Where Is Dr Pol From? Is He Still Alive and Did His Show Get Canceled?

Dr Pol is from the Netherlands and is still alive. He continues to appear on his popular TV show, The Incredible Dr Pol, which despite rumors, is not canceled.

The Incredible Dr. Pol is a Nat Geo reality TV series that follows Dr. Pol as he carries out his veterinary practice in rural Weidman, Michigan. From treating different kinds of animals to birthing them, the series covers much of Pol’s activities and has become quite popular with the viewing public. This has, in turn, made him a very popular personality.

How Old is Dr. Pol?

Dr. Pol is 81 years old. The veterinary doctor and reality TV star was born on the 4th of September 1942 in Wateren, a town in Drenthe located in the northeastern part of the Netherlands.

As you can tell from his birthplace, Dr. Pol is from the Netherlands. He has, however, spent many years living in the United States and has built his practice there. He has also naturalized as an American citizen and now has dual American and Dutch nationalities.

Dr. Pol qualified as a veterinary doctor in 1970 and kicked off his professional practice the next year. He remains active to date and has spent over 50 years caring for animals. At 81 years old, Dr. Pol is quite advanced in age, and people often pepper him with the question of when he is going to resign. He has, however, revealed that he is not sure when that would be as he is married to his job.

Is Dr. Pol Still Alive?

Dr. Pol is still alive and continues his practice as a veterinary doctor in Weidman, Michigan. Any rumors to the contrary may be due to the fact that he is advanced in age and has been a staple on TV for several years. The people who started watching his show back when it launched in 2011 but later couldn’t keep up may reasonably query whether he is still alive, but he surely is.

He not only appears on his reality TV show but also has active social media accounts on several platforms. These social media accounts often share his pictures and videos and offer heartwarming glimpses into the personal and professional life of a man who is often always smiling.

Is Dr Pol Still Practicing?

Dr. Pol still practices his profession at his veterinary practice, Pol Veterinary Services, which he established in Weidman in 1981. His specialty is large farm animals such as dogs, sheep, horses, cows, and alpacas, and he has treated about 25,000 clients.

Beyond treating animals, Dr. Pol also has his line of animal products, such as cat food. He also has merch, collectibles, and a gift line. All these are available on his website. The good doctor is not looking to quit anytime soon though he has experienced some hiccups.

In 2014, a petition called for Dr Pol’s license to be taken away because he didn’t wear proper surgical gear while operating on an animal. He was placed on probation and fined, but this was later overturned. Dr. Pol has himself revealed that animals are not like human beings and are not susceptible to strong bacteria. For him, there is no need for all the surgical garb, which would only increase the cost of what the patient has to pay.

How Much Does Dr. Pol Charge For an Office Visit?

Dr Pol charges tens of dollars for an office visit. This figure could possibly hit hundreds of dollars in some circumstances, though. While Dr Pol has not expressly revealed what he charges for an office visit, a Forbes article shows that the average cost for a vet visit for one pet in Michigan (which is where Dr. Pol has his practice) is $57.65, while a visit for two pets cost up about $104.30.

Other aggregated data shows that a routine checkup for a dog costs $50 to $250 however when other things such as dental care, lab tests, and vaccines are included, the price can get up to $700 to $1000 each year. This is quite expensive, and Dr. Pol has advocated for affordable care for animals so that their human owners won’t be overburdened. He also has an installment payment plan at his office and also advises clients to get insurance.

Did Dr. Pol Get Canceled?

The Dr. Pol TV show is not canceled. The show is simply on its customary break until a new season of the show will be aired in accordance with its regular calendar. Ever since it launched in October 2011, Dr. Pol’s show has consistently been on the air. It has aired 22 seasons and more than 220 episodes.

The normal format of the show is that two seasons of about 10 to 11 episodes are aired each year. The 22nd season was aired in early 2023, with the season finale on 11 March 2023. You can expect that a second season, i.e., the 23rd season of the show, will be aired later in 2023.

How Much Does Dr. Pol Make Per Episode?

Some reports have it that Dr. Pol makes $20,000 per episode of his Nat Geo series, The Incredible Dr Pol. This is not confirmed by either the vet or the network. However, it is not farfetched.

When the incredible Dr. Pol debuted, even the lead star was skeptical of the show achieving success, but his easy manner with animals, his quick wit, years of experience, stubborn tenacity, and generous heart all proved to be a winner with diverse audiences.

There were also interesting and varied situations that Dr. Pol had to deal with, such as treating a dog with an unending erection or birthing a young cow. This made his show one of the most watched on Nat Geo, and as such, they wouldn’t be reluctant to shell out the big bucks to retain their major star.

Where is Dr. Pol Now? Where Does He Live?

Dr. Pol presently lives in Weidman, Michigan. He has lived there since 1981 with his wife, Diane, and they have their kids, Kathy, Charles, and Diane, close by. It was out of his family garage that Dr. Pol opened his veterinary practice, and he was able to build it into a very successful one.

Despite all the success, Dr. Pol remains in rural Weidman and has dedicated himself to providing the range of services that the young ones of today may not readily agree to provide.

Dr. Pol got his love for animals as a young boy growing up with six siblings on a farm in the Netherlands. They had all sorts of animals that he spent time caring for, and this was what inspired him to become a vet.


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