Where Is Amy Preasmyer’s Daughter Now?

Amy Preasmyer’s daughter, Kayleigh, currently lives in California with all four of her grandparents. She was also born in California and spent her childhood there before she got separated from her mother.

Following the ugly incidents surrounding her birth, Kayleigh is trying to build a normal life away from her parents’ past relationship, which led to her father’s death and her mother’s arrest. Read on for more information on her.

Amy Preasmyer’s Daughter Kayleigh was Born in 1998

Amy Preasmyer’s daughter, Kayleigh, was born sometime in 1998 and is expected to be about 26 years old now. Kayleigh was born in California and spent the early days of her childhood with her mom, who raised her as a single mother. However, after Amy was arrested in 2005, she was forced to give up custody of her daughter, who was about 9 years old at the time.

Who Did Amy Preasmyer Have Her Daughter With?

Amy Preasmyer’s daughter was born from her past relationship with her late boyfriend, Ricky Cowles Jr. The young couple first met at a house party during Amy’s sophomore year in high school and started dating soon after that. At the time of their relationship, Amy was a 16-year-old high school student, while Ricky was 21 years old.

The duo were very much in love with each other, and Ricky, who worked as an electrician in his family’s business, didn’t relent in showing his love for his girlfriend through gifts and expensive trips. However, things turned sour for them in 1997 when Amy realized she had gotten pregnant.

What Happened Between Amy and Her Baby Daddy?

Devastated at how becoming a mother at such a young age would consequently alter her life, Amy Preasmyer grew resentful of her boyfriend and blamed him for getting her pregnant and ultimately ruining her life. And although Ricky tried everything to make her happy, Amy’s resentment grew with time as the rift between them grew wider and wider, and she later started thinking of ways to hurt her back.

Where Is Amy Preasmyer’s Daughter Now?
image source – Amy Preasmyer and Ricky Cowles

In August 1997, Amy was already 15 weeks pregnant when actively started searching for someone to kill Ricky. She later recruited a hitman, and former store clerk named Billy Hoffman, who was willing to kill Ricky for some money. And with the help of Amy and her live-in friend, Jennifer Kellogs, Billy was able to ambush Ricky and proceed to viciously murder him in his apartment.

After her boyfriend’s death, Amy proceeded to have their daughter and raised her alone as a single mother. However, she was forced to give up custody of the baby in 2005 after she was arrested for Ricky’s murder. Two years later, she was proven guilty of the murder and got a life sentence with no chances of parole.

Who Got Custody of Amy Preasmyer’s Daughter?

After Amy Preasmyer’s arrest, a long custody battle ensued between her parents and of her late boyfriend over who would get custody of their daughter. After a long period of deliberation, the two parents then agreed to raise their granddaughter together. Amy’s daughter, Kayleigh, then got to grow up with her four grandparents and Ricky’s sister.

She lives a quiet life with them and has no internet activity that links her to her parents’ complicated and sad past relationship. Although her current whereabouts are not available, it is believed that Kayleigh still lives in California with her family.

What Kind of Relationship Does Amy Preasmyer Have with Her Daughter?

Amy Preasmyer does not have a strong bond with her daughter. Since she got separated from Kayleigh in 2005, there is no evidence suggesting that the young mother may have gotten the chance to speak with her daughter again. However, before her conviction, she revealed that Kayleigh is a reserved young girl and is prone to hiding her real feelings so that she doesn’t disappoint the people around her.


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