What Happened to the Cop in Venom 2 and Why Did His Eye Turn Blue?

The cop in Venom 2 is Detective Mulligan. The New York cop was featured in the Marvel comic movie, Venom: Let There Be Carnage, where his eyes turned blue when he became a host to the new symbiote, Toxin.

Although the cop’s character was seemingly insignificant at the beginning of the series, he later plays a defining role in the story as his appearance leads to the birth of a symbiote stronger than a fusion of its predecessors, Venom and Carnage. Read on to find out how the cop’s role influenced the story.

Who is the Cop in Venom 2?

Detective Mulligan is the cop on Venom 2. He is a New York hero cop who resurfaced in the second part of the Marvel Venom series, Venom: Let There Be Carnage. Played by Stephen Graham, Detective Mulligan is one of New York City’s finest cops currently under a lot of heat from dealing with his stressful job and being an excellent husband and father to his wife Gina and their unborn son Edward.

While he is on duty one night, Detective Mulligan stumbles in on Carnage birthing a new symbiote. In desperate need of a host to hide the new symbiote and keep it away from Venom, Carnage decides to bond it to Detective Mulligan. And because he didn’t want to risk the possibility of the new symbiote growing up to become stronger than him, like he had grown to become stronger than his parent symbiote Venom, Carnage decides to kill both the symbiote and its human host while the cop was still disoriented.

However, Venom walks in on the scene and because he nursed the idea of using the new symbiote as a partner, he fights Carnage to protect Mulligan and the symbiote whom he named Toxin, after himself.

What Happened to The Cop in Venom 2?

The final scene of Venom: Let There Be Carnage was its most climatic and action-filled moment, resulting in a fierce battle between three symbiotes: Venom, Carnage, and Shriek, and our beloved human cop, Detective Mulligan.

Towards the end of the movie, Eddie Brock/Venom and Frances Barrison/Shriek decide to have their wedding at the cathedral and they take Detective Mulligan and Anne Weying, Brock’s ex-girlfriend, along with them in a ploy to lure Cletus Kasady/Venom to the cathedral. As expected, Brock shows up at the cathedral and disrupts the wedding. This leads to a fierce, adrenaline-filled battle between Venom and Carnage, while Frances gets busy trying to get her revenge on Detective Mulligan.

The fight between Venom and Carnage leads to the cathedral’s spire where Venom realizes that he stands no chance against Venom and in a last attempt to save himself, he releases a loud sound to distract Carnage long enough to push Frances off the spire. And as she is falling, Frances releases a supersonic scream which hits Venom and Carnage off the roof. Venom regained himself fast enough to kill both Cletus and Carnage while all three of them were on the ground.

The camera moves back up to the cathedral spire, and as it closes in on Detectives Mulligan, his eyes light up blue at the same time that he mutters the word “monsters”.

What Happened to the Cop in Venom 2 and Why Did His Eye Turn Blue?
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Why did the Cop’s Eyes Turn Blue in Venom 2?

Although there has been no formal explanation of the very brief scene where Mulligan’s eyes turn blue in Venom: Let There Be Carnage, it is implied that it was at that moment that the good cop becomes a host to the new symbiote, Toxin.

At the time when Frances’s scream hits Venom and Carnage, the symbiotes become momentarily dislodged from their hosts. And although it wasn’t captured on camera, it is also at this point that the new symbiote Toxin is spawned and hosted in the body of Detective Mulligan.

The movie ending at this point leaves the impression that both Detective Mulligan and Toxin will be featured in the third part of the Venom series. Whether the good cop will be able to tame his symbiote and use it for good, or succumb to the anti-heroic traits typical of preceding symbiotes is one question that fans of the comic movie have been itching to have answered.


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