100 Good Never Have I Ever Questions – The Only List You Need

Good never have I ever questions can be beneficial in many ways. It is a drinking game that goes a long way in helping people create a bond and get to know each other better. The game revolves around asking people about things they may or may not have done. Players are typically required to say no or take a drink if they have done what was asked and that’s it. But then, there are no hard rules to it so a player might get to talk about the story behind the question that made him take a drink. Thus, the game sustains conversation and is for all intent and purpose, a great way to spend time and have fun in any social gathering.

A version of the game known as “ten fingers” requires no drinking and is often played by children. Here, the players are meant to only count scores on their fingers while they answer the question asked.

Funny Never Have I Ever Questions

Funny never have I ever questions are effective in getting people actively involved in discussions at social gatherings as much as they are entertaining. Such questions are often embarrassing but their ultimate goal is to amuse the players. Below are some examples.

1. Never have I ever fallen in love with a cartoon character

As funny as this may seem, people do fall in love with cartoon characters and it is quite relatable.

2. Never have I ever wet myself while laughing

Ever laughed so hard you feel like your life is slipping away? Such laughter would make anyone pee him/herself.

3. Never have I ever quietly farted during a meeting at work

Farting is natural, but it can seem to have some sinister agenda at times and the only way to evade being embarrassed is to drop a silent one.

4. Never have I ever wet my bed as an adult

Several factors like doing drugs and consuming copious amounts of alcohol would have you wet your bed.

5. Never have I ever eaten something out of the garbage

If you are homeless and struggling to get by, you can totally eat out of the garbage; people have done it.

6. Never have I ever lied about my real name

What would make someone lie about their real name apart from not liking the name?

7. Never have I ever got caught smelling my armpit

It’s your armpit, you have the right to do whatever you want with it.

8. Never have I ever got caught picking my nose in public

Do you know what they say? Everybody does it, they don’t just get caught.

9. Never have I ever farted in an elevator while leaving it

This is one of the good never have I ever questions that shows the nasty things we do when no one is watching.

10. Never have I ever broke something expensive and blamed it on a pet

We are humans, and sometimes we don’t just want to take the blame.

11. Never have I ever made a dog so mad that it chased me

Dogs are friendly creatures but nothing is friendly about being chased by one.

12. Never have I ever eaten rotten food because I was hungry and broke

When your survival instincts kick in, you might even eat the brains of a zombie to stay alive.

13. Never have I ever been caught pushing a pull door

When a door says pull and you are busy pushing and wondering why it’s not giving way, the only thing more embarrassing is to have someone nearby watching.

14. Never have I ever made fun of an elderly person because they annoyed me

It doesn’t matter what they did, you should never make fun of an elderly person. It’s wrong and there is no coming back from that.

15. Never have I ever been caught shoplifting

Most people think shoplifting isn’t a serious crime but a shoplifting conviction could result in a felony conviction and time in jail.

16. Never have I ever struggled not to cry while watching a movie with friends

We all cry, it is natural and very okay to cry. But it can be embarrassing at times and crying while seeing a movie with friends is one of such instances.

17. Never have I ever pretended to be productive at work while doing nothing

Most of us are guilty of this. We guess it’s okay if it happens once in a while, but if it has become a habit, you should probably look for another job, something you would enjoy doing.

18. Never have I ever regifted a gift because I was broke

The common opinion is that you should never re-gift a gift. However, you can’t just help it at times, you have to give something and can’t give what you don’t have.

19. Never have I ever lied to people for no reason

Sometimes, we lie for good reasons, to protect people we care for from the truth that might hurt them and whatnot. If you lie to people for absolutely no reason, you have a problem.

20. Never have I ever used the opposite sex toilet while drunk

Being drunk can make you do things you never thought you are capable of doing and this is one of the least embarrassing things people do when they are wasted.

21. Never have I ever made a video of myself pretending to be a superstar singer

You have probably had fantasies about being a superstar singer of Taylor Swift caliber. But recording yourself pretending to be Taylor Swift performing in a show is a different ball game.

22. Never have I ever been thoroughly smacked in a physical fight

There is something very humbling about being trashed in a physical fight. It makes you question your life choices and reevaluate why you are prone to making poor decisions.

23. Never have I ever worn a fake gloomy face at a funeral

If you live in your mind and talk to yourself a lot, you will find that you have little control over when to smile, some funny shit can creep up on you while at a funeral.

