Where Does Euphoria Take Place and Where Is It Filmed?

Euphoria takes place in the fictional town of East Highland which is believed, but not actually confirmed, to be located in California. The show is also mostly filmed in different parts of California, meaning that its location aligns with its setting.

Ever since it premiered in June 2019, Euphoria has attracted praise for the honesty and rawness with which it portrays the situations that confront teens of today. Though it has been criticized for some of its graphic depictions, it has still gone on to become a hugely popular show. As the show makes its season three comeback in 2023, read on to discover exciting facts about its setting and location, as well as platforms where you can catch past and future episodes.

Where is Euphoria Set?

Euphoria is set in the fictional town of East Highland, and the timeline or era is pretty much the present day. The show is not a period drama that throws back to the past but rather focuses on the issues that modern-day teens confront, such as drug abuse, sexual abuse, assault, social media use, mental health, LGBTQ issues, etc. Of course, some of these issues are not new but have persisted for some time.

Euphoria does not expressly reveal which state the town of East Highland is located in. It is, however, believed that East Highland is located in the California suburbs. This is due to the sunny scenery, filled with palm trees, reminiscent of California. Two major characters, Rue and Jules, have also referenced the suburbs as where they live with their families.

It has been suggested that why the producers of Euphoria did not reveal the exact setting of the show is because of the negative issues they spotlight. They basically don’t want to taint any specific place with it. Then again, it is believed that the reason is that the issues that the show deals with are widespread among teens in America, and as such, the events portrayed could take place anywhere.

The places in Euphoria include Vaughn House, Howard House, Bennett House, Travel Inn Motel, Milk Store Run by Fez and Ashtray, Frank’s Restaurant, East highland high school, local hospital, local church, etc.

Places in Euphoria

  • East Highland High School
  • Astro Burgers
  • Moonlight Rollerway
  • Dimarco House
  • Fezco’s Apartment
  • Vaughn House
  • Howard House
  • Bennett House
  • Travel Inn Motel
  • Milk Store Run by Fez and Ashtray
  • Frank’s Restaurant

Where is Euphoria Filmed?

Euphoria is primarily filmed in California, especially for the first two seasons of the show. The Euphoria filming locations are the Sony Pictures Studio Located in Culver City, California; Union Station in Alameda Street, Los Angeles; Del Amo Fashion Centre Torrence, Moonlight Rollerway San Fernando Road, Alta Dena Diary Temple City, and Playa San Juan Leighton Etc.

The Sony Pictures Studio is where much of the action in Euphoria takes place. For instance, the house of the different characters and their parents are cited there. The studio is also used to film the numerous party scenes in the show, including the unforgettable one where the room seems to be revolving after the lead character, Rue, takes some illegal drugs.

The mall scenes in Euphoria are filmed at the Del Amo Fashion Center Torrence, while the beach scenes take place at a real-life beach known As Playa San Juan Leighton. The train station scenes, such as the one involving Jules and Rue, are shot at the Union Station Alameda Los Angeles. Frank’s restaurant is a real-life restaurant also named Frank, while the milk store run by Fez and his brother, Ashtray, is real.

Other real locations are Knox Presbyterian Church, Teijera Boulevard, and Los Angeles. The church is the place where Rue hallucinates a meeting with her dad. The motel scene where Jules meets up with Cal is the real-life motel known as Travel Inn, which is located in North Hills, California.

Euphoria was also filmed at the Ulysses S. Grant High School located in the Valley Glen Area of Los Angeles. The exterior of the school serves as the exterior of the fictional Eastland High School that Rue and her fellow teens attend. The actual classroom scenes don’t take place there, though but are staged at the studios. For instance, Lexi’s play is staged at the high school auditorium, but it does not take place at Ulysses’ auditorium but is filmed in the studio.

The Ulysses S. Grant High School is one that has been favored by filmmakers over the years. It has been used for movies and TV shows such as CSI: Miami, True Blood, Black-ish, Crazy, Stupid, Love, Malcolm in the Middle, Clueless, Dope, American Vandal, etc.

While the first two seasons of Euphoria are mostly filmed in California, there will be a branching out in the third season. For the third season, Euphoria will be filmed in cities such as New Jersey, Vatican City, Singapore, New York City, etc.

It is a bit difficult to figure out exactly what takes the characters to these varied places, as producers are keeping a tight lid on plotlines, but lead star Zendaya has pointed out that she would like the characters to grow beyond their teen high school years. Characters like Fez and Cal were also arrested at the end of season 2. We may likely see one or both of them end up at Ryker’s Island Prison in New York, which is a filming location for season three.

Euphoria Filming Locations

  • Sony Pictures Studio, Culver City, California
  • Union Station in Alameda Street, Los Angeles
  • Del Amo Fashion Centre Torrence
  • Moonlight Rollerway San Fernando Road
  • Alta Dena Diary Temple City
  • Playa San Juan Leighton
  • Ulysses S. Grant High School Valley Glen Los Angeles
  • Frank’s restaurant
  • Milk
  • Travel Inn North Hills

Where to Watch Euphoria Season 1?

You can watch Euphoria season 1 on streaming platforms such as ESPN+, Disney+, Hulu, HBO Max, DIRECTV, Spectrum on demand, Crave TV Canada, Neon TV, Disney Hotstar, NowTV, and Apple iTunes. In the United Kingdom, you can rent or buy Euphoria season 1 on Amazon, Google Play, Chili, Microsoft, and Apple TV.

You can also watch it on Skygo and Now. Euphoria is not available on Netflix presently, meaning that you won’t be able to catch season one of the show on the platform.

Where to Watch Euphoria Season Two?

You can watch Euphoria season two on HBO. HBO is the original production company of Euphoria, and so they have unlimited rights to show it. Once you subscribe to any cable company that carries HBO, then you can watch it.

You can also watch Euphoria season 2 on streaming platforms such as HBO Max, Disney+ Hotstar, and OSN. Disney+ Hotstar is the Disney streaming platform in India. The platform is also available in countries such as Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, and Singapore, so Euphoria fans can also utilize that option.

For those in the Middle East and North African countries, you can watch Euphoria on OSN. OSN offers the latest content from companies such as HBO, Paramount, and NBC/Universal studios. The shows are subtitled or dubbed in Arabic. You can also buy Euphoria season 2 on Apple TV, Microsoft Store, Vudu, Google Play Movies, and Amazon Video.

Is Euphoria on Hulu?

Euphoria is on Hulu. The streaming platform has a deal with HBO Max titled Hulu with HBO Max. This makes it possible for Hulu customers to get access to HBO Max content on Hulu. The plan allows customers to subscribe to Hulu’s basic monthly plan for $7.99. They can then add on HBO Max for an additional $14.99. Hulu also makes it possible for new subscribers to get a 7-day free trial meaning that you can watch Euphoria for free on Hulu.


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