Are You the One Season 9 Cast: Where Are The Matches Now?

Are You the One Season 9 was a huge success for the cast, who each went home with $750,000 after they all found their matches. Since the reality TV show came to an end, some matches did not last, while others have forged ahead with their relationship.

Leo Svete and Brooke Rachman, who had a connection from the start despite not being a perfect match, announced they were in a relationship. Two other couples from the show have also done the same.

Are You the One Season 9 Details

After a four-year hiatus, season 9 of Are You the One returned with a new cast of contestants from around the globe, each one eager to find their soulmate. The contestants used the show’s signature “truth booth” method to learn more about their compatibility with each other, and the sparks flew. Pairs like Brendan & Julia-Ruth, Ollie & Brooke, and Clay & Taylor were among the perfect matches found during the show.

But the love didn’t stop there. In a heartwarming twist, post-finale, it was revealed that Leo Svete and Brooke Rachman, who shared a connection from the beginning despite not being considered a perfect match, started a relationship. Eduardo Dickson Jr and Jordanne Deveaux also appeared to have sustained their romance beyond the show. Danielle Bonaparte was not left out of the excitement as she dropped hints of a budding romance with Aqel Carson, adding to the post-show excitement and joy.

Are You the One Season 9 Cast

The ninth season of ‘Are You the One’ presents a captivating journey where individuals engage in a series of tasks and assessments designed to lead them to their perfect match. Allow us to introduce the distinguished cast.

Are You the One Season 9 Male Cast Members

1. Aquel Carson: Angel Carson is a dynamic 26-year-old fitness trainer hailing from Chula Vista, California. With a strong athletic background from his college track and field days, Angel not only stands over 6 feet tall but also boasts a close bond with his mother, showcasing resilience and charm that make him a standout presence in the room.

2. Brendan Mosca: Brendan Mosca, who hails from Sydney, Australia, is a DJ also known by the name 15grams. He is renowned for creating unforgettable party experiences. With his roots in the Aussie party scene and collaborations with industry icons like Steve Aoki, Brendan knows how to bring excitement wherever he goes.

3. Clayton Clay Carey: Clayton is a charismatic fitness coach hailing from Melbourne, Australia. The 34-year-old is a fitness enthusiast who also competes in lifting competitions. He believes his best physical asset is his radiant smile, which adds charm to his impressive persona.

4. Eduardo Dickson Jr.: Eduardo Dickson Jr. is a 30-year-old entrepreneur from New York who values self-love and his dreams above all else. The Bronx native is a self-made millionaire who owns several businesses, including a real estate company, a nightlife promotion company, and a clothing line.

5. Hamudi Hasoon: Hamudi is from New Zealand but is now based in the United States. He is a versatile 28-year-old who wears many hats. Not only is he a model and fitness instructor, but he also owns his own barber shop. With his diverse skills, Hamudi proves to be a man of many talents.

6. Leo Svete: Leo is no stranger to reality TV, having showcased his skills on ABC’s Holey Moley, a miniature golf competition. The two-time All-Horizon League selection at Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis hails from Los Angeles, California. After graduating from university, he played professional basketball in Europe for a few years. He is currently a shooting specialist trainer and the founder of Svete Select Training. He also works as a model and brand ambassador.

7. Michael Owusu: Michael Owusu is a 31-year-old male international stripper hailing from the United Kingdom. He shows a preference for partners with curly hair and prides himself on being cool, calm, and collected.

8. Nathan Grant: Nathan is a handsome 27-year-old Jamaican entrepreneur who currently resides in the United Kingdom. He runs his own vape company and seems to be a go-getter.

9. Oliver Andersen: Ollie is a 28-year-old tech entrepreneur and model from the United Kingdom. He is a self-made tech whiz who created his own app. He is also a fitness enthusiast and a popular TikToker.

10. Shamal “Samuel” Khan: Samuel is a 25-year-old British actor and entertainer who is reportedly also studying to become a general surgeon. He has a less active social media profile than some of the other Are You the One Season 9 contestants.

11. William “Will” Gagnon: William is a 26-year-old gorgeous Los Angeles native. He is a United States Marine Corps veteran who loves to hit the gym and spend time with his loved ones.