24. Never have I ever talked to my reflection in a mirror

Who hasn’t done this? Some of us go as far as making faces to ourselves anytime we are facing a mirror.

25. Never have I ever tried to run away from my shadow

Figuratively, this makes sense but if you have literally tried to run away from your shadow, we would like to know what motivated that.

26. Never have I ever attended a party I wasn’t invited to

It’s rude to attend a party you weren’t invited to. We think it is more dignifying to attempt sabotaging the party instead of forcing yourself on people who want to have fun without you.

27. Never have I ever lied about being sick to avoid going to work

Though it is one of the good never have I ever questions for work environments, you don’t want to be asked this if your boss is part of the social gathering.

28. Never have I ever been caught walking around the house naked

If you search for it, you would probably find several benefits associated with being naked. Most people don’t mind being seen naked. For others, it is one of the most embarrassing things that can happen to them.

29. Never have I ever made a promise I don’t intend keeping

If you have never promised something you have no plans of fulfilling, then you are a person of strong character and deserve to be emulated by the rest of us.

30. Never have I ever pretended I was lost in thought to avoid answering a question

Many would agree that this is a classic way of being an ass. By the way, it’s okay that you don’t have answers to certain things, you can’t know everything.

31. Never have I ever imagined what I would look like if I was the opposite sex

We count this as one of the good never have I ever questions because if you had never thought of this, you will now think and possibly reflect on what life would mean for you as the opposite sex.

32. Never have I ever pretended to be knowledgeable about a topic

Again, it’s okay that you don’t know everything, and it’s fine to admit it. But we understand, sometimes you just have to blend in and must do whatever it takes to not be the odd one.

33. Never have I ever had reasons to clear my browsing history

What have you searched online that you don’t want anybody to know about? Or are there other reasons why people clear their browsing history?

34. Never have I ever wanted to take credit for someone else’s idea.

If this has happened to you more than once, you should look at yourself in the mirror every morning and say “stop trying to be a terrible human”.

Best Never Have I Ever Questions for Couples

Couples can get to learn more interesting things about their partners through never have I ever questions. The best never have I ever questions for couples are known to trigger deep and meaningful conversations between romantic partners. This is because most couples don’t just answer the questions but often talk through each of the answers given.

35. Never have I ever gotten drunk on a first date

Most people wouldn’t get drunk on a first date because first impression matters, but if you do, nothing is wrong with you. You are only special in an unusual way.

36. Never have I ever lied to make someone like me more

For obvious reasons, this is one of the best never have I ever questions for couples. If not for anything, it creates the opportunity for lovers to discuss their feelings.

37. Never have I ever fantasized about having the power to make anyone fall in love with me

You can assert yourself as an independent person all you want but you can’t deny it feels good to be loved. Yet, having fantasies about this is quite disturbing.

38. Never have I ever broken up with someone because I wanted them to beg for my love

As we said, it feels good to be loved and needed. Nonetheless, if you would go this far to get attention, you are just a toxic person.

39. Never have I ever stalked someone I’m crushing on

We have all had that person we crushed on so much that it became quite frustrating. But how far did you go? Did stalk the person?

40. Never have I ever thought about writing myself a love letter

Admittedly, it is a bit weird to write yourself a love letter. But then, it is good and therapeutic to speak positively to oneself.

41. Never have I ever claimed to be in love with someone I don’t love

Could there be any decent reason for this? Claiming to be in love with someone you don’t love is a disservice to yourself and the person involved.

42. Never have I ever had my heart so broken that it made me cry

Also one of the good never have I ever questions for couples, this could lead to a serious conversation for any couple.

43. Never have I ever broken someone’s heart so bad that they cried

Like the question above, if any couple chooses to have a genuine conversation from this, it can leave them feeling closer to each other.

44. Never have I ever stalked my ex on his/her social media pages

Checking them out once in a while just to be sure they are good can’t be stalking, right?

45. Never have I ever questioned my sexual orientation

While some people are completely certain about their sexual preferences, others have had some questions to ask. Where do you belong; are you sure or uncertain?

46. Never have I ever cheated on a romantic partner

People cheat for various reasons but nothing justifies hurting someone you claim to love. And it takes someone with a strong character to stay faithful in a relationship.

47. Never have I ever lied to people about the way my partner treats me

If you have lied about how your partner treats you, you should take that as a sign that you are not satisfied in the relationship.

48. Never have I ever been in love with more than one person in a go

Is it possible to be in love with more than one person at a time? This has been an endless debate, some say it is, others have insisted that it doesn’t happen.

