Bill Burr Kids: Meet His Daughter, Lola Burr

Bill Burr’s kids are two, a son whose name has not been shared and Lola Burr, who has become well known. Lola was born on January 20, 2017, and is now 7 years old. Born to a father who is a standup comedian and a mother, Nia Renee Hill, an actress, Lola shares in her parents’ fame. 

Lola may still only be a little child, but she is still well-known in Hollywood because of who she is and the impact she has made in the life of Bill Burr, who once revealed that she has changed his life entirely. The celebrity kid has always attracted the attention of her parents’ fans, who often talk about her, although they try to keep much about her private. Here is all to know about Lola Burr.

Who Is Bill Burr’s Daughter?

Lola Burr is Bill Burr’s first and only daughter. She was born on January 20, 2017, to her father and his wife, Nia Renee Hill. Her place of birth is Los Angeles, California, which is also where she is being raised together with her brother in a stable environment.

Of American nationality and an Aquarius, she is of mixed ethnicity; Lola Burr has African American roots from her mother’s side of the family, while on her father’s side, she is of German and Irish ethnic extraction.

Before she was born, Lola’s parents were having doubts if they would ever be able to have kids. Her father revealed that he had many fears about whether he was going to be able to impregnate Nia and become a father because he felt he was old, even though he was still less than 50.

Bill Burr and Nia Renee have not shared much about how their daughter is enjoying her childhood, and they put in much effort to keep a better part of details about her away from the public domain. All they have shared is that she is a little bit of a combative kid.

How Old is Lola Burr?

Lola Burr is 7 years old as of 2024 as she was born on January 20, 2017. At the time of her birth, her father, William Frederick Burr, was 49 years, while her mother was 39. 

Lola’s parents had been married for four years when they had her as their first child. Looking at Lola’s age, it is clear that she is in elementary school age, but like most other things about her, her parents have not made it known whether she is attending a regular school or is being home-schooled.

In spite of her young age, Lola’s first dream is to become a comedian, just like her dad. She revealed her dream when she realized that her dad’s work was to make people laugh. The little kid then said that was also what she wanted to do. She even asked her parents to pray for her.

Who is the Mother of Bill Burr’s Daughter?

The mother of burr’s daughter is Nia Renee Hill. She was born on June 2, 1979, in the United States, where she was also raised. Nia Renee also has a career in Hollywood, just like her husband; she is an actress, writer, director, and producer, and the brain behind the production company Tenderheaded Films.

Lola’s mother is famous for her roles in works such as Old Dads (2023), where she had a role as a nurse named Lila; Long Distance (2011), where she portrayed Tasha Smyth; and Did You Look for Work This Week? (2012). She is also known for her role in the Netflix production Santa Clarita Diet and for voicing Georgia Roosevelt and Nia Roosevelt in her husband’s animated series F Is For Family.

Hill is a graduate of Emerson College, from where her husband also graduated a decade before her. She met Bill Burr, the man who became her husband in 2003, three years after she obtained a degree in media arts. 

Nia’s first meeting with Bill was at the Chapelles Show, where she worked as a talent Coordinator, and then they met again a year later. It was after this meeting that they started their relationship, which lasted for close to 10 years before they got married.

Bill and Hill have enjoyed a great relationship thus far, and they have always been very supportive of each other.

Lola Burr Has A Sibling

Lola Burr is the only daughter and oldest child of Bill Burr, but she also has a younger sibling. Her sibling is a brother whose name has been kept hidden by her parents, just like almost all other things about him.

In May 2020, the American comedian made it known that he and Nia were having another child soon. The child, a son, was eventually born in June 2020, and Bill Burr announced his arrival, but since then, both he and his wife have remained very tight-lipped about their son. The kid is now 4 years old, which means he is still in preschool.

Bill Burr’s Daughter’s Photos 

One thing of much significance about Bill Burr’s daughter is that her photos are not available in the public domain. The American comedian and his actor wife have let fans in on some details about their daughter, but they still value her privacy as well as that of her brother, and because of that, they keep their photos hidden.

It is no secret that Bill is very active on social media, including Instagram, where he has more than 2.1 million followers. His wife is also popular on the platform, with more than 200 thousand followers. However, they have kept Lola and their son’s faces away from social media.

There are only a few photos of Bill Burr’s daughter available on the Internet, but in all, her face does not show.

Lola Burr and Her Parents Have A Great Relationship

Lola enjoys a great relationship with her parents, who have revealed in the past that she has brought so much joy to them. Her father revealed that while he might not be the best at parenting, he still manages to spend as much time as possible with his wife and kids.

According to Bill, his daughter has influenced a lot of things about him. There was a time when he decided not to record a joke because he felt it might upset his little daughter. He changed the closing joke of his Netflix Special, Paper Tiger, because he was scared of how she was going to take the original take if she heard it.


Does Bill Burr Have Kids?

Yes, Bill Burr has two kids with his wife, Nia Renee Hill. His kids are Lola Burr and a son whose name has still not been shared with the public.

How Many Kids Does Bill Burr Have?

Bill Burr has a total of two children, a son and a daughter. His oldest child is his daughter, Lola, while his younger is a son born in 2020.


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