Where Was Letterkenny Filmed and Is It a Real Place?

Letterkenny was filmed in a place known as County Donegal, a region in northwestern Ireland with castles, mountains, and rugged coastlines bordering the Atlantic Ocean. In the TV series, however, Letterkenny town, also known as Brudenell, is a town in Ontario, Canada, and is entirely fictional.

Besides its unique humor and witty dialogues, another thing that has left an impressive mark in the hearts of Letterkenny fans is the picturesque look of its setting. Since the show was based on the lives of residents of Letterkenny, a small Canadian town, fans have been wondering where the movie was filmed and if Letterkenny is indeed a real place in Canada. Answers to these and more have been provided in the article below.

How Letterkenny Started

Letterkenny is a sitcom based on the lives of rural Canadian residents. The series was centered on a small Canadian town called Letterkenny and was originally based on Letterkenny Problems, a web series that Jared Keeso created and released on YouTube in 2013.

The show revolves around Katy and Wayne, a brother and sister pair who run a small farm with the help of Wayne’s friends, Squirrel Dan and Daryl.

Although it is mostly a fictional story, Letterkenny is loosely based on the life of the show’s creator, Jared Keeso, while he was growing up in Listowel, Ontario. With his first-hand experience of rural Canadian living, Keeso was able to present an aptly original view of the Canadian countryside. The show features very memorable and tight-knit characters who keep fans locked onto their screens with their witty dialogues and hilarious banters.

Thus, while Letterkenny is mostly based on fictional events, it features some relatable characters and is filmed in a small Canadian town.

Is Letterkenny a Real Place?

Yes, Letterkenny is a real place. It is a town in County Donegal, in the northern parts of Ireland. However, the Letterkenny in the hit television series is a purely fictional town and is not in any way linked to Letterkenny in County Donegal, Ireland, or Brudenell, a town in Ontario, Canada, which is sometimes also referred to as Letterkenny.

Where Was Letterkenny Filmed and Is It a Real Place?
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Where was Letterkenny Filmed?

The greater parts of Letterkenny were filmed in Sudbury, Ontario. A quaint, picturesque town whose rolling hills, placid lakes, and open fields make it the perfect location for a small Canadian town-based show like Letterkenny.

According to Keeso, the reason for choosing Sudbury was not just because of its structural beauty but also because Sudbury has the most welcoming and nicest set of people. Some of the Sudbury locations that Letterkenny fans might recognize are listed below.  

Wayne and Katy’s Farm

As all the show fans know, the majority of the show was shot at Wayne and Katy’s farm. However, they do not know that the siblings’ farm is a local family-owned farm located at 1546 Cote Boulevard in Sudbury, Ontario.

Although it might sound intriguing to visit the farm for some cool pictures, it is also worth noting that it is a private property, and fans are not allowed to enter it without permission.

MoDean’s Roadhouse

MoDean’s Roadhouse is a local bar in Letterkenny where the residents often go for a drink and which is notorious for its constant fire outbreaks. In the first season of the show, MoDean’s bar was shot at the Sudbury’s Frood Hotel. However, after the bar went out of business, making it impossible to film the Roadhouse scenes there, the show producers decided to cancel the show by having it burn down.

For its season 2 appearance, however, MoDean’s Roadhouse was filmed at the Fusions Bar and Restaurant, located in Chelmsford. Unfortunately, the bar shut down and this prompted the producers to come up with another fire incident. So far, there is no knowing if there will be another MoDean’s Roadhouse in the subsequent seasons.

The Convenience Store

The popular convenience store in the show is also a convenience store in real life. Just like in the show, the store’s real name is Donovan Variety, and it is located in Kathleen Street, Sudbury. Just across the street from the Frood Hotel, where the premier MoDean’s Roadhouse was filmed.

Where is Letterkenny Located?

Letterkenny is located in County Donegal, in the province of Ulster and in the Northern and Western region of Ireland, on the River Swilly, which flows eastwards of Letterkenny.

Letterkenny, which began as a market town, means “hillside of the O’Cannons”. It is also nicknamed the Cathedral Town and considered the economic gateway of north-western Ireland, along with the city named Derry or Londonderry.


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