How Did Moonbin Die and What Was His Cause of Death?

Moonbin committed suicide on the 19th of April 2023. His autopsy results have never been made public, which makes it difficult to tell the exact cause of his death.

Moonbin’s demise threw a lot of K-pop fans into mourning. The young man who first came to notice as an 11-year-old in the popular drama Boys Before Flowers had grown to become a popular musician. He was part of the renowned boy band Astro. He was also a member of a duo named Moonbin & Sanha. His death, therefore, made headlines all over the globe.

What Happened To Moonbin?

Popular South Korean singer, dancer, and actor Moonbin passed away on the 19th of April, 2023. He was 25 years old at the time of his demise and wasn’t only at the prime of his life but also at the prime of a bustling career. For instance, at the time that he died, he was in the middle of an event meeting up with fans. He was also scheduled to perform with his duo partner, Sanha. All this was ground to a halt after he died.

How Did Moonbin Die?

In the wake of Moonbin’s demise, the police released a statement to the effect that it appeared that he committed suicide. They also made it known that there were no signs of foul play. This meant that his death was not due to illness or due to any criminal activity. Rather, the young man took his own life.

Since the initial statements, the authorities have not come out to indicate anything contrary, meaning that their prior conclusions still stand.

When Did Moonbin Die?

Moonbin died on the 19th of April 2023. This was just about two and a half months after he turned 25. In the days leading up to the singer’s death, he had missed rehearsals, and his manager had tried to reach out to him but to no avail.

Calls and texts went unanswered, and the manager decided to head over to the singer’s house to check up on him physically. He found him unresponsive and called emergency services, who would indeed confirm that the beloved Moonbin was now dead.

Moonbin’s Cause of Death

While it is common knowledge that Moonbin committed suicide, his exact cause of death remains unknown as his autopsy results have never been made public. This gap in information has led to a lot of unfounded rumors. An online commenter has claimed that Moonbin was suffering from high blood pressure and heart problems and that this caused him to have a stroke. The online troll further stated that the source of the information was Moonbin’s family, which couldn’t be any further from the truth.

There were simply a lot of unsavory speculations, and Moonbin’s mom was forced to release a statement in June 2023. She appreciated fans for all the flowers and letters that had helped her through the tough times. She then went on to beg fans not to spread unfounded rumors about her late son, as this was causing a lot of hurt to many people. Her statement was met with a huge positive response from fans.

Why Did Moonbin Kill Himself?

The exact reason why Moonbin killed himself may never be known, as no note from the singer has been made public or is known to exist. However, the singer may have taken his life due to the pressures of being a K-pop star, which are well documented.

Aspirants to the industry are required to spend years training, during which they are often separated from their loved ones. When they make it to the top, their fans scrutinize their every move. All this can become a little too much to cope with, and a number of suicides have been reported in the industry and even among young Koreans generally.

Moonbin’s Autopsy

In the aftermath of Moonbin’s death, the police stated that they may carry out an autopsy for the purpose of determining the exact cause of his death. It is unknown if they did so, as no autopsy results for Moonbin have ever been made public. It is possible that they did the autopsy but shared the results with only his loved ones. It is also possible that his family may have chosen to forgo the test entirely so as to work on getting closure.

Moonbin’s Funeral

Moonbin’s funeral was held on the 22nd of April, 2023, three days after his demise. It was a super private one, and only his family members and his colleagues were in attendance. Fans paid their respect to the departed singer by leaving flowers at public memorial spaces all over South Korea.


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