49. Never have I ever checked my partner’s phone to see if they are cheating

Checking your partner’s phone to see if they are cheating is a sign that your relationship lacks trust, you should be concerned about that.

50. Never have I ever wanted to be in an open relationship

Having more than one romantic partner at a time is what an open relationship entails. Be sure that all your partners are aware they are not the only person you’re seeing, else it’s cheating.

51. Never have I ever loved someone who didn’t love me back

Not everyone you love would reciprocate the feelings. It sucks to be rejected but it is very okay. Don’t dwell on it, someone out there would be nuts about you.

52. Never have I ever snuck out to meet my boy/girlfriend

Being in love has made a lot of people do stupid things, but we are not sure if we should count this as one of them.

53. Never have I ever experienced love at first sight

It has been claimed in some quarters that there is no such thing as love at first sight. But somehow, we all understand that we can meet someone for the first time and get instantly attracted to them.

54. Never have I ever visited a dating website in search of love

Dating websites have thrived because people want to experience true love. Through these sites, some have found their spouse and others have been duped.

55. Never have I ever forgotten the birthday of my girl/boyfriend

We are all prone to forgetfulness but forgetting the birthday of your romantic partner is one of the most unforgiving crimes to commit in a relationship.

56. Never have I ever pretended to like what I dislike to make my partner happy

For someone you truly love, you can do anything for them, even the things that scare the shit out of you.

57. Never have I ever had more than one boy/girlfriend at the same time

Having more than one boy/girlfriend at the same time is cheating. There are no doubts about that; unless you are in an open relationship.

58. Never have I ever deleted a chat so that my partner wouldn’t see it

If you have to hide a chat from your partner, it means a few things or more are not alright with the relationship.

59. Never have I ever considered breaking up with my partner

While this is one of the good never have I ever questions for couples, being sincere with your answer, if it is in affirmative, would surely call for a serious talk.

60. Never have I ever wished my boy/girlfriend had better looks

We earlier talked about having a good reason to lie, right? This is probably one of the instances where you just have to lie.

61. Never have I ever lied to avoid meeting my partner’s parents

Meeting the parents of your partner can be dreadful, especially if it’s the first time and/or important for you that they accept you.

62. Never have I ever had to suppress a loud fart while on a date

Nobody farts on a date, so we understand why you might fight it out. Nevertheless, it is natural and not something you should be ashamed of.

63. Never have I ever gone on a date with the hope of getting over an ex

Getting over a failed relationship can be very challenging. To move on, people have rushed into another relationship only to rush out feeling worse than they were.

64. Never have I ever broken up with someone over text

It is irresponsible to break up with someone with a text message. We don’t think anyone deserves to be treated as such; are we alone on that?

65. Never have I ever sent nude pictures to someone I was dating

It’s your life, you can do whatever you want. But you shouldn’t be sending out intimate pictures if it would hurt you when they are leaked for whatever reasons.

66. Never have I ever regretted falling in love

We don’t think people regret falling in love, they only regret falling in love with people who are not right for them. As they say, love is a beautiful thing.

67. Never have I ever ended a relationship because of religion or politics

Those are good enough reasons to end a relationship. As long as it is something you can’t tolerate, there is no point trying to tolerate it.

68. Never have I ever been married to anyone

Many would consider this one of the good never have I ever questions for couple simply because it is necessary to know if your romantic partner has ever been married.

Never Have I Ever Questions for Friends 

Spending time with friends, for most people, is one of the best ways to unwind. While you may think you know who your friends are, these never have I ever questions for friends might have you questioning everything you thought you knew about them.

69. Never have I ever been caught spying on my neighbors

We can all agree it’s creepy to spy on one’s neighbors. What’s worse than that is being caught while at it.

70. Never have I ever told a joke and no one laughed

This can be very embarrassing but on behalf of those who refused to laugh, it isn’t the first time people would find something intended to be funny unamusing.

71. Never have I ever sang a song without knowing the lyrics

What’s your favorite song? Do you know every word of its lyrics? Most of us are fond of singing songs with whatever words that come to mind instead of checking up the lyrics.

72. Never have I ever given someone wrong directions because I thought It was funny

It is hard to think of anything funny about this, it is rude as much as it is inconsiderate. Don’t do this.

73. Never have I ever considered stealing what was delivered to my next-door neighbors

That’s how people start stealing for a living, taking what’s not yours is wrong and will always be. There is no way around that.

