Where Does Modern Family Take Place and Where Was It Filmed?

Modern Family was set in Los Angeles and also filmed in Los Angeles as well, specifically the west side of the city. The sitcom utilized several places that individuals that actually live in West L.A. would utilize, and this has gladdened the hearts of fans who often ran into the crew while filming. The show has also been praised for its realistic portrayal of West L.A.

Where is Modern Family Set?

Modern Family is set in suburban Los Angeles. It focuses on three diverse, modern, but interconnected families living in the L.A. suburbs. First up is Jay Pritchett, a well-to-do elderly businessman who is currently on wife No. 2, an extravagant Latino wife named Gloria Delgado. He and Gloria live together with her son from an earlier relationship, Manny, and subsequently welcome another son, Joe, together.

Next up is Claire, who is Jay’s daughter and plays a part in his company. She is married to Phil Dunphy, a realtor, and they have three kids together, namely Haley, Alex, and Luke.
There is also Jay’s son, Mitchell, a lawyer who is gay and married to his partner named, Cameron. They have an adopted daughter and also adopt another son in the course of his show.

The core families in Modern Family are normal middle-class families who are not involved in showbiz. They rather make their living through ordinary means and drive ordinary cars, not extravagant sports cars. Even Jay, who is quite wealthy, is not some big-shot Hollywood producer or retired actor but runs a company that produces blinds and closets.

While this may clash with societal assumptions about Los Angeles, Modern Family has been cited as an accurate portrayal of the cultural geography of Los Angeles, and many fans of the show, especially those that live in Los Angeles, have praised it for this fact.

Where was Modern Family Filmed?

Modern Family was majorly filmed in West Los Angeles. Residents often got to bump into the filming crews and cast members, and they became like real-life neighbors to them.

Modern Family Filming Locations in Los Angeles

The core of the action in Modern Family takes place in the homes of the three families outlined above, and the scenes for their homes were actually shot on soundstages located at the 20th Century Studios, Pico Boulevard, Century City Los Angeles.

However, the exteriors of these homes are actual homes located in West Los Angeles. The exterior of the pottery barn-esque house where Claire and her husband and kids live is a two-story building located at 10336 Dunleer Drive, Los Angeles. It has a nicely manicured yard as well as other greenery.

The exterior for Mitchell and Cam’s Spanish-style duplex is a four-bedroom two bathroom house located at 2211 Fox Hills Drive Century City. Both houses are close to the filming studio, which was a factor that the producers definitely considered.

Jay is quite wealthy, and so he and his wife and kids live in an elegant modern mansion. The exterior of this house is actually a five-bedroom, six-bathroom home located at 121 S. Clifford Avenue, Brentford, California. The house covers 6,359 square feet and is worth nearly $10 million dollars.

The other filming locations for Modern Family include Palisades High School, which Luke and Manny attend, Westside Pavilion Mall – where the shooting range that Claire visits is located, South Bay Galleria, Pinz Bowling Center, Rialto Theater South Pasadena, Dinah’s Family Restaurant in South Sepulveda Boulevard and Will Rogers Memorial Park.

Modern Family Filming Locations Outside Los Angeles

Modern Family also filmed a few episodes outside Los Angeles and the United States of America. In Season 1, Episode 23, the families travel to Hawaii for Jay’s 63rd birthday celebrations, with filming taking place at the Four Seasons Resort Maui.

In Season 11 Episode 13, titled “Paris,” Jay and the family head out to the French capital, where he erroneously believes he is to receive an award at an international expo.
The family also gets to travel to Jackson, Wyoming, in the course of the show while Phil makes it to Australia.

List of Modern Family Filming Locations 

  • 20th Century Studios, Pico Boulevard, Century City, Los Angeles
  • 10336 Dunleer Drive, Los Angeles
  • 121 S. Clifford Avenue Brentford California
  • 2211 Fox Hills Drive Century City
  • South Bay Galleria
  • Pinz Bowling Center
  • Rialto Theater South Pasadena
  • Dinah’s Family Restaurant, South Sepulveda Boulevard
  • Will Rogers Memorial Park
  • Four Seasons Resort Maui, Hawaii
  • Jackson, Wyoming


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