Where To Watch Matt Walsh’s What Is A Woman Documentary

You can watch Matt Walsh’s What Is A Woman? documentary on The Daily Wire website and on Twitter, albeit for a brief window of time.

Asides from these platforms, the options for watching What Is A Woman? are limited, which is not surprising. The documentary pushes fundamental views on gender identity as well as Trans identity which is increasingly being considered by many mainstream and left-wing media to be transphobic and hate speech. As such, many platforms refuse to carry or show it.

How To Watch What Is A Woman Documentary

The best bet for watching Matt Walsh’s What Is A Woman documentary is The Daily Wire website. The Daily Wire is a conservative news media founded by conservative political commentator Ben Shapiro. The Daily Wire funded the production of What Is A Woman documentary and as such, they have exclusive rights to air it.

The documentary premiered on their website on the 1st of June 2022 and remains there to date. To be able to watch the What Is A Woman documentary on The Daily Wire, you will require a subscription. The Daily Wire has different subscription levels that come with different fees, such as Reader’s Pass ($4 monthly or $48 yearly), Insider ($14 monthly), and All Access – $20 monthly.

Readers pass only grants access to written articles, so one would need to go for Insider or All Access to watch Matt Walsh’s What Is A Woman documentary.

You can also watch the What Is A Woman documentary on Twitter. The Daily Wire reached a deal with the microblogging platform to be able to broadcast some of their shows, including the controversial documentary on the platform. There were some hiccups here and there, but the What Is A Woman documentary is available for free on Twitter.

Is What Is A Woman Documentary Free To Watch?

What Is A Woman documentary is presently free to watch on Twitter only. When the show’s makers debuted it on Twitter on June 1, 2023, they made it clear that it would be free to watch for just 24 hours. They, however, extended the grace period. Thus presently, What Is A Woman is free to watch on Twitter.

However, one must not waste any time in going to see the documentary as it is very possible that the producers may decide to restrict viewership and put it under a pay wall, requiring payment before the public can watch it.

Where Is Matt Walsh’s What Is A Woman Streaming?

Mat Walsh’s What Is A Woman documentary is streaming on The Daily Wire Website and on Twitter. While it will be available on The Daily Wire for a very long time, its stay on Twitter is temporary. In fact, streaming it on Twitter has been a controversial one.
On June 1, 2023, The Daily Wire revealed that Twitter was refusing to carry the documentary on its platform.

The CEO of Twitter, Elon Musk, responded, saying that it was a mistake and allowed the video to be posted. However, it was still subject to certain restrictions, as people were unable to share it or comment on it, and those on the right instigated an outcry.

Musk’s response was that the documentary contained sensitive content and his platform would not actively recommend it to people. The next day, he shared the film via his own handle and stated that every parent should watch it. Many of the restrictions on the film were also removed, giving it free rein. The documentary garnered 62 million views within 24 hours and has kept on ballooning over time.

Is Matt Walsh’s What Is A Woman Documentary on Netflix?

Matt Walsh’s What Is A Woman documentary is unavailable on Netflix or other major streaming platforms such as Hulu, HBO Max, Vudu, DIRECT TV, Spectrum On Demand, and others. The reason for this is that its content has been dubbed as anti-trans and hate speech by the left-wing media which constitutes the majority of the mainstream media.


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