74. Never have I ever lost a bet that left me heartbroken

This is not only one of the good never have I ever questions but one of the funny ones as well. Why would you stake something you wouldn’t mind losing?

75. Never have I ever been arrested for a crime

If you have been arrested for a crime and had to answer this truthfully, you might to nudged to talk about what you did that got you arrested.

76. Never have I ever pretended I was on a call to avoid talking to someone

Being straightforward and letting someone know you don’t want to talk to them might hurt their feelings, so we understand this.

77. Never have I ever spent a night behind bars

This isn’t only one of the good never have I ever questions but also a common one amongst friends playing the drinking game, especially if they are a group of new friends.

78. Never have I ever gotten myself fired from a job

There are many reasons why someone might be fired from a job, so this question often leads to an interesting story.

79. Never have I ever wondered how I will die

Maybe you don’t dwell on it, but we think every adult has thought about how they would die at some point.

80. Never have I ever wondered when I will die

You can’t think of how you will die without wondering when it will happen, can you?

81. Never have I ever had to unfollow a friend online

People die, relationships fail, and friends do become enemies. It’s unfortunate but all part of life.

82. Never have I ever pretended that I’m not excited about meeting a famous person

We get the point, you just want to play it cool, huh?

83. Never have I ever regretted apologizing to someone I offended

If you are sorry about anything you did, apologize and do not regret it, no matter what happens.

84. Never have I ever had to lie about my age

For reasons that are not clear, this is also considered as one of the good never have I ever questions. We think people lie about their age because they are worried about aging.

85. Never have I ever searched for someone online after we met

Okay, it is not bad to be well informed. Sometimes it’s just curiosity but other times, you really have to know who you are dealing with, especially if it’s someone you will get involved with in one way or the other.

86. Never have I ever stolen money from my parents

Are there people who are not guilty of this? They are probably the only people you would steal from and get away with it.

87. Never have I ever blackmailed someone with a secret

This is so not cool. If you do this to anyone, be sure they would get even with you anytime the opportunity arises.

88. Never have I ever pretended to be asleep to avoid helping a friend

There are a thousand and one ways someone who doesn’t want to be helpful would evade lending a hand and this is one of them.

89. Never have I ever had to wear a dirty underwear

You don’t need to be told how this is one of the fun and good never have I ever questions to ask, do you?

90. Never have I ever been ignored in public by someone I know

To be ignored by someone you know is hurtful and for this to happen in public is painfully so, especially if you don’t know what warranted it.

91. Never have I ever sent someone an anonymous gift

One of the good never have I ever questions for friends, you can use this to narrow down the source of an anonymous gift you received.

92. Never have I ever shared a secret I regretted

People keep secrets for several reasons that include the consequences they might face if the cats are let out of the bags.

93. Never have I ever started a rumor about someone

Spreading rumors about people can constitute a big challenge for them and result in what you never intended to happen.

94. Never have I ever been chased by the police

It’s one thing to be arrested and another to be chased by the police. The incident surrounding both can make a hilarious story if it didn’t change your life.

95. Never have I ever pretended to be someone I’m not

Think broad, is there any reason that justifies pretending to be who you are not? Perhaps there is, but we can’t think of any.

96. Never have I ever snuck someone into my parents’ home

It is fun if you get away with it but once you are caught, everything about you would be questioned. They might even wonder if you are their child.

97. Never have I ever lied to someone to avoid hurting their feelings

We can think of several scenarios where speaking truthfully would be nothing short of being inconsiderate and uncaring.

98. Never have I ever held a grudge against someone without them knowing

Isn’t that too much a burden to carry around? Just let the person know you are not happy with them and move on with your life.

99. Never have I ever trolled someone online

When you are just playfully making fun of someone, we guess it’s okay. But you should never bully anyone online.

100. Never have I ever lied about having an allergy

To be clear, that you are scared of cats doesn’t mean you are allergic to them. To have an allergy, your immune system has to react abnormally to the creature or whatever it is.

What Are The Benefits of Good Never Have I Ever Questions?

Apart from the fact that they are entertaining and a fun way to spend time, good never have I ever questions, like other conversation games, are very helpful when it comes to building friendships and creating a friendly atmosphere.

Given that, they can facilitate good rapport between workers in a work environment and can help sustain a relationship. This is so because players often disclose previously unknown facts about them, information that one might even consider a secret. As often claimed, sharing secrets can increase intimacy and strengthen relationship bonds.


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