Who Are Vin Diesel’s Parents and Does He Have a Twin Brother?

Vin Diesel’s parents are Irving Vincent and Delora Vincent. The couple got together after Delora separated from her first husband, who is Vin’s biological father. Delora had the Fast and Furious star and his twin brother Paul with her first husband before having two more children – Samantha and Tim, for her second husband, Irving.

Who are in Vin Diesel’s Family?

Vin Diesel’s family members include his father, Irving Vincent; his mother, Delora Vincent; and his siblings, Paul, Samantha, and Tim. He also has his own little family as well – the one he has with his wife, Paloma Jiménez. The pair have three children – Hania Riley, Vincent, and Pauline, and Vin doesn’t hesitate to showcase them to the world for everyone to see.

Vin Diesel’s father, or rather stepfather, Irving H. Vincent, was born in 1934 and had made his living from being an acting instructor and manager in New York City. Irving adopted Vin Diesel and his twin brother after he married their mother Delora in the late 1970s, which is why Vin Diesel sees him as his real father. However, Irving soon left acting to become a filmmaker and then a professor at New York University.

Vin’s mother, Delora Sherleen Vincent, is an equally educated woman and a strong figure behind Vin Diesel’s acting prowess. She’s a known astrologer and a great mother to her children. Her marriage to Irving brought in Samantha and Tim Vincent, half-siblings of Mark (Vin Diesel’s real name) and Paul who she had with her first husband whose name is unknown.

Between Vin Diesel’s two brothers, Paul is the oldest. Paul is also into movie productions and sound engineering and has worked with Vin on many of his projects. Sadly, nothing much is known about him, as he prefers to stay behind the scenes while his brother takes up the spotlight. Paul is believed to have a family of his own – wife and kids – just like Vin, but nothing is known about them as well.

Samantha Vincent is the half-sister of Vin and Paul, born to Irving and Delora. She was raised in New York City, just like her brothers, and has been engaged in the movie industry as well. Samantha is a well-known producer and the president of Vin Diesel’s production company, One Race Films. She’s worked on films like Reddick and some of the installments of the Fast and Furious franchise, where she served as a production manager. She’s also an active member of various film clubs, honing and sharing her skills with her followers, as well as supporting her brothers in the industry.

Tim Vincent, Vin Diesel’s younger brother, is said to be an actor and television presenter, who lives a quieter life compared to his two siblings. He was born in Wrexham, Wales, in 1972, but his life is nestled in New York City, just like his brothers and sister. He’s the last of the Vincent family, taking after his father and older siblings in their line of business – the television industry. However, little is known about this elusive figure and his private life, as much of it is kept away from the public.

Vin Diesel’s Parents
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Who is Vin Diesel’s Biological Father?

No one knows who Vin Diesel’s biological father is, and his whereabouts are unknown. He had left the family even before Vin Diesel and his brother, Paul, were born. When Delora, Vin Diesel’s mother, divorced their father and married another, she never told Vin and his brother much about their real father. It is reported that she only told them that he was of a mixed race and that was why they are different, despite being born to her. But this is not given too much attention as their adopted father, Irving Vincent, is doing a stellar job at being their father, since he came into their lives in the late 60s.

Irving H. Vincent is a 90 year-old professor at New York University. He’s an African-American, who moved to New York City to start his life as a family man and father to his two new sons, Vin and Paul. He worked as a theatre manager and acting instructor for a few years, before going into filmmaking. Currently, Irving works as an educator at New York University. He is also a director for One Race Films.

Who is Vin Diesel’s Mother?

Vin Diesel’s mother is Delora Sherleen Vincent. The year of her birth is unknown to the public, but it is believed that she was born on October 28 in the United States. She’s an American psychologist and astrologer, though little is known about her education and family. Delora did get her basic education from a community high school in the U.S., going on to complete her studies by getting a higher degree at the university. However, no specifics are known to date.

Delora has always supported her children in their ambition toward success, particularly her son, Vin, who, undoubtedly, draws his strength from the love of his mother. This couldn’t have been possible without the help of her husband, Irving Vincent, who has stood beside her in making sure their family remains as strong as always.

Is Vin Diesel a Twin?

Yes, Vin Diesel is a twin. He has a fraternal twin brother called Paul Sinclair Vincent, who looks nothing like him, but who had been kept secret for several years by Vin himself. When people learned about Paul, Vin revealed him through an Instagram photo he posted online back in 2013, where Paul was standing beside the late Paul Walker of Fast and Furious. He captioned it “The Two Pauls.”

In another Instagram post, in 2016, Vin Diesel wished his brother a happy birthday, captioning it “Happy Birthday to my original twin brother Paul!”

Paul Vincent was born to their mother Delora, on July 18th, 1967. He is a sound editor and has worked on various movies, including Vin Diesel’s Fast and Furious. He is also known to be a quiet person, as he has chosen to keep his life pretty private from everyone else.

Vin Diesel Siblings

Vin Diesel has three siblings; one is his twin brother and the other two are his half-siblings, Samantha Vincent and Tim Vincent.

Vin’s twin brother, Paul Sinclair Vincent, is 6 feet tall and is connected to some of Vin Diesel’s film works. He wasn’t known to the world until 2016, when Vin Diesel finally revealed him during an interview, amidst fiery curiosity. Some might not even believe he is Vin’s twin brother due to their physical differences, but that doesn’t change the fact that they came from the same mother and share the same dream.

His other two siblings, Samantha and Tim Vincent, also work in the television industry; with Samantha in production and management, while Tim is a television personality. They are well over 50 years of age, with Tim being the youngest of the two.

Samantha is reported to have a daughter of her own, hinting that she might have a small family. On the other hand, Tim remains an ever-mysterious figure, even more than his half-brother, Paul.

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