Why Does Beth Dutton Hate Jamie So Much and Does He Die?

Beth Dutton hates Jamie Dutton because he took her to an abortion clinic where she ended up getting sterilized . The relationship between Jamie and Beth has always been a complicated one right from their childhood. Even though Jamie understood why Beth could not stand him, it was not immediately apparent to viewers why such animosity existed between siblings who grew up together.

The hatred for Jamie does not end with Beth; his history of making questionable and selfish choices has not endeared him to the other characters in the series. Virtually every member of the Dutton family has a complicated relationship with Jamie that has boiled over a few times. The hatred for Jamie notwithstanding, he does not die in the seasons that have aired so far, even though Beth is all for taking him out of the picture.

Why Does Beth Dutton Hate Jamie Dutton?

Beth Dutton hates Jamie Dutton because when they were teenagers, she had gotten pregnant with Rip Wheeler’s baby and asked Jamie for help to abort it. Jamie took her to a Native American abortion clinic that sterilized her instead. Even though the nurse explained this to Jamie, he asked them to proceed with the procedure and did not tell Beth until she found out years later. She was furious with Jamie for taking away her choice and her ability to have children. She has never forgiven him for what he did.

Beth Dutton Hate Jamie
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The relationship between Jamie and Beth Dutton is one of the most complex and volatile relationships in Yellowstone. Even though they are siblings, they are also like oil and water. They are constantly at odds, and they seem to take pleasure in each other’s pain.
Besides the above which is the primary reason for the discord between the siblings, there are a few other reasons why Beth feels justified in her hatred for Jamie.

Jamie Tried to Have Beth Dutton Killed

In the fifth season of Yellowstone, Beth tries to expose Jamie’s secret to the world. Jamie retaliates by trying to have her killed. Beth escapes, but she is still traumatized by what happened. She believes that Jamie is capable of anything and is afraid of what he might do to her next.

Jamie Had a Child in Secret With His Ex-girlfriend, Christina

Beth was devastated when she discovered that Jamie had a child in secret. Because of what Jamie did to her at the abortion clinic, she swore she would not watch him have kids because he took away her ability to do the same. She felt betrayed and hurt, and she hated Jamie even more.

Jamie tried to Cover his Father’s Role in the Hit against The Duttons

After Garrett Randall ordered a hit against the Duttons for their ill-treatment of his son, Jamie tried to keep the information away from the Duttons. When Beth found out, she was furious with Jamie. It also affirmed her belief that Jamie was just like his corrupt lawyer father and that they needed to take him out.

These are just some of the reasons why Beth hates Jamie so much. Their relationship is one of the most complex and volatile in the series.

Why Does John Dutton Hate Jamie Dutton?

Jamie Dutton Adopted
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John Dutton hates Jamie Dutton because the latter has made questionable and disappointing decisions that often threaten the safety and ownership of his ranch, Yellowstone. John is the powerful and demanding patriarch of the Yellowstone ranch, and his relationships with his children are often strained. Jamie is John’s adopted son, and their relationship is even more complicated than John’s relationships with his biological children.

Besides the above reason, John Dutton has always known that Jamie Dutton is not his biological son. This is, in turn, why he often feels like Jamie could never truly live up to the expectation placed on him as regards safeguarding the legacy that is Yellowstone. John had every reason to hate Jamie when he agreed to testify against his father in court. John is a very proud man, and he doesn’t like to be challenged or questioned. Jamie’s choices may have made him feel like Jamie is not worthy of being his son.

Moreover, the Duttons are a very traditional family, and Jamie doesn’t always fit in. He is more bookish and intellectual than the other Duttons and doesn’t have the same sense of loyalty and duty. This may have made it difficult for John to accept Jamie as his son. All of these notwithstanding, John reaches a new level of hate for Jamie Dutton after discovering what Jamie did to Beth, who many perceive as his favorite child.

Why Does Everyone Hate Jamie Dutton?

Everyone hates Jamie because of the complex and multi-faceted nature of his personality, which often puts him at odds with his family and the people he works with. This is just one of the many reasons why there is a mutual dislike among the other characters for him.

Jamie is highly ambitious and driven. He aspires to achieve political power and personal success, often at the expense of family loyalty and ranch priorities. His ambition sometimes blinds him to the consequences of his actions. As a lawyer, he is intelligent, strategic, and can be manipulative and calculating, yet this did not stop him from falling prey to his father’s enemies. He often chooses the wrong times to be manipulative.

Moreover, Jamie’s loyalty to his family often conflicts with his ambitions. This inner conflict led to impulsive decisions that had far-reaching consequences for himself and those around him. Despite his tough exterior, Jamie has moments of emotional vulnerability. He grapples with the emotional scars from his past and seeks validation and acceptance from his family, particularly his father, John.

