What Is The Meaning of Ace’s ASCE Tattoo in One Piece?

Ace’s ASCE tattoo in One Piece simply spells his name ‘Ace’ with the addition of the letter S, which is crossed out. The crossed-out S is a reference to Ace’s sworn brother, Sabo, whom he believed had died.

Ace is one of the most intriguing characters in One Piece. Everything about him has been dissected by fans, including his tattoo. There are different theories about what the letters tattooed on his arms stand for. A breakdown of all the theories flying about his tattoo is given below.

What Does ASCE Stand for in One Piece?

In One Piece, ASCE is a tattoo found on the left arm of one of the major characters in the anime named Ace. Real name Portgas D. Ace; Ace is the older brother of Monkey D. Luffy, the protagonist of One Piece. He is very strong physically and also has several other formidable abilities, including the ability to manipulate fire.

It is not only Ace’s abilities that stand him out, but also his physical appearance. He has a tattoo spelling out the letters “ASCE” on his left arm. The “S” is crossed out so it seems more like the figure 8. It is widely believed that the ASCE tattoo is simply a spelling of Ace’s name, while the S is a nod to a sworn brother, Sabo, whom he believes is dead.

Other Theories about the Meaning of ACE’s ASCE Tattoo in One Piece

Ace’s ASCE tattoo has continued to intrigue fans of One Piece, and as such, several theories are flying about as to its meaning. One theory has it that Ace’s ASCE tattoo is an abbreviation. They believe that the A stands for the first letter of his name which is Ace, the S stands for Sabo, the C for crybaby (a reference to his younger brother Monkey D. Luffy), and the E for Edward Newgate, the captain of the Whitebeards Pirates group that he belonged to.

Ace and Edward were quite close, and as such, it is not entirely surprising that the younger man would like to pay tribute to the older man with a tattoo. However, holes have been punched in this theory as fans of One Piece point out that Ace already had the ASCE tattoo before he met Edward and joined his Whitebeard Pirates group.

On a more light-hearted note, another theory has it that Ace’s ASCE tattoo is simply a spelling of his name but that the tattoo artist made a mistake thinking that Ace was spelled with an S. When he realized his mistake, he crossed out the S and continued.

Another funny theory has it that Ace was quite furious when he discovered the fact that his tattoo artist had messed up his name and went ahead to kill him, causing a bounty to be placed on his head.

Finally, Ace’s ASCE tattoo is simply a spelling of his name with the S for Sabo his sworn brother. The s is crossed out as he believes that Sabo died in an attack by a Celestial Dragon, though Sabo did not actually die.

Does Ace Have Other Tattoos?

Ace has other tattoos. Aside from his ASCE tattoo, he has another tattoo on his back. The tattoo is the logo or flag or symbol of the Whitebeards Pirates group to which he belonged. The Whitebeard logo is a human skull with two bones in the form of a cross. There is also a crescent, which is almost like a mustache on the face of the skull.

It is not surprising that Ace has the Whitebeard logo on his back. It was the pirate group that he joined, and he was quite loyal to them. He fought bravely for them and as such, was regularly promoted until he became the group’s second division commander. Aside from his ASCE tattoo and as well as his Whitebeards Pirates logo on his back, Ace did not have any other tattoos on his body, at least one that was in a visible spot.


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