How Much Does Kelly Clarkson Weigh? Exploring Her Weight Transformation

Kelly Clarkso’s weight is 154 pounds (70 kg) as of 2024. The famous American singer, known for winning the American Idol title in 2002, has always been in the spotlight for her singing talent. But in recent years, she’s drawn attention not just for her music but also for her impressive weight loss journey.

Clarkson lost almost 40 pounds by following a special diet; she reduced her sugar and carb intake. She stopped eating things like soda, chips, biscuits, cheese, and tortillas. Her weight loss not only changed how she looked but also inspired others to live a healthier life. 

People noticed her amazing transformation when she shared it on social media and talked about it on her show, “The Kelly Clarkson Show.” While she has faced weight fluctuations and challenges like many, her recent transformation has been truly inspiring, leaving many curious about her weight loss secrets.

Is Kelly Clarkson Fat or Skinny?

Kelly Clarkson is slimmer than she used to be. She recently showed off her slim body in an Instagram post in October 2023. The 42-year-old American Idol winner has become slimmer, having made positive changes in her life after a tough divorce and custody battle.

Fans couldn’t help but express their amazement. One fan exclaimed, “The audacity to look that good in corduroy overalls,” while others praised her new look and noted how good she appeared. Some fans gushed about her sexy and youthful appearance, saying she looked amazing and even used fire and heart emojis.

Before her Instagram posts, she wowed fans with her new figure at the 2023 iHeartRadio Music Festival and the Today’s Citi Concert Series, flaunting her slim waist in black ensembles with thigh-high boots.

And it wasn’t just the Instagram post that showcased the American singer’s new slim look, as she also looked fantastic in recent paparazzi pictures taken while filming Season 5 of The Kelly Clarkson Show in New York City. The talk show host wore an all-black outfit, which included black skinny jeans, a chic black blazer, and black sky-high stiletto boots. 

Her long blonde hair was sleek and straight. Kelly’s stylish outfits sparked conversations about her weight loss journey, a topic she’s been open about, addressing body-shamers, weight fluctuations, and how she lost nearly 40 pounds.

Kelly Clarkson’s Weight Gain Transformation 

Kelly Clarkson has always been comfortable with herself, speaking about body empowerment and inspiring others. From her early days on American Idol, she encountered public criticism for her weight, often labeled as “big.” Kelly expressed how it saddens her when people compare their bodies to hers.

When criticized about her weight, Kelly responds that it’s not a problem for her, saying, “I’m fine.” She doesn’t try to lose or gain weight; she just wants to be herself. Kelly loves both healthy and junk food, choosing whatever she craves. Despite facing fat jokes and criticism for years, she remains true to herself.

In 2012, the American singer opened up about her weight fluctuation, emphasizing that performing matters more than size. She appeared slimmer at the 2012 MuchMusic Video Awards in Toronto, Canada. 

Six years later, in an interview on Today, she disclosed being diagnosed with an autoimmune disorder and a thyroid problem back in 2006, for which she initially took medication. However, she later stopped taking it, leading her to make lifestyle changes. For her, it wasn’t just about losing weight; it was more about not being on medication anymore.

After giving birth to her second child with ex-husband Brandon in 2016, following the arrival of River Rose Blackstock in 2014, Kelly faced harsh criticism for gaining pregnancy weight. In 2017, she revealed that she contemplated suicide due to pressure to lose weight at the start of her music career. Kelly also responded to a Twitter troll who called her fat, asserting, “…and still amazing.”

Throughout her career, Clarkson has been candid with her fans about the fluctuations in her weight, openly discussing this aspect of her journey as the first-ever winner of American Idol.

Kelly Clarkson’s Weight Loss Journey 

Kelly Clarkson has impressed fans with her recent weight loss journey, which is evident in her Instagram posts. She showcased her slimmer figure while promoting season 5 of The Kelly Clarkson Show and teasing her Late Night with Seth Meyers appearance. Her toned physique was notably prominent in various posts, including one featuring her outfit for the We Can Survive event.

Despite embracing a slimmer figure, Clarkson has emphasized that being skinny doesn’t equate to being healthy. In a statement to Redbook in 2018, she expressed that happiness, for her, is often associated with a fuller figure. She debunked the misconception that gaining weight reflects a problem, asserting that, for her, it signifies emotional well-being.

Later, as the host of The Kelly Clarkson Show, she shared advice on embracing one’s body. In an interview with Glamour U.K. in June 2020, she emphasized recognizing how life experiences shape an individual. Despite facing challenges, she sees herself as a strong and confident person, qualities she discovered within.

After her separation from Blackstock following seven years of marriage, Clarkson reflected on the tough process of co-parenting, which contributed to further weight loss. The American singer clarified that exercise didn’t affect her weight loss in 2018. She mentioned avoiding exercise and emphasized her focus on performance rather than sports. Regarding her diet, she told Extra, “Put simply, I haven’t exercised at all!”

Following the finalization of her divorce from Brandon in March 2022, Kelly Clarkson appeared to have slimmed down even more. While promoting her work with Audacy, fans praised her appearance, wondering about her weight loss secret. Though she hasn’t shared a specific plan, she initially credited a “lectin-free” diet outlined in Dr. Steven Gundry’s book for her 2018 transformation.

Although Kelly hasn’t shared a specific diet plan, she attributed her initial 40-pound transformation in 2018 to the “lectin-free” diet outlined in Dr. Steven Gundry’s book, The Plant Paradox. This diet focuses on avoiding lectins, proteins found in many plant-based foods, claiming they are toxins that should not be consumed. This approach can benefit those struggling with weight loss and autoimmune conditions.

Regarding her exercise routine, she revealed in an interview on “Today” that walking in New York City helped her burn calories without going to the gym, emphasizing the shift from the car-centric lifestyle in Los Angeles.

Kelly achieved her desired weight through a balanced and healthy lifestyle, including a balanced diet.

What Size is Kelly Clarkson? 

Kelly Clarkson’s body measures 40-33-39 inches or 101-84-99 cm. She has achieved a notable weight loss, credited to Dr. Steven R. Gundry’s Plant Paradox diet. Her dress size is approximately 12 (US), 43 (EU), or 16 (UK).

Over the years, Kelly’s figure has changed due to fluctuations in weight, but her recent transformation is particularly noteworthy. She proudly showcases her beautiful figure, complemented by her signature features – a lively round face, dazzling hazel eyes that light up any room, and shiny, wavy brunette hair, often styled with different colors.


Has Kelly Clarkson Lost Weight?

Yes, Kelly Clarkson has shed approximately 40 pounds in the past few years. She now looks much slimmer than she used to be.

What is Kelly Clarkson’s Height and Weight?

Kelly Clarkson is approximately 5 feet 2 inches tall (161 cm or 1.61 m) and weighs about 71 kg (156 pounds), showcasing her admirable stature.

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