Aman Tyler Perry: A Glimpse into Tyler Perry’s Son’s Life

Aman Tyler Perry is the only child and son of Tyler Perry and Gelila Bekele, his former partner. He was born on 30th November 2014 and is currently 9 years old in 2024, living in Los Angeles, where he splits his time between both parents.

Aman Tyler Perry attends school just like any other child, and his parents are determined to give him as normal a life as possible. To this end, they jealously guard details about him from the public. His famous dad has, however, offered glimpses into his life, and this is discussed below.

How Many Kids Does Tyler Perry Have?

Tyler Perry has only one child, a son named Aman Tyler Perry. He and his former partner Gelila Bekele welcomed Aman on the 30th of November 2014 and sent out an announcement to their loved ones, urging them to donate to charity rather than give them gifts. A source close to them revealed that the boy’s name stands for peace.

Aside from Aman, Tyler Perry does not have any other kids. The billionaire filmmaker is ecstatic about being a dad and may harbor hopes of expanding his family, but his busy schedule, which has him churning out multiple productions each year, makes this difficult. For now, he is quite content with Aman, who is obviously his mini-me, given the high level of resemblance.

How Old is Tyler Perry’s Son?

Tyler Perry’s son is 9 years old in 2024. He was born on the 30th of November 2014. The boy is obviously of school age and attends school with his peers. He also gets to indulge in fun activities with his parents, pals, and extended family relatives. His parents are determined not to spoil him, though.

Aman’s parents don’t want him to be all obnoxious like the kids of some rich people are. They want him to be grounded. To this end, they are careful with the kind of gifts they get him and the number of gifts they give him as well. For Christmas, he gets two gifts, and then for his birthday, he also gets a similar number of gifts.

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Who is the Mother of Tyler Perry’s Child?

The mother of Tyler Perry’s child is Gelila Bekele, his former girlfriend of several years. Bekele is an Ethiopian-born model who has worked for brands such as Michael Kors and Pantene. She is also a social activist and has dedicated her time to bettering the welfare of young women and girls back in her native Ethiopia.

Tyler Perry and Gelila Bekele first started dating in 2009, and five years later, in 2014, they discovered that they were expecting. They were quite ecstatic and welcomed their boy on the 30th of November, 2014. The couple lovingly raised their boy together for the first six years of his life, but they, unfortunately, split in 2020 and had to reach an agreement on how to share custody of their precious Son.

Aman Tyler Perry has Famous God Parents

Aman Tyler Perry has famous godparents, namely Oprah Winfrey, the retired talk show queen, and Cicely Tyson, the late African-American actress. Aman was christened in a church in the back of his father’s Beverly Hills mansion a few weeks after his birth.

The ceremony featured celebrity guests such as the likes of Jennifer Hudson and the aforementioned godparents. While one of his godmothers is now late, the other Oprah Winfrey regularly sends him books, which he loves, going by his dad’s comments.

His Parents Are Committed To Protecting His Privacy

When Tyler Perry and Gelila Bekele split, they made it clear that their son remained a top priority and that they would work together to raise him. The erstwhile couple have thus far been true to their words. They have not only worked out a smooth custody arrangement, they are also in synch when it comes to how they want to raise their son.

For instance, they want Aman to have the life of a normal child that would not be overshadowed by the fact that he has a famous dad. They don’t want him to bear the pressure of living up to his dad.

To this end, they rarely share his pictures on social media. They also protect him from the paparazzi. They will surely relent someday and let him be in the spotlight, but for now, he gets to be free to live like any other ordinary child out there.

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Tyler Perry and Gelila Bekele with their son in December 2016 Image Source

The Young Boy is Free To Pursue His Own Path in Life

Aman Perry is still quite young and will likely spend several years exploring different interests before settling on one. It is hard to tell what he will be in the future, but his dad has made it clear that he won’t pressure him to follow a particular path.

While Tyler Perry would love nothing more than to hand the keys to his kingdom to Aman and quietly retire, the filmmaker is aware of the fact that Aman may not want to dedicate his life to filmmaking. He is, therefore, committed to supporting whatever the boy’s dream is, and his only requirement is that whatever he does with his life be special and amazing.

Tyler Perry Plans to Speak to Aman about the Reality of Racism

Tyler Perry has been asked if he plans to talk to his son about race, and his response has been in the affirmative. He, however, plans to delay the day of that talk for as much as possible and has revealed that it would be painful for him to shatter the innocent world in which his son lives, in which he sees no color but only people. Perry wants to educate his son so that he can speak up against situations of injustice.

Does Tyler Perry Have a Daughter?

Tyler Perry does not have a daughter, as the only child he has presently is a son named Aman Tyler Perry, born in 2014. Of course, there is the possibility that Perry may still welcome more kids in the future, including a girl child, but this itself is unlikely as he has a busy schedule that has interfered with his personal life.

Then again, Tyler Perry can also go the adoption or surrogacy route to have another child, but this is highly unlikely. The Madea star is well aware of the fact that it is not only financial resources that are needed in rearing a child. One also has to spend quality time with them, and seeing as Perry does not have much time on his hands, he may decide to dedicate whatever little time he has to Aman.


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