Will There Be Letterkenny New Season 12 or Is It Over?

Yes, there will be Letterkenny Season 12 and it is expected to be released on Tuesday, December 26th, 2023, on Hulu. In the new show, you are likely to still see some of your favorite stars of the show like Nadine Bhaba (Bianca), and Sash Striga (Aly).

Although it started as a small show, Letterkenny has grown to be a fans’ favorite since its premier season was released in 2016. However, since the 11th season was released nearly a year ago, fans have wondered if that might be the end of this humorous Canadian show. Fortunately, this will not be the case.

Is Letterkenny Over?

No, Letterkenny is not over. Letterkenny season 12 will be released on Tuesday, December 26th on Hulu. Since the series’ 11th season was released in 2022, there has been a confirmation that a sequel series would be released soon afterward. These assumptions were corroborated by some of the Letterkenny casts who shared several pictures of them on the set of Season 12.

How Many Seasons of Letterkenny Are There?

There are currently 11 seasons of Letterkenny. The first season of this Canadian sitcom aired in Canada on Crave Network in February 2016 and soon caught the attention of several people due to its unique humor.

While most people would have expected the buzz around this tiny show to die off soon, that was not the case as Letterkenny kept getting even more attention until it finally premiered on Hulu in 2018 and became the streaming platform’s most popular series.

While speaking to Entertainment Weekly, Jacob Tierney, the show’s creator and executive producer, revealed that they had started on a very tight budget, not knowing how long they would be able to keep it running. Fortunately for him and the entire Letterkenny crew, the show has gotten several positive reviews and this has helped them to gradually make their way into the 12th season.

Will there be Letterkenny Season 12?

Yes, there will be a Letterkenny Season 12 which will be released on Tuesday, December 26th on Hulu. Crave has told Letterkenny fans to look forward to a renewal of their favorite series.

On September 8, 2022, Jacob Tierney, who plays Glen on the show, shared an Instagram post on the production of Letterkenny Season 12. Furthermore, the Produce Stand Podcast has also released a Twitter thread of several behind-the-scenes pictures of the Letterhead casts on September 6, 2022, unofficially announcing the probability of a 12th season.

Pending any official announcement, fans can expect that some of the Letterkenny stars will also appear in the next season. Thus, we can expect to see stars like Nathan Dales (Daryl), K. Trevor Wilson (Dan), Jared Keeso (Wayne), Dylan Playfair (Reilley), and Lisa Codrington (Gail) on Letterkenny season 12. Besides them, James Daly announced via his Instagram story that he, Nadine Bhaba (Bianca), and Sash Striga (Aly) will also reappear on the show.

Where To Watch Letterkenny

For Canadian fans, Letterkenny can be streamed on Crave, as all of its previous 11 seasons are currently available for eligible Crave subscribers to stream. In the US, however, Letterkenny is available for all eligible users to stream on Hulu.

Is Letterkenny On Netflix?

No, Letterkenny is currently not available for streaming on Netflix. In 2019, Hulu acquired exclusive rights to stream Letterkenny in the US. They are making it impossible for Netflix and other US streaming platforms to have a cut of this awesome series. However, there are a couple of equally interesting series which fans can easily stream on Netflix.

When Was Letterkenny Season 11 Release Date?

Letterkenny was officially released on December 25, 2022. In previous years, the show producers made it a norm to give their fans a memorable Christmas gift by releasing seasons 8 through 10 on Christmas day. If they are to keep this lovely tradition going, then it is very likely that the 12th season of Letterkenny will also be released on Christmas day.

Therefore, with no official announcement yet, Canadian Letterkenny fans can keep their fingers crossed and expect the first episodes of season 12 to drop on Crave on December 25, 2023. American fans are likely to have it available for streaming on Hulu the following day December 26, 2022.


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