Who Is John Gabriel Rodriquez, the Fantasy Island Actor?

John Gabriel Rodriquez is a professional actor who is famous for playing Javier, a pilot and the head of transportation for the island, in Fantasy Island. Born on March 21, 1983, and now 41 years old, John Gabriel Rodriquez has also featured in “The Divergent Series: Allegiant,” and “Justice for Natalee Holloway.” He is also a photographer and an avid boxer.
Also known for his brief appearance in the Vampire Diaries series, John has a career in Hollywood that has now spanned more than a decade. In spite of these appearances and many more, he is not the most well-known actor out there, even though he has a very interesting life story.

How Old Is John Gabriel Rodriquez?

The American actor is now 41 years old as he was born on March 21, 1983. Of American nationality and white ethnic extraction, his birthplace is Texas, which is also where he was brought up. However, there are no concrete details as regards who his parents might be, as well as his siblings and childhood.

In the same manner as his family life, there is hardly any significant information about the educational pursuits of the actor. All that we know is that he studied acting at some point in the past. It was while he was there that he met actress, Tiffany Daniels and since then, the two have become great friends.

Where Is John Gabriel Rodriquez From?

Rodriquez is originally from Texas, USA. As indicated, it was there that the actor was born and brought up. However, his roots are not clear even though his name suggests that he has his roots in Latin America.

For someone who is notoriously private and very secretive, it is not clear if both his parents are from Latin America or if he has mixed roots. Whatever the case may be, he had his career start in his hometown in Texas before he decided to seek better opportunities in Los Angeles, California where he now works and lives.

John Gabriel Rodriquez Played the Role of Javier in Fantasy Island

One of the most important roles of John Rodriquez thus far has been playing Javier on the American fantasy drama series, Fantasy Island, often referred to as FANTASY ISLⱯND. He joined the show from its beginning in November 2021. Although in the first season he had the recurring role of Javier, he joined Roselyn Sanchez who appeared as Elena Roarke, and Kiara Barnes who took the role of Ruby Akuda among the main cast members of the show.

Coming as a sequel and continuation of the classic drama series of the same name that ran for 7 seasons from 1977 to 1984, both of Radriquez’s parents were huge fans of the original show. This became one of the reasons why after reading the plot of the show when it was returned by Fox, he wanted to be a part of it.

His role is that of Javier, the head of the Island’s transport system, being a pilot, a driver, a mechanic, and much more.  He is also the love interest of Elena. Javier is also the father of Helene (played by Alexa Mansour); a daughter he never knew he had.

At the start of the show which centers around a fantasy island that receives many visitors that want something from the Island and vice versa, Rodriquez did not start as a main cast but after he delivered his role, he was made one of the main cast, heading into the second season.

John Gabriel Rodriquez Also Has Other Roles To His Name

Although his best-known role was in Fantasy Island, the actor has also appeared in many more films and TV shows. His career started in 2007 when he appeared in the TV show, General Hospital where he took an uncredited role. In the same year, he was in the film, See Jane Run and Valentine.

The years that followed saw him appearing in many more works including The Vampire Diaries in 2013, where he was a part of two episodes, If Loving You Is Wrong (2015), Happily Never After (2017), and Eyewitness Bible Series (2018). The actor is also known for works such as Allegiant (2016) and The Courier (2012), which are some of his popular works. His most recent production is the 2023 TV Series, The Rookie: Feds. 

Apart from his career as an actor, John Rodriquez is also a photographer and an avid boxer, even though a better part of his life revolves around acting which is his first love.


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