What Happened to Morgan in the Walking Dead and Does He Die?

Morgan does not die in The Walking Dead TV series, but he certainly died as a result of blood loss in the Walking Dead comic book series. In the TV series, the character is transferred to the accompanying series, Fear The Walking Dead, at the end of season 8.

Morgan Jones, portrayed by actor Lennie James, was an integral part of the television series from the moment it premiered on the AMC network on October 31, 2010, until he departed at the end of the season 8 finale.

The storyline surrounding the Morgan character in The Walking Dead TV series significantly differs from what we know about him and his ultimate demise in the comic book series. Nonetheless, this article will examine the existence of the character both from the view of the comic book, where he dies, and the TV series, where his character is still very much alive.

Does Morgan Die in The Walking Dead?

Morgan Jones does not die in The Walking Dead. He is a character that demonstrated his importance to the series by saving the main protagonist Rick Grimes during the premiere episode. Following his heroics, he appeared on and off throughout the remainder of the series until he left after the season eight finale.

His relationship with Rick is steeped in the fact that he and his son Duane were the first humans the former Sheriff’s deputy saw when he awoke from his coma. Given his medical history, Rick is also brought up to speed about things that have happened since sustaining the gunshot injury that put him in the aforementioned coma, including the outbreak of the virus that has led to the creation of the zombies.

Although Morgan does not die in The Walking Dead TV series, he suffers a mental breakdown which was brought on by the death of his son, who was the only family member the character had, a death which he sees as his fault because of his inability to kill the reanimated version of his wife.

Nonetheless, his behavior and subsequent actions following his mental breakdown led some fans to believe that he had died and been reanimated. Part of that behavior included the fact that he did not recognize some of his old associates, like Grimes, and proceeded to shoot at them.

Another factor that led fans to theorize about the possibility that Morgan had died involves the fact that he decided to go off on his own at the end of the series season 8 finale after the battle against Negan and the Saviors.

He even extends an invitation from Rick to Jadis, leader of the scavengers, to join Rick’s community in Alexandria so she won’t be alone. While she accepted the invitation, Morgan stayed back to reflect on previous events and forge a path forward for himself. He was absent for season 9 of the series and other seasons that followed.

When Does Morgan Die in The Walking Dead?

Even though there was no account of Morgan’s death in the TV series The Walking Dead, the character’s death was perfectly illustrated in the comic book edition of the series. The sequence of events leading to his death and what happens afterward can be found in The Walking Dead Vol. 14: No Way Out, specifically from issue #81 to issue #84.

After rejoining Rick’s company following the death and reanimation of his son, Morgan forms a close attachment to Rick’s son Carl who reminds him of his son Duane. He subsequently tries to mold the boy into the image of his late son without much success.

He also becomes intimately close with Michonne after connecting with her based on their shared history of loss and damaged psyches. However, the subsequent relationship that develops from that shared history does not flourish due to Morgan’s fixation on the past and later his egocentric ideology of justifying having sex with her as him deserving to be happy, a fact that anger Michonne and she proceeds to end things.

How Does Morgan Die in The Walking Dead Comics?

Morgan dies from massive blood loss, which came about as a result of the fact that his arm was chopped off by Michonne after he was lethally bitten there by a zombie during the battle to save the city of Alexandria. His death marked the end of his participation in the comic book series, which continued to release issues even after the demise of one of the main characters.

Sometime during the events that occur in the aforementioned issues, Rick and his company, including Morgan, assume responsibilities as the leaders of their community without paying heed to the heated objections of some of its residents.

Both sides, however, are forced to put their differences of opinion on the back burner when they discover that a zombie horde had breached the walls of the community and was overrunning the community.

It was during this battle that Morgan was bitten on the arm by a walker, and Michonne had to chop his arm off to stop the spread of the virus. The blood loss he experienced from the chopping off of his arm, which, ironically, was meant to save his life, was what eventually led to his death. The comic book series also reveals the fact that Michonne took further measures to stop Morgan from reanimating.

Does Morgan Die in Fear The Walking Dead?

Morgan does not die in Fear The Walking Dead, but he very well came close to dying after he was shot by Virginia and left for dead while walkers descended on him. The event, which occurred during the season 5 finale of the series, left fans thinking that this must be the end for one of the series’ iconic characters.

However, he survived, albeit not so easily, thanks to the intervention of Virginia’s sister (later found out to be her daughter), Dakota. She had somehow managed to save Morgan from the Zombie horde before proceeding to extra the offending bullet from his system while he was asleep.

The character who is famed for making one of the iconic statements in the series, “I don’t die,” may have realistically survived, but one could argue that he metaphorically died when you consider the way some parts of us die after a series of traumatic events like the ones Morgan experienced, as well as how he told the bounty hunter that Virginia had sent to kill him over the radio that Morgan Jones was dead and that he was dealing with an entirely different personality.

Despite his several brushes with death, Morgan Jones is still very much alive in the Fear The Walking Dead universe.


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