Has The Real Love Boat Been Canceled and Where Can You Watch It?

The Real Love Boat has not been canceled, but it has been relegated by CBS from the network to Paramount+ after only 4 episodes due to its abysmal performance. The remaining seven episodes of the first season were aired on Paramount.

For the second season of the show, which was produced by Eureka Productions and Buster Productions, nothing has been said, hence it remains to be seen if it will be renewed for a new season or if it will be canceled. Whatever the case, the first season was not the best of shows for the broadcast network. With many uncertainties around its future, here is all we know.

Is The Real Love Boat Canceled?

The Real Love Boat has not been canceled, although it has also not been renewed for a second season. In its first season, there was fear among its followers that the show might have been canceled entirely after it was taken off the CBS network. However, it was only relegated from the network to Paramount+ following a very bad run.

The romance reality television series began in October 2022, and it centers around real-life single people who are brought together to fight for love. The series, which began on CBS before it was shipped to Paramount+, got its inspiration from the 1977 to 1986 drama series that aired on ABS, The Love Boat. The show returned from 1998 to 1999 as Love Boat: The Next Wave, before now coming under its present name.

After the first season, which came to an end in December 2021 and was won by Mike Dubreuil and Emily Stone, Paramount+ has maintained a strong silence on the future of the show. This has opened the doors for speculations that it might be canceled, but we only have to wait to see.

What Happened To The Real Love Boat?

The Real Love Boat suffered a terrible fate after it began in October 2022 concerning its viewership. When it premiered on October 5, 2022, with the “We’re Expecting You” episode, it was only able to get 2.41 million viewers in the United States. It dropped to 1.91 viewers in the second episode, while the third and fourth episodes had 1.60 and 1.66 viewers, respectively.

It was after this performance that the show got relegated. With the numbers it pulled before it was banished to Paramount, The Real Love Boat became the least-watched primetime series on CBS for the fall. It was only able to average below 1.9 million same-day viewers.

Was The Love Boat Filmed On A Real Ship

The Real Love Boat
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Many would find it hard to believe that the Titanic was not shot on a real ship. This would bring the question of whether or not The Love Boat was shot on a real ship, the simple answer is yes, it was.

The Real Love Boat was shot on the Regal Princess, a luxury cruise which is operated by the Princess Cruise. It was shot in the Mediterranean, and according to organizers, they are bringing awareness and elevating the concept of the cruise vacation. This is following in the line of the 1970s and 1980s TV drama that inspired the reality show, The Love Boat, which was also shot, in part, on actual ships. The show was shot on The Pacific Princess as well as The Island Princess.

According to the president of Princess Cruises, John Padgett, the first season of the show was shot on the princess cruise. If it ever gets renewed for a second season, there is also the possibility that, again, it will be shot on one of the Princess cruises with real crew members.

Where To Watch The Real Love Boat

For now, there are several platforms where one can stream the show either by subscription, buying, or renting. By subscription, one can stream it on Fubo TV. Platforms where one can buy or rent the reality series are Amazon Video and iTunes. Other platforms where fans can stream the show are Google Play and Vudu.

If it gets renewed for another season, the show will likely be streamed on the same platforms, and it will air on Paramount Plus.


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