What Happened to Brett and Other Contestants on the Real Love Boat?

Brett DeLaura was a contestant on The Real Love Boat, an American reality romance television. He appeared on the show during its first episode and got many fans talking about him. However, he departed the show during its second episode due to illness, leaving fans disappointed.

Brett, a musician, never returned to the show, leaving fans wondering what happened to him. The exact nature of the illness that took Brett off the screens has not been revealed, but his disappearance from The Real Love Boat show has gotten many fans of the show completely annoyed, with some vowing to stop watching.

For the record, The Real Love Boat is a reality TV show that is designed to follow a group of love-seekers seeking romantic attachment and love on a luxury boat. The contestants are made to perform a number of tasks, and people are eliminated until the finalists and eventually the winners emerge. Brett was on the show for only one episode before suddenly departing.

Why Brett DeLaura was Popular On Real Love Boat

Brett DeLaura became one of the most popular names on The Real Love Boat right from his appearance in its first episode. One of the reasons for this is that Brett, who hails from Dana Point, California, is a very talented musician who has already gained quite a recognition for his captivating charisma, striking good looks, and musical artistry. When he appeared on the show, some fans recognized him, and his combination of charm and musical talent made him a standout.

Brett DeLaura is not just a solo artist; he is also a key member of Holiday State, a country music group that he co-founded with his brothers, Brandon and Bryan, in 2014. The DeLaura brothers are exceptionally versatile, having honed their musical skills over an extended period. As they expressed to Voyage LA, they are involved in every aspect of their music, from singing and songwriting to playing instruments, producing, and performing their original compositions. They take pride in their continuously evolving music and the meaningful connections they have built along their journey.

Throughout their careers, the DeLaura brothers have graced numerous venues across Southern California, including a memorable high school and college tour in 2016. In 2017, they served as the supporting act for a national tour and even opened for the multi-platinum recording artist O-Town. In 2017, Brett and his brothers were not only esteemed guest judges but also featured performers at the Music Changing Lives showcase in Riverside, California. In 2018, they journeyed to Nashville to collaborate with producer Andy Sheridan, known for his work with artists such as Hunter Hayes and Ben Rector.

Real Love Boat
Brett DeLaura with his brothers, who make up the band Holiday State.

They have also recorded with producer Tyler Cain, who has worked with big names like Big & Rich, Darius Rucker, and Billy Currington. Their musical journey took a significant step with the release of their debut single, “Friday Feelin,” in 2019. The single received acclaim and was featured on Spotify’s New Music Nashville playlist, as well as gaining attention from influential music blogs. Subsequent singles like “Not Today,” “Where I Wanna Be,” “Steal the Thunder,” and “Sun Up Sun Down” also received high praise from their growing fanbase.

It was following their success in the music industry that Brett DeLaura decided to embark on a new adventure by joining The Real Love Boat in search of a special someone with whom he could share the rest of his life.

What was Real Love Boat Brett’s Illness?

When the inaugural episode of The Real Love Boat graced the screens in 2022, one standout figure in the cast was immediately evident – Brett DeLaura. He captivated the audience not just because of his striking charisma but also because of his eloquence and the added allure of being a member of the country-pop trio Holiday State. His presence made a significant impact on the show and instantly drew the attention of viewers.

Brett’s charismatic presence on The Real Love Boat resonated with many viewers, and many were undoubtedly hoping he would be a long-term fixture on the show, eager to see how his journey would unfold. However, to the dismay of his ardent fans, he made an unexpected departure during the second episode of the show, leaving many puzzled. The show’s official explanation cited an unspecified illness as the reason behind his exit, though they provided little detail about the nature of this ailment.

It has since been confirmed that Brett’s departure from the show indeed stemmed from an illness. Nevertheless, the precise nature of this ailment remains shrouded in mystery, leaving fans curious and concerned. The lack of information about his condition has led to speculation and questions from fans, who are eager to know more about what prompted his sudden departure. Some have put out a list of illnesses that Brett could be suffering from, but none of these have been confirmed to be correct.