Are You the One Season 9 Female Cast Members

1. Anissa Aguilar: Anissa is a stunning 31-year-old from Texas. She is an instructional mathematics coach for elementary school students. She graduated with a Master’s degree in Educational Leadership in 2020 and has a deep affinity for travel, as evident from her Instagram posts.

2. Brooke Rachman: Brooke, also known as “Tini,” is a Los Angeles, California native. She is a thrill-seeker who loves the outdoors, animals, friends, and travel.

3. Ciara “CC” Cortez: Ciara is a gorgeous 28-year-old brunette from Bridgeport, Connecticut. Always taking pictures with her phone, the beautiful lady knows how to work her angles for a beautiful selfie.

4. Courtney Rowe: Courtney is a 26-year-old British beauty who makes a living as a payroll recruitment consultant and social media influencer. She is also an advocate for endometriosis, a chronic condition that affects millions of women worldwide.

5. Danielle Bonaparte: Danielle is a 27-year-old from Phoenix, Arizona. She is a former dancer in the NBA for the San Antonio Spurs who now does her own thing, working as a dance instructor.

6. Dew Pineda: Dew is a 33-year-old executive assistant from Spain. By looking at her, you can tell that she is passionate about health, fitness, and body positivity.

7. Jordanne Deveaux: Jordanne is a 28-year-old entrepreneur hailing from Miami, Florida. She’s the CEO of her swimsuit brand, Deveaux Swim, and also embraces her creative side as an OnlyFans model.

8. Julia-Ruth Smith: Julia-Ruth Smith is a talented 27-year-old model who calls London home but is originally from New Zealand. She is a makeup artist, model, and professional dancer.

9. Mijntje Lupgens: Mijntje is a dancer, photographer, and creative director from the Netherlands. She has worked with many mainstream acts like Chris Brown, Dua Lipa, and Hailee Steinfeld, among others, and has appeared on the British TV series Dance Dance Dance. She also works as a model for various brands.

10. Rosalyn “Roz” Odujebe: Roz is an Irish beauty influencer and podcaster. She is the only contestant from her country on the show. She co-hosts Get the Gist and calls herself the “Goal Setting Goddess.”

11. Taylor Kelly: Taylor is a beautiful, blonde realtor from Sarasota, Florida. She is passionate about beauty and enjoys the finer things in life.

Are You the One Season 9 Matches

Season 9 of Are You The One was a season of firsts; it was the first season to feature an international cast and the first season to match all contestants in just nine ceremonies successfully. All 22 singles found their perfect match, making it a historic season for Are You the One. Here are the perfect matches from Are You the One Season 9:

Brendan Mosca and Julia-Ruth Smith

Julia-Ruth and Brendan were the first couple to be proven as a perfect match. At first, Julia-Ruth broke up with Brendan because she thought he might be like many of her ex-boyfriends. But later, she decided to give him another chance. They went on a date, and Julia-Ruth admitted that she hadn’t given him a fair chance because of her past, even though she thought he could be her perfect match. Everyone else agreed, and they voted for the couple to go into the Truth Booth, where they were confirmed as a perfect match. They were the first couple to move into the Honeymoon Suite.

Oliver “Ollie” Andersen and Brooke Rachman

After Julia-Ruth and Brendan left, the group had only one more chance. The remaining perfect match, Ollie and Brooke, returned to the house. Based on their interactions and to encourage Leo to move forward, the group chose to put Ollie and Brooke in the Truth Booth. Their intuition proved correct, confirming Ollie and Brooke as the second perfect match in the house.

Clayton “Clay” Carey and Taylor Kelly

Taylor Kelly entered AYTO aiming to find her perfect match, winning the most challenges among contestants. Though initially she connected with Nathan, the Truth Booth revealed they weren’t a match. Despite a Blackout indicating no match with Hamudi Hasoon and another Truth Booth ruling out Will Gagnon, Taylor found a connection with Clay Carey. Their bond grew, and in their third Truth Booth, they were confirmed as a perfect match, delighting both of them with their compatibility and shared enjoyment.

Eduardo Dickson Jr. and Courtney Rowe

Eduardo Dickson Jr. and Courtney didn’t talk much during the season. Courtney clicked with Will and Hamudi, while Eduardo often sat next to Jordanne Deveaux and Dew Pineda during match-up ceremonies. Surprisingly, they only became a couple in the final ceremony. A subtle hint appeared in the premiere when Sam Khan chose Courtney for the first date. Eduardo doubted Sam’s compatibility with the UK native, expressing his concerns in a confessional.

