husband has led to some backlash directed at her. In August 2022, her husband tweeted the fact that they were expecting twins and asserted that they were doing their best to repopulate the world amidst population declines. He was criticized for promoting the great replacement theory, which is considered racist.

A particular Twitter user also said that she felt bad for Matt’s wife, who was conditioned to be a broodmare for a rabidly misogynistic man while greatly lowering her quality of life and endangering her health over and over, with many permanent consequences.

Alissa replied that she was no broodmare and queried how her quality of life was lowered. She described herself as a Proverbs 31 woman who is extremely energetic, independent, goal-focused, other-oriented, and Christ-centered. She also stated that she had big plans for her life that includes a lot of kids.

Matt Walsh’s Wife Aspires to be a Realtor in the Future

Alissa Walsh got married shortly after college and has spent her years as a homemaker. She has, however, been involved in other pursuits. She worked a part-time job in the retail sector in the early 2010s. She also ran a blog titled DIY Mom of Twins.

She set it up after welcoming her first set of twins and described it as a means of encouragement for moms and a resource for creative ideas, budget-friendly savings, humorous stories, and real-life applications of biblical principles.

Alissa Walsh has dialed back her blogging and is focusing on raising her kids. However, as she mentioned, she has big plans for her life, and this includes going into real estate and flipping houses.


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