Where Can I Watch Megan is Missing?

Movie lovers can watch Megan is Missing on streaming platforms such as Amazon Video, Google Play Movies, YouTube, Vudu, and Microsoft Store. They can also purchase digital copies of it, as the Blu-ray version was released in 2021, a decade after its initial release.

Megan is Missing is a 2011 horror thriller film written and directed by David Goi. It tells the story of two teenage girls who are kidnapped and murdered by an adult man whom they met online. The movie seeks to alert societies to the dangers of child abduction and is quite gory with its portrayals. This made it controversial upon release, and though that controversial status has subsisted to date, the movie has gone viral on TikTok and Twitter in recent times.

Megan is Missing Trailer

The official trailer for Megan is Missing is readily available online. It is one minute and thirty-two seconds long. The official description is that the movie is based on seven real cases and tells the story of two girls who stumble into the path of a determined psychopath.

The trailer shows the two lead characters, Amy and Megan, smiling into a camera. The two teenagers are described as best friends. They go to parties, chat with people online, and also share secrets with each other. They also meet up with men. The trailer then reveals that in January 2017, Megan disappeared forever. News of her disappearance makes the news, and the trailer reveals that the movie is based on real-life events.

Is Megan is Missing on Netflix?

Megan is Missing is not currently available on Netflix. Fans who want to watch it will have to seek out other streaming platforms for that purpose. Also, the movie is available in home media. Therefore, anyone who wants to watch Megan is Missing can also seek out an online or physical video store and then purchase a VCD copy of the movie.

Where Is Megan is Missing Streaming?

Megan is Missing is streaming on platforms such as Amazon Video, Google Play Movies, YouTube, Vudu, and Microsoft Store. Movie lovers will first have to create an account and then subscribe to these platforms to be able to watch Megan is Missing. These platforms also have the 2011 movie available for outright purchase, and this is an option that fans can also explore.

List of Movies Like Megan is Missing

  • Loveless (2017) – Loveless is a 2017 Russian movie about a couple on the verge of divorce who have to work together to find their missing son.
  • The Den (2013) – This American slasher film focuses on a young lady, Elizabeth Benton, who witnesses a murder online and becomes the killer’s next target.
  • Grave Encounters (2011) – A reality TV show crew that locks itself up in a psychiatric hospital to investigate paranormal activity gets more than it bargained for.
  • Without A Trace (1983) – Without A Trace finds a distraught mother looking for her missing son while a police detective becomes interested in solving the case at all costs.
  • The Blair Witch Project (1999) – Three film students who hike into the hills to investigate a local myth go missing, and all that is left is the footage that they shot, which is found a year after their disappearance.
  • Paranormal Activity (2007) – A young couple, Micah and Katie, are haunted by a supernatural presence in their homes and set up a monitoring camera in order to find out what is really going on.
  • Troll Hunter (2010) – A group of student filmmakers looking into reports of illegal poaching encounter a mysterious man who earns his living slaying trolls for the Norwegian government.
  • Dark Places (2015) – A woman is forced to confront the traumatic childhood memories of the murder of her mother and two sisters when she investigates the possibility that her brother is innocent of the crime.
  • The Dead Girl (2006) – This tells the story of the murder of a young runaway and the unrelated women connected to her. They include Arden, who discovers the body; Leah, a forensics student who thinks the victim may be her long-missing sister. There is also Melora, the mother of the dead girl, and Ruth, a lady who suspects her husband of being involved.


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