How to Breed a Punkleton in My Singing Monsters

You can breed a Punkleton in My Singing Monsters during Spooktacle season and Out of Season events. When in Spooktacle season, Punkletons are gotten by breeding Bowgart and T-Rox, and when in Out of Season event, you can get  Punkletons by teleporting them.

The Punkleton is a core seasonal monster in My Singing Monsters which was added to the My Singing Monster game on October 23rd, 2012, during the release of version 2.0.4. A Punkleton may not have a good coin production if collected once per day; however, when collected multiple times, it can compete with other high-earning monsters. Read on for more details on Punkleton, how and when to breed the rare monster, as well as other essentials you will need to know about Punkleton.

How To Get Punkleton?

A Punkleton is obtained during the Spooktacle season, which is a seasonal element in ‘My Singing Monsters’, which usually takes place from the middle of October through to the beginning of November, approximately around the Halloween period. 

During this period, a Punkleton is obtained by breeding Bowgart and T-Rox. After selecting these monster combinations from the ‘breed’ menu, you wait for 18 hours for the breeding process to be completed. Alternatively, You can speed up the breeding process if you have enough diamonds to do so.

You can also breed a Punkleton on Shanty Island during an Out of Season event through teleporting after you have reached level 15.

How To Breed Epic Punkleton?

The Epic Punkleton was added to the game on 30th October 2019, during version 2.3.3. The combination for breeding an Epic Punkleton is Entbrat and Crumpler. Its breeding time by default is 1 day, 7 hours, and 10 minutes long.

Just like the ordinary Punkleton, an Epic Punkleton can also be teleported to seasonal Shanty Island once it gets to level 15. It can also be bred with the combination of Schmoochle and Blabbit.

Punkleton Breeding Time: How Long Does it Take to Breed a Punkleton?

Breeding a Punkleton in My Singing Monster takes 13 hours and 30 minutes, which is about 18 hours. This breeding hour is the default duration for the combination of monsters required to breed Punkleton. During the 18 hours breeding process, players are to wait patiently until it is completed, however, the process can be sped up if you have available diamonds.

How to Breed a Punkleton in My Singing Monsters
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How to Breed a Rare Punkleton

Breeding a Rare Punkleton follows a process similar to breeding an ordinary Punkleton but requires monster combinations that are different from those used to breed an ordinary Punkleton. As compared to the ordinary Punkleton, the Rare Punkleton has a different appearance and a unique sound.

Meanwhile, you can use any of these breeding combinations to breed a Rare Punkleton:

  • Rare Toe Jammer + Rare Mammott
  • Rare Maw + Rare Noggin
  •  Rare Cybop + Rare Pummel

What is the Punkleton Breeding Chance?

The chances of getting a Punkleton on your first try may be very slim. This is because a Punkleton can only be bred for a limited time during the Spooktacle season, which varies from year to year.

So, to increase your chances of getting a Punkleton while breeding, you can use the wishing torches. You may not be successful on your first try, but if you’re unlucky, simply keep trying, and you will get one eventually.

Can You Breed Punkleton Out of Season?

A Punkleton is usually bred at a specific season on the plant Island which is the Spooktacle season. However, Punkleton can also be bred during an Out of Season event in Shanty Island. This period takes place for a few days every April or whenever it appears on the Seasonal Shanty Island.

A Seasonal Shanty Island is a teleporting island that brings all seasonal monsters together. When a seasonal monster reaches level 15, it can be teleported there to stay permanently after its level has been reset. You can breed a Punkleton on Shanty Island only when you have a Punkleton on the Island already.

List of Monster Combinations for Breeding a Punkleton

  • Bowgart + T-Rox
  • Noggin + Toe Jammer
  • Jam + Gobbleygourd
  • Schmoochle + Blabbit
  • Rare Cybop + Rare Pummel


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