How Old Is Cinderella and Where Does It Take Place?

Cinderella is 19 years old, and her story as one of Disney’s most famous and beloved princesses takes place in a rural region of France. Disney’s Cinderella is a timeless animated classic that has captured the hearts of audiences for decades and has left an indelible mark on popular culture.

Inspired by a classic fairy tale, the film follows the journey of Cinderella, a kind-hearted young woman mistreated by her stepmother and stepsisters. Despite her hardships, her unwavering spirit and gentle nature shine through. With the help of her fairy godmother, she transforms into a radiant princess and attends the royal ball, where she captures the heart of Prince Charming.

How Old Was Cinderella?

Cinderella was 19 years old in the original animated film. The tale has been subject to numerous adaptations, with Disney’s 2015 live-action rendition staying faithful to the original story. In the 2015 adaptation, Ella’s age remains consistent at 19 years old.

How Old is Cinderella Actress in Real Life?

The actress who portrayed the 19-year-old Disney princess in the 2015 live-action movie is Lily James, and she is 35 year-old. She was 26 years old when the live-action adaptation was released. Born on April 5, 1989, in Esher, Surrey, England, Lily James is an English actress. Her birth name is Lily Chloe Ninette Thomson, but she adopted the stage name Lily James for her acting career.

She gained significant recognition for her portrayal of Cinderella in Disney’s live-action adaptation of the classic fairy tale released in 2015. Prior to her role as Cinderella, Lily James appeared in various film, television, and stage productions. She made her acting debut in the British television series “Just William” in 2010 and went on to star in popular TV shows such as “Downton Abbey,” where she played the character Lady Rose MacClare.

In addition to her work on screen, Lily James has also showcased her talent on stage. She has performed in several theatrical productions, including “Othello” and “Romeo and Juliet” with the prestigious National Theatre in London.

How Old Is Cinderella and Where Does It Take Place?
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Where Does Cinderella Take Place?

The setting of the Cinderella story varies depending on the version and adaptation. The Brothers Grimm version is likely set in Germany or a Scandinavian country, given the context of the story. The Giambattista Basile version takes place in Italy, and  Charles Perrault’s version, named Cendrillon, takes place in France, which is also reflected in the 2015 live-action adaptation.

In the live-action adaptation, the protagonist speaks French with her mother in the film, and the architectural styles and ballroom setting align with the French architecture of the story’s time period. The 1950s animated Disney movie’s setting is less definite, however, the strongest indication points to the story being set in France.

When Does Cinderella Take Place?

The time period in which Cinderella takes place is often associated with the mid-to-late 1800s. The fashion choices of the characters, such as Cinderella, her step-sisters, and her father at the beginning of the film, align with the fashion of the 1860s. Her stepmother’s clothing, with its poofier sleeves and shorter tops, resembles the fashion of the 1890s.

Also, the bustled gowns and crinolines indicate that the main plot of the film is set in the 1870s-1880s, while the prologue featuring Cinderella’s father and Lady Tremaine occurs in the 1850s-1860s. The male characters often wear military-style jackets as formal wear, evoking a Victorian-era ambiance.

This understanding of the time period is also reflected in the 2015 live-action adaptation, which closely follows the original animated movie and is set in the 1880s. While the clothing and architectural styles may have some inconsistencies, the overall conclusion is that both the animated and live-action versions of Cinderella are set during the same general time frame.

How Old Is Cinderella and Where Does It Take Place?
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Where is Cinderella From?

Both the animation and live-action Cinderella characters are from France, as evidenced by the château where the character resides with her stepmother and stepsisters before finding her happily ever after with the prince. Also, the story is an adaptation of a timeless tale written by a French author.

When Did Cinderella Come Out?

Cinderella has been released in various adaptations throughout the years, captivating audiences with its timeless story. The original Cinderella Disney animated film was released on February 15, 1950. Since then, Cinderella has continued to be reimagined and brought to life in different forms. On November 2, 1997, a musical television film adaptation featuring Brandy Norwood as the titular character was released.

This was followed by direct-to-video sequels, “Cinderella II: Dreams Come True,” released on February 26, 2002, and “Cinderella III: A Twist in Time,” released on February 6, 2007. The year 2015 marked the release of a live-action adaptation of Cinderella on March 13, 2015. Each adaptation has added its own unique touch while staying true to the beloved elements of the original story.

Who Wrote Cinderella?

The story of Cinderella has a rich history with various literary versions. Giambattista Basile published the first known European version of the tale in Italy in 1634 as part of his work Pentamerone. Charles Perrault later published the well-known version of Cinderella in French in 1697 as part of his collection, Histoires ou contes du temps passé. In 1812, the Brothers Grimm published their own rendition of the story titled Aschenputtel in their collection of folk tales, Grimms’ Fairy Tales. These different versions have contributed to the widespread popularity and recognition of Cinderella in the English-speaking world and beyond.

However, Charles Perrault, a French author, is credited with writing one of the most influential versions of the Cinderella story. He included the story of Cinderella, titled “Cendrillon,” in his collection of fairy tales called “Histoires ou contes de temps passé” (Stories or Tales of Past Times), published in 1697.

Perrault’s rendition of Cinderella introduced iconic elements such as the glass slipper, the fairy godmother, and the pumpkin carriage, which have become integral to the story as we know it today. Perrault’s contribution to the Cinderella narrative is significant, and his version has had a lasting impact on subsequent adaptations and retellings.

In the enchanting 2015 live-action adaptation of Cinderella, the screenplay was skillfully crafted by Chris Weitz, a talented screenwriter, film director, and producer. Weitz took on the task of adapting the classic fairy tale into the screenplay format, bringing his own creative vision to the story while honoring its beloved elements. With his expertise, Weitz brought new life to Cinderella’s tale, capturing the essence of the magical world, the characters’ emotions, and the enchanting journey of the beloved princess.

Who Voiced Cinderella?

Cinderella has been voiced by a series of talented voice actors throughout the years. In the original Disney animated film released in 1950, Cinderella’s enchanting voice was provided by Ilene Woods, who captured the essence of the character with her sweet and melodic vocals.

In subsequent Disney adaptations, different actresses stepped into the role. Brandy Norwood lent her vocal talents in the 1997 musical television film, infusing the character with soulful charm.

Jennifer Hale took on the role in the direct-to-video sequels “Cinderella II: Dreams Come True” (2002) and “Cinderella III: A Twist in Time” (2007), delivering a captivating performance.

Finally, Lily James portrayed Cinderella in the enchanting live-action film released in 2015, bringing a new depth and grace to the character. Each voice actress has contributed their own unique interpretation, allowing Cinderella’s timeless story to continue captivating audiences across generations.

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