Who is Lee Asher and Is He Married or Does He Have a Girlfriend

Lee Asher is not married, nor is it known if he has been married to anyone in the past. He is single and doesn’t appear eager to get on the dating market anytime soon; thus, he has no girlfriend.

Lee Asher is a 35-year-old American man, former corporate gym trainer-turned-dog rescuer who rose to fame after his YouTube channel, The Asher House, gained much recognition from dog lovers around the globe. Besides his good looks and commendable dog rescue acts, Lee has garnered much attention from fans wondering if he is secretly hooked to someone or simply gay. Read on for more information on Lee Asher’s work and love life.

Who is Lee Asher?

Lee Asher is a famous social media star, physical trainer, and entrepreneur best known for his rich followership on his Instagram and YouTube channel, The Asher House. He was born on 25 August 1988 and is currently 54 years old. Lee was born in Florida, the United States of America, and he spent a greater part of his childhood there with his parents and his older brother, D.J. Gugenheim.

Is Lee Asher Married?

Lee Asher is not married. Although he prefers to keep bits and pieces of his personal life under wraps, he has not been spotted with anyone who appears to be his life partner in recent times.

Does He Have a Girlfriend?

Lee Asher does not have a girlfriend presently. However, he has been in romantic relationships with some notable figures. He previously had a romantic relationship with Ana Rubiolo, a fellow animal lover. Although the details of their love life are very sketchy, the duo were very much into each other, and Ana played a significant role in supporting Lee’s cause. They both shared a strong love for animals and dedicated their time to animal welfare.

However, this seemingly wasn’t enough, as the lovebirds decided to part ways after dating for some time. After breaking up with Ana, Lee got into a relationship with Sydney Ferbrache, a blogger and adventurer. Like Lee, Sydney is also an animal enthusiast, and they spent a great deal of time together touring the world and trying to rescue animals. However, not much is known of the couple’s time together. They parted ways after a while together.

Is Lee Asher Gay?

Lee Asher is not gay. He was, however, rumored to be gay by netizens who purported that he had been in a romantic relationship with his then-business partner, Luke Barton. These rumors were fueled by followers who thought it weird that the handsome dog lover had been single for a while.

Preferring to avoid drama, especially around his personal life, Lee stayed calm over the rumors and never supported or rebuffed them. The stories gradually died down after some time due to lack of proof.

Are Lee and Luke Barton in a Romantic Relationship?

No, Lee Asher and Luke Barton are not in a gay relationship. The duo were the co-founders of Lee’s dog shelter, The Asher House. However, Luke had to leave the business after they had worked together for about 2 years.

What does Lee Asher do for a Living?

Lee Asher is a corporate trainer, dog rescuer, and founder of The Asher House, an organization that promotes pet adoption and creates awareness of providing better care and love for animals in need. Lee co-owned The Asher House alongside his business partner, Luke Barton, for some time.

The two met in 2018, while Luke was taking random pictures of Lee’s dogs. After a long conversation, they discovered their mutual love for dogs and decided to take an RV tour to promote dog shelters across the United States.

In November 2019, Lee and Luke took their passion for dog care a step further and co-founded their dog rescue and shelter, The Asher House. However, Luke only stuck with the organization for about 2 years before he left in April 2019 to fully focus on his photography career. Since then, Lee has fully devoted his life to running his company and traveling across the United States to rescue dogs.

Beyond rescuing these dogs from harsh living conditions, Lee ensures to make good provision for their comfort. He bought a bus worth a whopping $65,000 for the easy transport of his dogs and allocated a sum of $8,000 for their feeding every month. Presently, he has rescued over 500 dogs from all over America.

Who is Lee Asher and Is He Married or Does He Have a Girlfriend
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Lee was a GymTrainer Before Fame

While Lee is mostly recognized as a dog lover and rescuer, he was previously a corporate gym trainer and fitness enthusiast. In August 2008, he founded his fitness company, No Limit Fitness AZ, where he equally worked as a trainer. However, he only ran the business for about 2 years before he abandoned it in November 2010, for a better prospect.

Consequently, he veered off fitness training and was employed as a senior peak performance strategist by Anthony Robbins Companies. He worked there for two years until he left in July 2013. That same month, he was employed as a leadership development manager at the Community Loans of America. He worked there for about eleven months before he left to create TheAsherApproach.com.

What is Lee Asher’s Net Worth?

Lee Asher’s net worth is currently estimated to be about $2 Million in brand value and assets. The greater percentage of his income comes from his business, through which generates an annual revenue around $1.08 million to $1.56 million. He also has a monthly salary of about $90,000 to $130,000, which he makes from his business and physical training contracts.

FAQs about Lee Asher

Who is Lee Asher From Asher House?

Lee Asher is an American Instagram star and dog rescuer best known for sharing content about his dog rescue missions on his Instagram and YouTube handles. 

How Old is Lee Asher?

Lee Asher is currently 54 years old, as he was born on 25 August 1988.

Is Lee Asher Married to Luke Barton?

No, Lee Asher is not married to Luke Barton. Luke is Lee’s former business partner and co-founder of The Asher House. 

What is Lee Asher’s Nationality?

Lee Asher is a citizen of America. He was born in Florida in the United States.

What did Lee Asher do For a Living Before Rescue?

Lee worked as a corporate gym trainer.

Was Sydney Febrach Ever Lee’s Girlfriend?

Yes, Sydney Ferbrache was once Lee’s girlfriend. The duo dated for some time before parting ways.


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