25 Best Manga Panels That Are Just Too Cool

Some of the best manga panels (action sequence panels and dialogue panels) you will cherish as an anime lover are Bleach, Battle Angel Alita, Shigaraki, Kaneki, Demon Slayer, Soul Eater, Kaneki, Shigaraki, Evangelion Manga Panels, and others.

Anime is widely known and enjoyed for its captivating storyline, and one major supplemental factor to these storylines is their stunning artworks, especially in their mangas (comics). These stunning artworks are arranged in layouts known as manga panels, and they have been very useful tools in illustrating various scenes in manga episodes. These manga panels usually contain images and text bubbles to illustrate voices. To get started, let’s take a look at what manga panels are.

What are Manga Panels?

Manga panels are mainly “action sequence” panels and “dialogue” panels. These panels are usually stacked side by side on a page, and based on the size of each panel, they can be around 4-8 panels on a page to ensure readers can follow the story in a linear format. The visually striking panels in a manga have a special way of engrossing viewers.

You can’t resist the allure of those times when the artwork captures your attention, regardless of whether you’re a devoted fan or are just dipping your toes into the world of manga. We’ll look at 25 manga panels in this article that are just too awesome to pass up. But first, let’s quickly go through how to read manga panels for those who are unfamiliar with the genre.

How to Read Manga Panels

In contrast to Western comics, manga panels are read from right to left, and the pages are turned. The speech bubbles usually follow a set order, and the panels are arranged in a grid-like pattern.

Best Manga Panels That Are Just Too Cool

1. Demon Slayer Manga Panels

25 Best Manga Panels That Are Just Too Cool
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The panel showcases the intense battle between Tanjiro Kamado, our grace protagonist, and one of the powerful demons he encounters on his journey. The intricate details in this panel bring the action to life, capturing every movement and expression with breathtaking precision.

Here, we witness a pivotal moment where Nezuko Kamado, Tanjiro’s sister who has been transformed into a demon, unleashes her dormant powers. The artist masterfully captures Nezuko’s fierce determination and inner struggle through a stunning display of colors and dynamic composition. Buy Demon Slayer manga panels on Amazon here.

2. Tanjiro Manga Panels

Here, Tanjiro, our brave protagonist, is seen standing tall and determined amidst a backdrop of swirling flames. His eyes burn with intensity as he prepares to face off against a formidable enemy. The level of detail in this panel is simply breathtaking, from the intricate shading on Tanjiro’s cloak to the dynamic movement captured in his flowing hair.

3. One Punch Man Manga Panels

One Punch Man Manga Panels
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This emotionally charged panel showcases the aftermath of a hard-fought battle as Saitama stands amidst a defeated enemy. The juxtaposition between his nonchalant expression and the chaos surrounding him creates a powerful visual contrast that speaks volumes about his character’s journey.

It serves as a poignant reminder that even in victory, there can be moments of reflection and contemplation. Yusuke Murata has arguably created some of the best panels in manga history. Look at this one from chapter 132…  his detailing and use of light and darkness are exquisite. Buy the one-punch manga panels on Amazon.

4. Soul Eater Manga Panels

These Soul Eater manga panels are but a taste of the visual feast that awaits within its pages. First up, we have a panel showcasing the intense battle between Maka Albarn and Crona. The dynamic composition and stunning use of shading create a sense of motion and power, truly bringing the characters to life. It’s impossible not to feel a surge of excitement as you witness this epic clash.

Next, we come across a panel that beautifully captures the essence of friendship and teamwork. As Maka, Black Star, and Death the Kid join forces, their determination radiates from the page. The intricate details in their expressions convey a mix of courage and unwavering resolve that resonates with readers on a deep level. Buy the Soul Eater manga panel on Amazon.

5. Goku Manga Panels

The first panel that will leave you in awe features Goku unleashing his iconic Kamehameha attack. With energy crackling around him, his muscles tensed, and a fierce determination in his eyes, Goku is ready to take on any challenge that comes his way. This powerful moment perfectly encapsulates the essence of Goku’s strength and unwavering spirit.

In this second panel showcases Goku reaching a new level of power as he transforms into Super Saiyan for the first time. The sheer intensity radiating from this scene is palpable as Goku’s hair stands on end, glowing with a golden aura. This transformation signifies a pivotal moment in Goku’s journey, marking the beginning of an even greater power that he will continue to tap into throughout the series. Buy Goku Manga panels on Amazon.

