Why Did Modern Family End and Will There Be A Season 12?

Modern Family sadly ended with the 11th season, which aired in 2020, and there will not be a 12th season. The reason for this was not due to any downturn in viewership. Rather, Modern Family ended because the show had run its course.

Modern Family is an ABC sitcom that debuted in 2009. It focused on the lives and adventures of three diverse and interconnected families and was a big hit with fans. In fact, the show was so popular that it ran for 11 seasons.

When Did Modern Family End?

Modern Family ended on the 8th day of April 2020 with the airing of Season 11, Episode 18, appropriately titled Finale. As one would expect, the final episode was quite emotional and shows the various members of the three core families around whom the show revolves, embarking on new stages of their life.

Cam and Mitchell, and their two adoptive kids, Lily and Rexford, leave Los Angeles for Missouri so that Cam can take up a coaching job. Claire and Phil decide to take their RV on the road and visit baseball stadiums nationwide.

Jay and Gloria plan to travel out to Colombia. Claire’s daughter, Haley, and her boyfriend welcome twins. Claire’s second daughter, Alex, moves out to Switzerland for work while her son, Luke, leaves for college.

However, before the whole family disperses for their different destinations, they get together one last time, sharing hugs. The final scene of Modern Family shows the light going off on the porches of the homes of the three families.

Why Did Modern Family End?

For the 11 years that it was on TV, Modern Family remained popular with fans all over the globe. Millions of people tuned in to watch the series each week. It also nabbed numerous awards, including multiple Primetime Emmy awards for outstanding comedy series. It was also named the Best Television Series – Musical or Comedy at the 2011 edition of the Golden Globe Award.

Given all this, one would wonder why the show was brought to an end, and a simple search will reveal the same answer, though couched in different manners. Modern Family came to an end because it was simply time. The show had run its natural course and thus came to a natural end.

For instance, Claire’s children started out as kids on the show, attending school and playing sports. They grew old enough to be getting married, start their own families, go off to college, and travel to new countries for work. The other characters on the show also experienced new milestones in their lives. No matter how good Modern Family was, it had to come to an end sometime, and this happened with Season 11 in 2020.

How Many Seasons of Modern Family Are There?

There are 11 seasons of Modern Family in total. The show’s first season debuted with 24 episodes which aired from September 2009 to May 2010. This airing pattern continued from the second season up until the 10th season. The final season of Modern Family had 18 seasons and began airing from September 2019 to April 2020.

The iconic series ended with season 11, and as such, there will not be any season 12 of Modern Family. Any lover of the series has to content themselves with watching reruns of the past episodes. There was previously a plan to develop a Modern Family sequel focusing on the gay couple Cam and Mitchell and their two adoptive kids, Rexford and Lily Tucker-Pritchett.

A script was developed, but the parent network of the show decided not to go ahead with it. The script still exists, though, as made known by Jesse Tyler Ferguson (who plays Mitchell) in June 2022. It is waiting for any production company that will pick it up. Therefore, it is quite possible that fans of Modern Family may get to watch new episodes of the show or, more specifically, a sequel someday.


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