Hamudi Hasoon and Danielle Bonaparte

Danielle Bonaparte and Hamudi also did not talk much during the show. Danielle sat with Leo Svete and Will, while Hamudi clicked with Mijntje Lupgens. During speed dating before the last match-up ceremony, they discovered shared qualities mentioned to the matchmakers. They sat together briefly during the third ceremony when the group got four beams.

Leo Svete and Roz Odujebe

Leo initially connected with Brooke Rachman, but they had to part ways when the Blackout revealed they weren’t a match. Leo later got himself to believe that Danielle was his partner until he discovered his true connection was with Roz Odujebe. The duo sat together for three ceremonies and were confirmed as a perfect match in the final one.

Mikey Owusu and Jordanne Deveaux

Mikey Owusu and Jordanne didn’t really talk to each other throughout the season, but everything changed before the ninth ceremony when they had to speed date. They discovered their unique connection and felt that they understood each other in special ways. Turns out, they were right – they were confirmed as a perfect match at the last ceremony when the group won.

Nathan Grant and CC Cortez

CC tried pairing up with Clay after realizing Brandon wasn’t her match but eventually found a connection with Mikey. When things didn’t work out, she ended up with Nathan. They had talked before, and Nathan, who was very secure in himself, wasn’t bothered by her actions. However, they only sat together during their final match-up.

Samuel Khan and Mijntje Lupgens

Mijntje’s relationship with Hamudi got a lot of attention on the show, but Sam didn’t have much screen time. It looked like he didn’t know his perfect match because he sat beside everyone except Taylor. Sam left the competition early, so his perfect match, Mijntje, had to be revealed and join the other couples in the Honeymoon Suite alone.

Will Gagnon and Dew Pineda

Will spent a lot of time with Courtney after finding out Taylor wasn’t his perfect match. Despite not being confirmed as a match, they stayed together until Courtney learned that Will kissed Danielle without telling her, leading to their breakup. Later, the cast realized Dew Pineda and Will might be perfect matches, even though they didn’t get along at first. Eventually, they realized they complemented each other well, and their success proved them right when the cast emerged victorious.

Are You the One Season 9: Where Are They Now?

After Are You the One Season 9 wrapped up, the contestants went home with $750,000 each. Interestingly, some couples stayed together. Leo Svete and Brooke Rachman, who had a connection from the start despite not being a perfect match, announced they were in a relationship. Two other couples from the show have also done the same.

Where are Brendan Mosca and Julia-Ruth Smith Now?

The first perfect pair of the season, Julia-Ruth and Brendan, are yet to reveal the status of their relationship. However, they both posted pictures and stories from their time in the honeymoon suite. Julia-Ruth recently moved to London and is getting used to her new home.

Where is Anissa Aguilar?

Anissa Aguilar, who is an instructional mathematics coach, is enjoying her life traveling the world. She is currently in a relationship with Ronny Garza.

Where are Oliver “Ollie” Andersen and Brooke Rachman Now?

Brooke and Ollie, although not posting updates, seem to be in a good place. Ollie, the company founder, is experienced and has written articles to clear up online controversies. He stays connected with fellow cast members, and some have even mentioned his business in their Instagram posts.

Where are Leo Svete and Brooke Rachman Now?

After the final episode of Are You The One Season 9, Leo Svete, a California-based basketball player, and Brooke Rachman, who felt a connection from the start but weren’t matched, shared that they are in a relationship. Brooke Rachman, who is based in Los Angeles, celebrated their one-year anniversary on her Instagram page on August 23rd.

Where are Hamudi Hasoond and Mijntje Lupgens Now?

When Mijnte was on the show, she was paired with Sam, and despite their unique match, they gained a big following. Outside the show, Mijnte seems to have found her special someone in Hamudi Hasoond. The two of them are currently in Spain, enjoying their time together.

Where are Clayton “Clay” Carey and Taylor Kelly Now?

Taylor and Clay haven’t given any updates about their relationship. However, some of their fellow cast members are upset with them, especially after a video of Taylor arguing with Ciara “CC” Cortez surfaced. Taylor lives in Sarasota, Florida, and works as a realtor at Preferred Shore. While Clay is in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia, working as a fitness aficionado and Coach.