6. Kaneki Manga Panels

The first panel showcases Kaneki’s transformation, as his hair turns white and his eyes take on a hauntingly intense gaze. The artist’s attention to detail is simply awe-inspiring, from the intricate shading to the subtle expression on Kaneki’s face. It’s a moment that perfectly captures the duality of his character.

In the second panel, we witness Kaneki in an epic battle scene. The action leaps off the page as he unleashes his incredible powers with lightning speed. The dynamic poses and dramatic angles make it feel as though we are right there in the midst of the fight, hearts racing with anticipation.

Finally, our journey through these cool Landline manga panels concludes with a quieter moment of introspection. In this third panel, we see Kaneki deep in thought, contemplating his place in a world filled with darkness and despair. The use of shadows and negative space creates a sense of melancholy that resonates deeply with readers.

These three panels exemplify why Kaneki has become such an iconic character in manga history. Each one is a visual masterpiece, capturing the essence of this iconic character in breathtaking detail. Buy Kaneki Manga panels on Amazon.

8. MHA Manga Panel

MHA fans will attest that this scene deserves a place on this list. Overhaul’s hand crossing over the panels while Midoriya jumps back is ingenious. It’s as three-dimensional as it could be. Add this to the fact that this was a high-stakes, high-tension fight. These elements add up to create a first-rate manga panel. Buy MHA manga panels on Amazon.

9. HXH Manga Panels

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Any Hunter x Hunter fan would be able to point out what this scene is. It’s that legendary. However, even a non-reader can recognize this panel’s poignancy. Spoiler alert: Komugi and Meruem were by each other’s side at the time of their deaths. It’s especially touching because they chose to die this way. In an unlikely twist, the most powerful villain succumbed to love. The simplicity of the art drove in the solemnity of the moment.

This second panel is found in Chapter 339. Here, Gon and the Amateur Hunters are watching small-billed swans. V Yoshihiro Togashi employs different art styles in this artwork. For the small-billed swans, he used a dotting technique. For the main characters, he kept things clean with outlines. He then sets them in all black against a bright backdrop, making them the focal point. Buy the HXH Manga panels on Amazon.

10. Baki Manga Panels

Baki the Grappler is known for its intense martial arts battles, and the manga panels showcase the raw power and skill of its characters. Here’s an unforgettable moment when Baki faces off against Yujiro Hanma in a clash that will leave you in awe. Buy the Baki Manga Panels on Amazon.

11. Black Clover

This panel is from chapter 314. This was when the gate to the Tree of Qliphoth opened.  The throng of monsters here perfectly illustrates how overwhelming the fight may be. The lines and details on them were used by the designer to portray chaos and disruption to the reader’s eyes, while the use of intense black on all other spaces emphasizes the “Underworld.” Buy the Black Cover Manga panels here.

12. Shigaraki Manga Panels

My Hero Academia fans know that Tomura Shigaraki is a formidable villain. Here’s a manga panel featuring him, and the League of Villains are chilling yet captivating. Witness the chaos in the world of heroes and villains by getting the manga on. The Shigaraki Manga panels are on Amazon.

13. Komi Can’t Communicate Manga Panels

In this heartwarming comedy manga, Komi struggles with social anxiety. The manga panels beautifully capture her journey as she strives to make friends, with each expression and gesture speaking volumes. You can grab your copy of “Komi Can’t Communicate manga panel” on Amazon.

14. Power Manga Panels

Denji’s Chainsaw Devil often stands erect amid turmoil in some of Chainsaw Man’s most grandiose manga panels. When engaged in battle, the Chainsaw Devil is painstakingly drawn, especially when facing the Katana Devil, another excellent adversary. The 87th chapter of Chainsaw Man is a chaotic free-for-all in which Denji struggles to compete with seven other hybrid weapon demons.

Because Denji would face off against Reze, Quanxi, and the Katana Devil in a one-on-one fight, this busy page stands out. Despite being in the midst of mayhem, he is ready to go to any length to survive. Power Manga panels are on Amazon for sale.

