When is Descendants 4 Coming Out and Is There A Release Date?

Descendants 4 release date is expected in 2023. In 2022, Disney announced that the production of Descendants 4 is to begin in the fall of 2022, which means the movie is expected to premiere at any moment in 2023. 

Since the release of the first Descendants in 2015, the movie has been one of Disney’s big hits, and a lot of fans are eager to know when the latest Descendants film will be out. Although it has been confirmed that Descendants 4 will commence filming in 2023, just a few details have been revealed to the public about the upcoming movie. One of which is the official title for Descendants 4, which is Descendants: Rise of Red. In addition to this, it was revealed that China Anne McCain will be returning as Uma. Also, Dara Reneé and Kylie Cantrall will be recast on Descendants 4.

Will There be a Descendants 4?

Yes! There will be a Descendants 4, this was officially confirmed by Disney in September 2022 during D23. Disney announced that productions have commenced for the release of Descendants 4. While the official release date has not been announced,  the official title for Descendants 4 is Descendants: Rise of Red. It also features new cast and characters.

Descendants 4 trailer

The film’s trailer is yet to be released. However, Descendants 4 promises to be unique as it comes with many candy eggs and surprises for the fans of the franchise.

Who will Replace Cameron Boyce in Descendants 4?

While the creators of Descendants have decided to go on in producing Descendants 4, they also decided that Cameron Boyce’s role will not be recast as a lot of fans were not happy with the decision to go ahead with Descendants 4 without Cameron Boyce.

Cameron Boyce is one of the primary cast and stars in the Descendants movie. Unfortunately, he passed on in 2019 after filming Descendants 3. Tragically, Cameron Boyce passed on after battling a seizure condition. A post-credit tribute was featured in his honor in the third Descendants movie. His death came as a deep blow to his co-stars, who continue to remember him to date.

Will Dove Cameron be in Descendants 4?

Dove Cameron seems reluctant to return to the movie, this is largely because of the death of co-star Cameron Boyce. Dove Cameron is one of the primary cast in the Descendants movie. She is also the centerpiece of the group, and she portrayed the lead character in the Descendants trilogy.

The death of Boyce took a great toll on Dove; she once stated that Cameron’s death was the final thread connecting her to Disney and that the idea of making another movie might be super wrong. With this said, we won’t be seeing more of Dove Cameron in the new film.

Potential Descendants 4 Cast and Characters

Descendants 4 will feature new cast members, meanwhile, Potential cast and characters for the film include:

  • Brandy who started as Cinderella,
  • Rita Ora played the role of the Queen of Heart.
  • Malia Baker starred as Chloe, Cinderella’s daughter
  • Kylie Cantrall as Red, the Queen of Hearts daughter
  • China Anne McCain plays Uma
  • Dara Reneé plays Ulyana, both portraying Ursula’s daughters
  • Joshua Colley stars as Hook
  • Dudley stars as Ella, the young Cinderella
  • Ruby Rose Turner plays Bridget, the young Queen of Hearts
  • Prince Charming reprises his role as Prince Charming, now King Charming
  • Melanie Paxson returns as the Faire godmother.

What is Descendants 4 About?

The upcoming Disney hit movie was inspired by Alive in Wonderland, The plot starts with an impending catastrophe in Auradon, which is to take place during the celebration of the new royal baby. In other to stop this doom and save Auradon, Red must join forces with Chloe to travel back in time using the White Rabbit’s pocket watch.

Meanwhile, while the new film maintains the same universe, it was filmed in a different setting, which made it sound like a different project as compared to the previous Descendants.

Will Descendants 4 be Coming out on Disney Plus?

Yes! it will be coming out on Disney Plus. Disney Plus has announced that Descendants 4 is in the works called “The Pocketwatch” and that the movie will be aired at the beginning of 2024. The reason for this is due to the distribution of the movie approximately 6 months following its debut.

When is Descendants 4 Coming Out on Netflix?

Unfortunately, it is not currently on the viewing platform. However, all three Descendants movies are available to watch on Disney Plus. Hopefully, Descendants 4 will be made available on the same platform once it is released.


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