Interestingly, Brett himself has not yet addressed his abrupt departure on his social media channels, adding more intrigue to the whole saga. This silence from Brett has only fueled the curiosity of his followers, who are left in the dark about what led to his departure and how he’s fared since leaving the show. As expected, many viewers have openly expressed their disappointment, with some admitting that Brett was a significant reason for their viewership.

His presence had a substantial impact on the show, considering his fandom, and his departure left a void that fans struggled to fill. For a while, many eagerly awaited any updates from Brett, hoping for more information about his well-being and the reasons behind his exit. There is hope that one day, Brett may eventually shed light on the reasons for his exit through social media.

While Brett’s departure may have left a void on the show, The Real Love Boat continued to offer its fair share of drama every week. However, it’s worth noting that the show did not achieve the soaring ratings one might have expected, even with its prime slot right next to The Amazing Race on the schedule. Some have attributed it to Brett’s departure, while others claim it is because the show did not offer the excitement anticipated.

Who were The Real Love Boat Contestants?

The Real Love Boat reality show started with 12 contestants. These contestants included:

  • Brett De Laura from Dana Point, California
  • Emily Stone from Colgate, Wisconsin
  • Shea-Lynn Noyes from Edmonton, Alberta
  • Daniel Cooper from Atlanta, Georgia
  • Jordan Malabanan from Windsor, Ontario
  • Marty Hassett from Charlotte, North Carolina
  • Nathan Kroger from Cincinnati, Ohio
  • Alisa Shah from San Diego, California
  • Nicole Wong from Vancouver, British Columbia
  • Brooke White from Los Angeles, California
  • Forrest Jones from Houston, Texas
  • Michael Gonzalez from New York, New York.

However, as the show went on, other contestants were introduced in newer episodes. Some joined from the second episode, while others joined as far away as episode 8.  Altogether, a total of 25 contestants took part in the show. The other contestants that joined the show after the first episode included;

  • Mike Dubreuil from Toronto, Ontario,
  • Kendra Yurczyszyn from Sydney,
  • Nova Scotia,
  • Dillon Schlee from Postville, Iowa,
  • Suzanna Ladas from Tampa, Florida,
  • Sydney Hausman from Sioux Falls, South Dakota,
  • Dustin Lindquist,
  • Bri Donaldson from Miami, Florida,
  • Tyler Campbell,
  • Sarah Curd from Toronto, Ontario,
  • Dean Lepianka,
  • Ediri Aggreh,
  • Mila Stojsavljevic,
  • Jay Ajaya Ram
Real Love Boat
The Real Love Boat

Who were The Real Love Boat Finalists?

As previously mentioned, Season 1 of The Real Love Boat kicked off with a dozen singles embarking on a luxurious Princess cruise ship in pursuit of love. Their relationships and collaborative abilities were put to the test throughout the season.

After numerous rounds of eliminations, only three couples successfully navigated their way to the finals. These triumphant pairs are Emily Stone and Mike Dubreuil, Kendra Yurczyszyn and Jordan Malabanan, and Shae-Lynn Noyes and Daniel Cooper.

Shae-Lynn Noyes, a multi-talented lady who hails from Toronto, initially pursued a career in architecture and played college basketball. However, she found true love on The Real Love Boat with Daniel Cooper. Daniel Cooper, the youngest male contestant who came on the show at 25, calls Atlanta his home. In his free time, he enjoys hitting the gym, spending quality moments with friends and family, and indulging in his passion for travel. Beyond that, Daniel is an actor known for his role in the 2013 major motion picture Playing for Love. He also graced the cover of K.I. Knight’s book “Fate & Freedom.”

Another finalist, Emily Stone, a native of Colgate, Wisconsin, holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Nursing and is a certified nurse injector specializing in botox and lip fillers. Her journey on The Real Love Boat led her to discover her soulmate, Mike.

On the other hand, Mike Dubreuil, also a finalist, is a man of many talents, proudly labeling himself an “actor/dancer/artist/model/athlete” on his Instagram profile. His acting credits include roles in movies like Change of Heart (2012), Forbidden: Dying for Love (2015), and Dying Touch (2017). While Mike initially sought a connection with Brie in episode 8, he later fell for Emily.

