Is Saving Hope TV Show Cancelled? Facts About The Cast and Seasons

Shortly after the Canadian supernatural medical TV show, Saving Hope began in 2012, it soon attracted a lot of viewers mostly in Canada and then in the United States. However, after five seasons and 85 episodes later, it was canceled to the disappointment of its legion of fans in 2012.

Even though the show was pretty much unique, it didn’t seem to resonate so much with viewers, hence it did not get the best in terms of viewership and ratings, leading to its unfortunate demise. Here’s all to know about the show and why it was canceled.

Saving Hope Wiki

Saving Hope takes a look at the medical profession from yet a different point of view, bringing in the supernatural aspect. The Canadian drama series captures the lives of Doctors and other medical workers of Save Hope medical facility both in their private lives and in their professional lives.

It centers on the lives of Surgeon Alex Reid and her fiancé Chief of Surgery Charlie Harris, who are both preparing to get married. Unfortunately, they got involved in an accident which leaves Harris in a coma.

Charlie would soon leave his body but after a good battle to save his life, he returns but this time around, he is able to communicate with spirits and the dead. Not so much would remain the same with his relationship with Reid who much later, would also go into a coma and the two would communicate, sharing an emotional journey.

It will continue with the many complexities of their relationship, tales of saving the lives of patients brought to the hospital.


If there will be any criticism against the show, it will hardly be in relation to its casting which by any standard, is perfect. Here are the main characters of Saving Hope:

1. Dr. Alex Reid

The central person in the show from the first to the last Seasons and episodes, Reid is portrayed by Canadian actress Erica Durance. She is the Chief Surgical Resident doctor of Hope Zion Hospital as well as the fiancée of Dr. Charles Harris at the start of the TV series.

2. Dr. Charles Harris

Popular as Charlie, he is portrayed by Michael Shanks. Charlie started the show as the fiancé of Alex and is the Chief of Surgery and orthopedic surgeon at the same facility as his love interest.

3. Dr. Joel Goran: In the first three seasons, Goran who is played by Daniel Gillies is the boyfriend of Dr. Reid at different times. He also worked at Hope Zion as the new orthopedic surgeon.

4. Dr. Shahir Hamza

Portrayed by Huse Madhavji, Hamza is a highly skilled individual who is the Chief of Neurosurgeon, he suffers from Asperger syndrome as a result of which he sometimes acts awkwardly.

5. Dr. Maggie Lin

The role of Dr. Lin is played by Julia Taylor Ross. Lin is a surgical resident who works in the General Surgery department of the hospital before late moving to the OB-GYN department.

Recurring Cast Members

There are also many other recurring characters who have appeared in the show including Conrad Coates who appeared as Hope Zion’s main executive; Byran Travers and Steve Cumyn who is the anesthesiologist in season 2 and 3; and Dr. George Baumann.

Others are Mac Fyfe (Dr. James Dey), Max Bennett (Dr. Patrick Curtis), Dejan Loyola (Dr. Dev Sekara), Jess Salgueiro (Nurse Carbrera), and Nicole Underhay (Kristine Fields). It also featured Peter Mooney (Dr. Jeremy Bishop), Jarod Joseph (Dr. Emanuel Palmer), as well as Greg Calderone (Dr. Billy Scott) as some of the recurring characters.

Is The TV Show Cancelled?

In 2016, the popular Canadian TV show was announced to be coming to an end with the sixth season as the last. The show first began in Canada on CTV Television Network in 2012. The first season also came to the American audience on NBC. As soon as it kicked off, it became a success in Canada but did not record the same level of success in the States.

Due to the low viewership it recorded in the United States, NBC did not renew it for a second season. The first season of the show was not aired completely by NBC before it pulled the plug, sharing the last two episodes on the internet.

However, it continued running in Canada until its fifth season when the curtains finally shut on the television series in 2017. As it continued to run after NBC, the US cable network ION later decided to pick it up later in the third season, giving it back again to the American audience until it came to an end.

Even though the rating was soft in the US, there were still many people that loved it and even regarded it top among other medical shows. As regards the viewership, when it first started, the viewership was at 1.52 million. It peaked at the end of the second season at 1.68 million views even though at the start of the season it was at 1.08 million views. By the end of the fourth season when it was announced that the plug would be pulled out, it had gone further down to 1.2 million viewers and then further down to 0.94 million at the start of the final season.

Considering how fast the show was wrapped up without all the ends tying properly, one may easily speculate that if the show had shown anything positive in terms of numbers, it might have been allowed to run probably longer.

In a statement on the cancellation of the Erica Durance-starring medical drama, senior VP, independent production at CTV Corrie Coe said the show which resonated with viewers since it started in 2012 was finally coming to an end after delivering emotionally charged and well-crafted last season.

Other stars including Erica Durrance also posted about the ending of the show on social media. Erica posted on Twitter that after 85 episodes of the show, the fifth season would be the last.

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Seasons and Episodes Of Saving Hope

Saving Hope
Saving Hope (Image Source)

As stated, the show ran for five seasons and over eighty episodes before its end. Here are the seasons and the episodes in each:

1. Season 1 (13 Episodes) – 2012

Viewership: 1.52 million (premiered) – 1.55 million (Ended)

The first season of the show which began airing originally on June 7, 2012, and ran until September 13, 2012. At the start of the season and the first episode, the main characters of the show, Dr. Alex Reid (Erica Durance) and Dr. Charles Harris (Michael Shanks) who is her fiancé, get involved in a car crash on their way to get married and Harris slips into a coma.

By the end of the season, in episode 13, Alex is back from the coma and is preparing to finally get married, only to realize that something is really wrong; a woman he has been talking to is already dead.

NBC did not air the complete episodes before pulling the plugs on the show, showing only the first 11 episodes and then posting the remaining two online. That said, the first season still remains one of the most popular with good viewership from the start of the show to the last.

2. Season 2 (18 Episodes) – 2013–14

Viewership: 1.08 million (premiered) – 1.68 million (Ended)

In the first episode of the second season, Charles is now better and he returns to the hospital to continue with his work, but the problem is he can now see and communicate with spirits. By the end of the season in the eighteenth episode, Alex is stabbed in the chest and as she is rushed in for surgery, Charlie realizes that her spirit is right behind him.

3. Season 3 (18 Episodes) – 2014–15

Viewership: 1.1 million (premiered) – NA (Ended)

In this season, the battle to save Alex continues as her spirit shares an emotional journey with Charles. By the time she is back from the coma, she suffers a memory loss and returns to work. By the end of the season, Alex who had to turn up pregnant had given birth and Charlie is trying to win her back after their relationship went sour.

4. Season 4 (18 Episodes) – (2015–16)

Viewership: 1.49 million (premiered) – 1.21 million (Ended)

This time around, while everything seems to be returning to normal, there is the concern of Charlie on the paternity of the child of Dr. Reid. On her part, Reid tries to mix her work as a surgeon and as a mother.

By the end of the season which is packed with so much work for the medics as a result if the various tragedies happening, Charlie gets into a bad condition and Alex and Dr. Shahir Hamza who is brought to fill in for Dr. Dawn Bell who is on temporary leave, work towards saving him.

5. Season 5 (18 Episodes) – (2017)

Viewership: 0.94 million (premiered) – NA (Ended)

The final season of Saving Hope, this also has 18 episodes like the three others before it. More so, it happens to be the least watched.

In the season, Charlie goes into surgery while Alex is still working on healing from their split. By the end of the season, Charlie and Alex put aside their wedding plans. By no means is the episode the most exciting as it is rather plain when compared to those before it.

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