Consequently, Jamie’s relationship with his family is strained due to past betrayals and conflicts. His actions sometimes fall into morally gray areas because he is willing to make ethically questionable choices to further his interests. All of the above led to him often finding himself alone because, let’s face it, if your own family hates and can’t trust you, it would be hard for others outside to do so.

Who Did Jamie Dutton Kill?

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Jamie Dutton killed reporter Sarah Nguyen in season two and his biological father, Garrett Randall Garrett, at the end of the fourth season. While the killing of Sarah was more accidental than it was meditated, the killing of his father was deliberate and well executed. Even though the reasons he killed both people are different, it all boils down to the need to protect himself and the Dutton Family. Let’s take a look at how he killed both characters.

How Jamie Killed Sarah Nguyen

Even though Jamie is the brains of the Dutton family, being an attorney was not his first career choice. But when his father insisted that he study law to represent the family better, he did just that. Hence, his attempt to become the attorney general was his way of making his father proud, or so he thought.

When Jamie kicked off his campaign to become the attorney general of the state of Montana in season 2, he went head-to-head with his father and left the Dutton family and ranch behind to further his career on his own. He knowingly opened up to reporter Sarah Nguyen in an expose titled The Dutton Family Secrets. However, he soon realizes that he will not win going against his father, and since he still craves John’s approval, he abandons his campaign and returns home to make peace with his family.

Having made peace at home, Jamie reaches out to Sarah about ditching the expose she was about to publish. They meet up at a deserted footpath, and even though Jamie tries to reason with her, Sarah insists she is going ahead with the story. In anger, Jamie pushes her against her car, knocks her unconscious, and then strangles her to death. This is perhaps the first time he shows how far he can go to stay in John Dutton’s good books.

How Jamie Killed His Dad, Garrett Randall

In season four, Jamie Dutton killed his biological father, Garrett Randall. After he cut ties with the Duttons, he became closer to Garrett, who took what they had as an opportunity to make up for time lost with his son. Their relationship blossomed, and Garrett became an adviser to his son.

Jamie looked up to his father despite his history of violence and being a convict. When he learned that his father had ordered the hit against the Duttons, he knew there would be repercussions. Hence, when he was given the option of killing his father to save himself, he did.

He returned to his ranch to find his father sitting and reminiscing by the creek. Father and son have a nice chat with Garret, telling Jamie how proud he is of his accomplishments. He tells Jamie that he (Jamie) is a good man and that he loves him. Jamie tearfully tells him he loves him too before pulling out a gun and shooting an unsuspecting Garrett dead.

Why Did Jamie Dutton Kill his Dad?

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Jamie Killed his dad to save himself and to stop Beth from killing him or ruining his reputation, which he knew she would not hesitate to do. After Jamie met and bonded with his biological father, Garrett Randall, whom he even allowed to live on his ranch, they became a family with Jamie’s son and girlfriend. Seeing how alone Jamie was after he cut ties with the Duttons, Garret felt they had not been fair to his son and ordered a hit on the entire Dutton family, which was almost successful.

He hired a former prison buddy of his who then commissioned the Montana Free Militia for the job. They sent a bomb to Beth’s office, but she survived the explosion; John Dutton was shot while helping a woman change a flat tire on the highway, but he also fully recovered. Tate shot and killed the gunman who attacked him and his mother, Monica. Kayce also survived by using his table to shield himself and engaging the masked gunmen.

When Beth eventually found out who had ordered the hit, she gave Jamie three options. She could either get him and Garrett arrested, which would ruin his reputation and expose who he truly was, or she would tell Rip that Garrett attacked her, and knowing how much Rip loves her, he would take out both Garrett and Jamie. Jamie chose the third option, which was that he would kill his father by himself so Beth would spare him. If anything, killing his father made him a slave to Beth.

Does Jamie Dutton Die?

Jamie Dutton does not die yet because he is still alive as of the end of season 5, where the series left off. While the character is still a big part of the Yellowstone story, he has come close to dying a few times, and even though Beth Dutton wants him dead, the end of season five saw him with some rather influential people helping him evade Beth’s manipulation.

While Beth does have the evidence she needs to bury Jamie, it is also the same evidence he needs to destroy the Dutton family. Season six will tell whether or not Jamie Dutton will die, but it is highly unlikely. The creators of Yellowstone have not yet revealed whether or not Wes Bentley’s character, Jamie Dutton, will die in the show’s final season. However, Bentley himself has said that he is “prepared” for his character to be killed off and would “celebrate” the end of Yellowstone.

Bentley also said that he is ready to move on from Yellowstone. He said the show has been “a great experience” but is excited to see what’s next. So, while it is still possible that Jamie Dutton could survive the show’s final season, it is also possible that he will die. Only time will tell what Sheridan has in store for the character. Still, fans of the show think there are four significant ways Sheridan could write off Jamie Dutton: He could be redeemed and find a place in the Dutton family, he could be killed off by one of his enemies, he could go into exile and start a new life elsewhere, or he could go to prison for his crimes.


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