Where are Aqel Carson and Danielle Bonaparte Now?

Right after the finale, Danielle Bonaparte, who is based in Phoenix, Arizona, hinted at a relationship with Aquel Carson in an Instagram video featuring a Nicki Minaj song. In the caption, she playfully referred to him as ‘AK,’ sparking speculation.

Despite not sitting together during the match-up ceremonies, Danielle defended Aqel in an episode where tensions rose over his interactions with Courtney. Although things got complicated, the house dynamics kept evolving, and their connection remained a mystery.

Where is Courtney Rowe?

Courtney Rowe has carried on with her career as a social media influencer in the United Kingdom. She recently got married to her boyfriend, Mark. Not much is known about Mark at the time of writing this article.

Where are Eduardo Dickson Jr. and Jordanne Deveaux Now?

Eduardo Dickson Jr. is based in New York City, USA, while Jordanne Deveaux works as a model and CEO in Los Angeles. Shortly after the Are You the One Season 9 finale, where all the perfect matches were revealed, Eduardo shared a photo with Jordanne, captioning it ‘black trophy,’ sparking fan speculation about their relationship continuing after the show.

Although they initially believed they were perfect matches on the show but later discovered different partners, Jordanne praised Eduardo for valuing her intelligence and ambition, underscoring their strong bond. While it remains uncertain if they are still together, Eduardo’s social media hints at a possible ongoing relationship with Jordanne as he openly discusses his thoughts about other contestants.

Where is Nathan Grant Now?

Nathan Grant, the charming Jamaican living in the United Kingdom, is currently in Ibiza, Spain, enjoying the best things that life has to offer. Despite being matched with Ciara “CC” Cortez, they did not end up together. It is unknown if he is currently dating anyone.

Where is Sam From Are You the One Season 9?

Samuel Khan left the cast of Are You the One Season 9 in Episode 8 for personal reasons, and his current whereabouts are unknown. However, it is speculated that he is focusing on his studies to become a general surgeon. His departure sparked discussions among castmates, with some questioning his decision.

After leaving the show, Sam addressed his decision in a series of Instagram stories. He said that he had several reasons for leaving, which he would not reveal at the time. He also expressed gratitude for the friendships he made on the show, especially with Julia-Ruth Smith, Roz Odujebe, and Anissa Aguilar. Sam called Julia-Ruth “one of his favorite people” and said that he likely would have left the show earlier if they had not connected. He said that they had many deep conversations and thanked her for supporting him during and after the show.

Sam also compared Hamudi Hasoon to a brother and thanked Nathan Grant, Mikey Owusu, Ollie Andersen, and Clay Carey for having his back in the house. He said that he is fond of Dew Pineda and is disappointed that she did not receive more airtime.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. When Was Are You the One Season 9 Release Date?

Are You the One Season 9, which was titled “A Global Matchmaking Competition” since it was the first season to feature a global cast of singles, premiered on January 18, 2023, on Paramount+. The season aired for 10 episodes, with the finale airing on March 15, 2023.  Are You the One Season 9 is the first season of Are You the One to air on Paramount+ after previously airing on MTV.

2. Where To Watch Are You the One Season 9

Season 9 of Are You the One can be streamed on Paramount+, Paramount+ Apple TV Channel, Paramount+ Amazon Channel, and Paramount+ Roku Premium Channel. Alternatively, you can purchase and download it from platforms like Amazon Video, Apple TV, Google Play Movies, and Vudu.

3. Where Was Are You the One Season 9 Filming Location?

Are You the One Season 9 was filmed in Gran Canaria, Spain. Gran Canaria is the third-largest island in the Canary Islands, a Spanish archipelago off the coast of northwestern Africa. It is known for its beautiful beaches, volcanic landscapes, and lush vegetation.

Some of the locations on the island where Are You the One Season 9 was filmed are the Maspalomas Dunes, Puerto de Mogán, Roque Nublo, and Playa de las Canteras.

4. What Countries Were the Cast of Are You the One Season 9 From?

The cast of Are You The One Season 9 came from six different countries on five different continents. They are the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Australia, Brazil, and Spain.

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