As for Kendra Yurczyszyn, she is a graduate of Cape Breton University and Nova Scotia Community College – NSCC and currently works as a social strategist at Funday, as indicated by her LinkedIn profile. Kendra entered the first season of The Real Love Boat in episode 2 and immediately formed a strong bond with Jordon, a connection that has remained unwavering since the show’s inception.

On his part, Jordan Malabanan, a firefighter from Windsor, Ontario, Canada, finds his passion in boxing and cherishing moments with friends and family. While he initially attempted to connect with Nicole in the first episode of The Real Love Boat, by the second episode, his heart was captured by Kendra. They remained a solid couple since episode 2 and were considered one of the frontrunners to win the competition.

Who Won The Real Love Boat?

Following a rigorous and suspenseful journey spanning 12 intense episodes, The Real Love Boat show crowned its champions, with Emily Stone and her partner, Mike Dubreuil, emerging as the victorious couple. Their victory was met with elation as they reached the final shore to claim their well-deserved grand prize. However, the exact value of this coveted reward remains shrouded in secrecy, leaving fans curious about the scale of their triumph.

This notwithstanding, it has been reported that the grand prize might encompass not only a significant sum of money but also an exclusive, once-in-a-lifetime voyage courtesy of Princess Cruises, the series’ esteemed cruise line partner. This adds an extra layer of excitement and adventure to their win, promising an unforgettable experience that will undoubtedly be etched in their memories.

Meanwhile, Shea-Lynn Noyes and her partner, Daniel Cooper, came second, securing the honorable position of runners-up and highlighting their remarkable journey on The Real Love Boat. Securing the third position in the competition were Kendra Yurczyszyn and Jordan Malabanan. They showcased a strong bond and persevered through the trials of The Real Love Boat journey, ultimately landing in a respectable third place.

Essentially, the Real Love Boat’s conclusion not only marked the triumph of one couple but also highlighted the incredible journey and emotional connections that unfolded throughout the show, making it a memorable and captivating experience for contestants and viewers alike.

Brooke White, Shea-Lynn Noyes, Alisa Shah, Nathan Kroger, Michael Gonzalez, Forrest Jones on The Real Love Boat

Are Kendra and Jordan From The Real Love Boat Still Together?

Despite finding love on The Real Love Boat and securing a respectable third place on the TV series, Kendra Yurczyszyn and Jordan Malabanan are no longer together as their romance has ultimately come to an end. Our investigation reveals that following the show’s conclusion, Kendra Yurczyszyn and Jordan Malabanan did remain a couple for a certain period of time, but the challenges of residing in different locations and the pull of their individual lives ultimately led to their breakup.

Reflecting on this development, Kendra offered insights into the factors that contributed to their decision during an interview. According to her, when they were on the cruise boat used for the show, they were essentially on vacation and had no responsibilities at all. Everything was meticulously arranged for all contestants, including all their romantic encounters and dates. However, once they returned to their everyday lives, they were jolted back to reality, realizing that real life was a far cry from what they experienced on the ship.

For instance, Kendra said she had a full-time job to manage, along with the responsibilities of taking care of her dog. Her daily life was incredibly busy, which posed a significant contrast to the carefree atmosphere of the cruise. Her lover, Jordan, also had his own challenges and had to navigate between working full-time and having time for her. Their responsibilities and commitments created a different set of demands, especially because they were not living in the same city. In the end, they realized they just had to break up.

Interestingly, Kendra also revealed that during her time on the show, her strongest bonds were forged not with a man but with her fellow female cast members, especially Shea-Lynn Noyes. In fact, Kendra described Shea-Lynn as her best friend, underscoring the deep connections that were established not only through romantic relationships but also through the camaraderie and friendships that were a significant part of The Real Love Boat experience.

Are Any of The Real Love Boat Couples Still Together?

No! Unfortunately, all the couples from The Real Love Boat are no longer together. Even the winners of the show, Emily Stone and her partner, Mike Dubreuil, have parted ways. The reasons why they all parted ways are not clear. However, it is certain that their various reason must vary from couple to couple.

Apparently, romantic relationships come with different kinds of challenges, and it is very unpredictable what can happen when one falls in love with a romantic partner, especially in the kind of setting that The Real Love Boat provided.


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