Meet Maya Erskine’s Parents, Mutsuko Erskine and Peter Erskine

Maya Erskine’s parents are Peter and Mutsuko Erskine. Maya Erskine’s father, Peter, is an award-winning American jazz drummer, while her mother, Mutsuko, is a Japanese business executive. The actress/comic also has a brother named Taichi, who is a film editor.

Due to the biracial nature of her family, Maya Erskine experienced some peculiar difficulties while growing up. She and her parents and brother, however, stuck together and were able to get through the tough times. The actress remains close to her family to date and worked together with them on her breakout TV series, PEN15. Maya has since described the series as a love letter to her family.

Maya Erskine’s Father is Peter Erskine

Maya Erskine’s father is a Caucasian-American man named Peter Erskine. Erskine is a native of Somers Point, New Jersey, and was born on the 5th of June 1954. Peter’s childhood was defined by music, and he started playing the drums as a child. His passion for drumming would go on to define his studies and his career.

He attended the famed Interlochen Arts Academy located in Michigan and honed his skills. He then went on to Bloomington, Indiana, where he studied percussion at Indiana University, graduating sometime in the 70s.

He is a Grammy-Winning Jazz Drummer

Maya Erskine’s father, Peter Erskine, is a highly-accomplished and respected jazz drummer. In a career spanning five decades and counting, he has played for several well-known musicians and bands, such as Joni Mitchell, Weather Report, Vince Mendoza, Bass Desires, Steps Ahead, The Yellowjackets, and Bob Mintzer’s Bog Band, etc.

He has won two Grammy awards. His first Grammy award was for his drumming on the 1979 album 8.30 by the jazz fusion group named Weather Report. His second Grammy award was for the 2003 album Some Skunk Funk by the WDR Big Band.

Maya Erskine’s father has played with orchestras in cities such as London, Los Angeles, Chicago, Frankfurt, etc. He has authored several books as well as ios apps that can be used to play different instruments. Peter Erskine is a professor of practice at Thornton School of Music, USC. He received a doctorate from the Berklee School of Music in 1992.

Who is Maya Erskine’s Mother, Mutsuko Erskine?

Maya Erskine’s mother is a Japanese woman named Mutsuko Erskine. Mutsuko was born just outside Tokyo in the 50s and spent much of her early life in Japan. She later came to America in 1966 as part of a high school student exchange program. Her first point of call was the city of Schenectady in New York. She then went on to spend a few years in Nevada, Missouri.

Mutsuko later returned back to her native Japan after her studies, but it was only a matter of time before she returned to America again. As a 7-year-old, she admired Western artistic sensitivity. She also dreamt of making her life in the United States, and this was exactly what she did.

Mutsuko’s exact occupation is not known, but her LinkedIn profile shows that she is the owner of Fuzzy LLC, a music production company. She has revealed that studying in America exposed her to American influences, and she now boasts both the American openness as well as the subtle Japanese nature.

Maya’s Parents Have Been Married For Over Four Decades Now

It is difficult to tell where and when Maya Erskine’s parents met each other. They could have possibly crossed paths in America when her mother was there as an exchange student. However, it is possible that they actually met in Japan. Maya’s father’s music career has taken him to various parts of the world, including Japan.

Her brother’s bio also indicates that he was born in Japan before relocating to Los Angeles. Therefore it is likely that their parents met and got married in Japan in the late 70s or early 80s. The couple remain together till date and have a good union. While Peter is often on the road for his music, Mutsuko has held down things on the home front. She has also joined hands with him to run the record label Fuzzy Music.

Maya Erskine’s Only Sibling is a Brother Named Taichi

The marriage between Maya Erskine’s parents has produced two kids. Asides her, they also have a son named Taichi. Taichi is a few years older than his famous sister, and he is also involved in the movie business. He is a film editor, and his credits include popular TV series such as The Resort (3 episodes edited), Angelyne (3 episodes edited), and Miracle Workers (5 episodes edited).

He also edited the 2013 film I’m In Love With a Church Girl. Taichi and his sister are quite close. He often featured her in his short films while they were growing up, and these ventures helped them get the requisite experience.

Maya Erskine
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Maya Erskine Worked Together With Her Family on Her Hit TV series, PEN15

Maya Erskine worked together with her parents and brother on PEN15, the hit Hulu comedy series that she co-created, wrote, produced, and starred in alongside her good pal named Anna Konkle.

The series focuses on the challenges that two awkward 13-year-old girls face during their time in middle school. Both Maya and Anna played the lead roles, fictionalized versions of themselves, and the work was a big hit with the public.

Her Real Life Mother Played The Role of Her Mom

Maya Erskine’s real-life mom, Mutsuko, played the role of her mother, Yuki Ishii-Peters, on PEN15 and appeared in several episodes. It was quite an unforgettable experience for both mom and daughter. Mutsuko had never acted until Maya mooted the idea to her. They recorded a short audition on her iPhone, and it turned out well and so they decided to go ahead with it.

On the screens, Mutsuko plays a mom who has to deal with a daughter that often looks down on her Japanese heritage due to school bullies. It was a very profound experience for mother and daughter, and it was hailed by the viewers, especially those of biracial origins.

Maya Erskine’s Father’s Music Was Used in the Series

Maya’s father also contributed music to PEN15. This is not the first time that he will be doing so. His input can be heard in movies such as the Austin Powers trilogy, Memoirs of a Geisha, The Secret Life of Pets, The Adventures of Tintin, Babylon, La La Land, Let Them All Talk, and The Orville.

Her Brother Edited Several Episodes of the Series

Maya Erskine’s elder brother, Taichi, edited 10 episodes of PEN15, and his editorial work has received good reviews. He was praised for setting the tone of the work and turning it from just a comedy to a deeper coming-of-age story steeped in details from the real world. He has also been commended for being critical in assembling its delicate balance of melancholic humor.

Taichi has described the experience of working together with his sister as one that is surreal and super weird, given that PEN15 details some of their real-life experiences. He was especially uncomfortable editing Yuki, the episode that focused on their mom, but he had to do it because only he could have done it justice.


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