When Does BMF Come Back On? BMF Season 3 Release Date

BMF season 3 is expected to return to the screens in 2024. The third season will continue the real-life pulsating tale of two dirt poor brothers, Demetrius and Terry, who worked their way to creating the most lucrative drug empire in the U.S. in the 90s. The series has faced some criticism for its glamorization of crime, but it has nevertheless proved to be a big hit hence its continued renewal.

Will There Be BMF New Season?

There will be a new season of BMF, and it will be the third season. BMF Season 3 was approved on the 18th day of January 2023, just days after the second season premiered. This is a testament to the success that the show has enjoyed. Ever since it officially debuted in September 2021, it has built up a massive followership making the network that carries it, Starz, renew it for another season.

When is BMF Season 3 Release Date?

Although BMF Season 3 has been green-lit, there is no official information yet on the release date. However, going by the length of time that it took the previous seasons of the series to hit the screens, it is believed that BMF season 3 will have a release date of 2024, possibly early 2024.

The show’s executive producer, the rapper – 50 Cent, is busy with some other works now, such as a Power sequel, but he will always make time for a show that is a money spinner for him.

How Many Episodes of BMF Season 1 Are There?

BMF Season 1 has a total of eight episodes and debuted on the 26th of September 2021. Season one of the hit TV series explores the origin story of the Flenory brothers and how they started out as small-time crack dealers on the streets.

The executive producer of BMF, 50 Cent, has made it clear that he didn’t just want to dive in and start from when the Flenory brothers had made it big but wanted to explore the poverty and background they were trying to escape. This tactic will make people more empathetic to their stories.

How Many Episodes of BMF Season 2 Are There?

Season 2 of BMF has 10 episodes which originally aired from the 6th of January 2023 to the 17th of March 2023. This part of the saga focuses on Terry and Demetrius as they now take steps to branch out their drug trade from Detroit to other parts of the U.S. while contending with law enforcement and rival gangs alike.

Is BMF a True Story?

BMF is based on the real-life story of Terry Flenory and Demetrius Flenory, two brothers who were born into poverty in Detroit. They took to the drug trade in the late 80s as youngsters in order to make ends meet. The Flenory brothers started out on the streets but were able to expand their operations into a multimillion-dollar venture that spread out through the United States in the 90s.

To launder the huge funds made, the Flenory brothers set up a BMF record label and rubbed shoulders with the likes of Jay-Z, Diddy, and Young Jeezy. While the two brothers were busy rising, the cops also monitored their activity. They were eventually apprehended and handed lengthy jail terms in 2005.

BMF takes some creative liberties but is based on the real-life activities of the Flenory brothers. The brothers are the focal point of the story, while their relatives, acquaintances, and gang members comprise the supporting cast. Others shown include law enforcement officers.

The characters in BMF bear the real-life names of the Flenory brothers and all those that are connected with them. Nobody’s identity is shielded as there is no existing threat to any one of them

Where To Watch BMF TV Series

The first two seasons of BMF are available for streaming on Starz, Starz Apple TV, Starz Amazon Channel, Starz Roku Premium Channel, and DIRECTV. One can also buy it on Microsoft Store. Platforms like Amazon Prime Video, the Roku Channel, Google Play Movies, and VUDU only have the first season of BMF available for rent/buying.


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