Does Leo Suter Have a Wife or Girlfriend?

Leo Suter does not have a wife, but he may have a girlfriend. The dashing British actor, who is famous for TV series such as Vikings: Valhalla, is quite protective of his private life and is not one to let details slip. Such a taciturn nature has led to rumors about his love life, but the speculations don’t faze him.

Is Leo Suter Married?

Leo Suter is not married presently, but it is definitely something that he aspires to do in the future. In an interview with Square Mile in February 2023, the then 29-year-old Leo Suter was asked about his plans for the next decade, and he stated that having a varied and interesting, well-rounded career was his aspiration. Leo Suter also mentioned that having a family of his own has always been very important to him.

Given such words, it is obvious that Leo Suter not only plans to get married someday in the future but also plans to have kids as well and parent them to the best of his abilities. One role model for him in that regard is his mother, the late Dame Helen Alexander. She was a business executive who served as a chief editor of The Economist. She was quite busy but made time for him and even visited him on set. He has described her as incredible.

Is Leo Suter Gay?

To the best of public knowledge, Leo Suter is not gay. The actor has never done anything to indicate that he has a same-sex orientation, and much of what he has said about his love life seems to be ordinary and conventional. Therefore it is quite reasonable to assume that he is straight until he states otherwise.

The actor has been plagued with some gay rumors, and this does not come as a surprise given how secretive his love life is. He hasn’t been romantically linked with any ladies over the years. Looking at his social media also only shows pictures of him with his co-stars and his close pals. One would expect a young and charming individual like him to have a busy love life, and since this doesn’t seem to be the case, the speculations naturally followed.

Another factor to be considered is the roles that the British actor has portrayed onscreen. Leo Suter portrayed a gay man named Edward Drummond in the British period drama Victoria which ran from 2016 to 2019. Edward Drummond is a real-life historical figure who served as a private secretary to Sir Robert Peel, a former prime minister of England.

In the series, Suter’s character has a clandestine affair with Lord Alfred Paget, a clerk marshal to the Queen. It has, however, been pointed out that there is no proof that such a relationship took place in real life. Nevertheless, Suter did a good job with the role, and this has contributed to the speculations about his sexuality.

Leo Suter’s Relationships

As earlier pointed out, Leo Suter is quite secretive when it comes to his love life, and as such, it is difficult to pinpoint the identities of persons that he has dated in the past. It is, however, quite likely that he is presently in a relationship. In an interview with Schön! Magazine in March 2023, he was asked about his character, King Harold’s, complicated relationship with Elena, the Empress of Constantinople.

The Actor stated that he was lucky as his private life wasn’t too complicated. He went on to describe his private life as quite simple and lovely and stated that he was fortunate in that regard. Leo also made it clear that this was all he would say in that regard showing that there are so much more, possibly specific, details about his partner which he doesn’t want to reveal.

In that same interview, Suter also pointed out that while his character wasn’t falling in love in season two (filmed in 2022 and released in 2023), that was sort of what he was doing outside work. This suggests that he has someone in his life.

Meanwhile, despite the secretive nature of his love life, Leo Suter is not short of admirers. In early 2023, the British TV personality and sports presenter Laura Woods revealed that her celebrity crush is Leo Suter.


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