15. Naruto Manga Panels

The first panel shows Naruto arriving back in Konoha. For two valid reasons, it has continued to be a fan favorite. First of all, the way it is positioned gives you the impression that you are standing on that platform with Naruto, surveying the town. Second, it has a history of making seasoned readers feel sentimental. Here are Sasuke and Itachi trading shuriken blows. It deserves a spot on our list as well. Here, the lines depict the motions, and the ferocious eyes show the intense scene. Get the Naruto Manga panel here.

16. DBZ Manga Panels

No list of cool manga panels would be complete without Dragon Ball Z. From epic battles to iconic transformations, this series has it all. The manga panels of Goku going Super Saiyan for the first time or his intense showdowns with powerful foes are legendary. 

Goku has consistently been a jovial and upbeat character. But nothing can capture his uncontrollable joy better than when he eventually triumphs in the World Martial Arts Tournament. This turns into the character’s main objective in the first part of Dragon Ball. Collect the entire Dragon Ball Z manga series here.

17. Evangelion Manga Panels

Shinji Ikari is shown in front of a big, menacing-appearing Evangelion unit. Here, Shinji’s figure is seen in the forefront of the black-and-white panel, with the Evangelion unit looming over him in the background. The stark contrast between Shinji’s diminutive, defenseless form and the enormous, potent Evangelion unit makes the panel visually arresting.

Additionally, the panel exudes tension and unease, as though something bad is about to happen. Overall, the panel is a superb illustration of how the manga masterfully uses its artwork to evoke a sense of mood and tension. You can get the Evangelion Manga panels here.

19. Slam Dunk

The most famous Slam Dunk Manga panel, in my opinion, is this one. Sakuragi and Rukawa high-five after the championship game is seen here. They showed this moment of unity despite their long history of animosity.

Takehiko Inoue employed action lines to depict the fluidity of motion in this panel. To convey the feeling of the scenario, he additionally darkened them. The drawing’s atmosphere and composition were decided by this abstraction. Slam Dunk Manga panel sets are available for acquisition on Amazon.

20. Berserk

This panel can be best described in one word: magnificent. Everything is flawless, from Femto’s trademark demonic appearance to the intricate details on Ganishka’s body, which has Zodd in the back.

But without a question, Skull Knight’s sudden appearance behind Femto and his subsequent charge to slice him with his Behelit sword. The layout, the characters, and all the details in this panel scream chaos. The Berserk manga panel can be gotten on Amazon here.

21. Battle Angel Alita

Alita in this panel is simply wonderful. She is in the middle of chaos, but she is still there. Around her, the debris appears to simply float and solidify. The world seemed to stop as she started gathering her inner strength. It denotes the quiet period before the storm. You can own your Battle Angel Alita manga panel here.

22. One Piece

This one is outstanding. Kaido’s identity as an Azure Dragon is revealed in this panel. He simply towers above everyone, even if his beast form is only half the size of a small town. To put it mildly, his serpent’s body sprawls is filled with flame and smoke, and is of astonishing proportions. This imposing One Piece manga panel can be found here.

23. Coffee Moon

Coffee Moon manga panel
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Here’s a panel from chapter 4 of Coffee Moon, where Pieta uses her special umbrella to manipulate time; as a result, the water splashes and raindrops on the ground give the impression that the scene is static, but it’s the world at 1/60 speed. The Coffee Moon manga panel is a treasured collection you can acquire on Amazon.

24. Bleach 

In this panel, Gin Ichimaru, a former captain of the 3rd Division, unexpectedly appears behind Aizen and strikes him with his Zanpakuto, Shinsō. This moment reveals Gin’s true intentions and his complex relationship with Aizen, adding depth to his character. You can buy the Bleach manga panel on Amazon.

25. Vagabond

Any manga reader who has read Vagabond will put its art at the top of their “best” list without hesitation. It is also produced by Takehiko Inoue. In Vagabond, we see him advance the style of his iconic Slam Dunk artwork. Take note of the way he uses grading and shadow in this shot. On purpose, various tones of black and gray are piled on top of one another. The characters, however, remain audible since they still stand out against the background. The Vagabond Manga panel can be purchased here.

There is a Manga Panel for Everyone

Fans all across the world have fallen in love with these intriguing illustrations, leaving them in awe of the outstanding beauty and storyline. Each manga panel is a beautiful piece of art that captures our interest and makes us want more. These cherished panels are likely to leave you stunned with their pure brilliance, whether you’re an ardent fan or new to this fascinating series.


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