How to Get Relics in My Singing Monsters

All the different ways to get Relics in My Singing Monsters include finishing off daily or weekly tasks, taking advantage of in-game offers, exchanging game currencies for Relics, or buying them from the marketplace. Also, participating in Wublin and breeding new monsters can be a great way to earn free Relics.

Relics in Singing Monster are highly treasured rewards that make your monster island look extremely cool. They also give abilities and power gifts to the inhabitants of your island. Besides, they are the perfect way to take your wager to another level. However, getting these Relics can be quite challenging! So, let’s dive right in.

What are Relics in My Singing Monsters?

Relics are uncommon and precious items in My Singing Monsters. They can be used to earn rewards, unlock new monsters, and improve your gameplay experience. Thus, My Singing Monsters are home to a spectacular array of Relics, each having distinct characteristics and advantages.

Moreover, there are different types of Relics, such as Legendary Relics, which have the ability to grant you access to exclusive monsters, or Rare Relics, which can be utilized to obtain special items in the game.

So be it a savvy or a novice player getting your hands on Relics is a must-do task in My Singing Monsters adventures. Additionally, the Relics can be used to beautify your island and add a distinct touch to your game. How cool is that!

How Do You Get Relics in My Singing Monsters? 

In My Singing Monsters, there are different ways of getting Relics. These different methods of getting Relics are often the easiest as you don’t necessarily have to work to get them.

Time Offers

Another method is to take advantage of time offers. How this method works is that occasionally in My Singing Monsters, different Relics get released, so as soon as you see anyone of them released during time offers, it is all yours to grab. 

Picking Up Bonuses

One such way of getting Relics is by picking up bonus Relics as you play the game. This means you only have to look out for the Relics and pick any you see.

Collecting from Monsters

Collecting Relics from monsters on Amber Island is also another way to get Relics in the game. However, it is not any monster you can get Relics from except those that are up to level 15 and above. When your own monster attains that level, it can also be able to generate gold coins on its own and earn three Relics.

How to Earn Relics in My Singing Monsters

It is often not all the time that you can get Relics through converting currencies, picking up bonuses, etc. There are some specific tasks which when performed can also earn you Relics. These tasks are as easy as logging in to play My Singing Monsters or spinning wheels in the game.

Daily Spin Wheel

Another easy method of getting Relics is through the daily spin wheel, where two slices get you three Relics while a chest on the wheel can contain anything from ten to thirty Relics. This is by far the easiest way to get Relics on My Singing Monsters, as there are chances of the Spin Wheel arrow landing on three Relics or a Treasure Chest.

Once you have spun the wheel, you have to wait for the twenty-four-hour reset time to be able to spin the wheel again and stand a chance of winning something. Alternatively, if you have the means, you can also spend 2 diamonds (game currency) to play the daily game as much as you can afford. This will maximize your chances of earning Relics at the cost of two diamonds rather than having to convert three diamonds (incrementally) to earn one Relic.

How to Get Relics in My Singing Monsters
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Daily Login Bonuses

Another method of earning Relics is through daily login bonuses. This is a form of reward to every avid player of the game who logs in to play the game. Thus, if a player does not log in to play the game, he/she won’t earn Relics from the login bonus. In the game, the daily login bonus lasts for a total of 10 days, and as each day passes, the login bonus increases.

Completing Daily or Weekly Tasks

The basic method is by finishing daily or weekly tasks that get unlocked as you progress in the game. Completing these tasks will earn you Experience points and precious entities with which you can purchase Relics.

Playing The Memory Game

In the memory game, which is a minigame in My Singing Monsters, you are rewarded with Relics when you match hidden cards correctly. The longer you last in the game, the greater your reward, which promises to be as much as twenty-five Relics. When the game ends, you can still continue playing at the cost of two diamonds per game set.

Farming Relics on Amber Island

With the option of farming on Amber Island, you can also be able to gain Relics in the game. But this might not be the fastest way to earn Relics as you can only earn 2–4 Relics per month. But as a reward for farming on the island, you are sure to earn your Relics in due time.

What is The Best Way to Get Relics Fast in My Singing Monsters?

When you are in dire need of Relics in My Singing Monsters, waiting for time offers and bonuses, collecting from monsters, doing the daily spin wheel, completing tasks, and farming is definitely not the fastest way to get Relics as quickly as you need them. Here’s what you have to do to get Relics fast at a cost.

Converting Game Currencies into Relics

You can also get Relics fast in My Singing Monsters by converting order game currencies into Relics. Spending diamonds (which is a currency in the game) in exchange for Relics is one such proven method of getting Relics. However, there is a twist to this.

For the first Relic, it will cost you just one diamond to obtain it, your second Relic will cost you three diamonds as every other diamond will come at an increasing diamond cost of up to 50 diamonds by the time you purchase your ninth diamond.

Indeed, this option might be the least economical way of getting Relics in My Singing Monster fast but for those who have invested well enough in the game, it is a sure and fast way to get Relics as quickly as they need it without hassle.

One strategy that veterans of the game use when exchanging diamonds for Relics is; when you spend 9 diamonds on three Relics before the reset time (the Relic price reduces to 1 diamond by 12:0 p.m. UTC). You should spend the remaining on spin wheels, and there is a likelihood of the Spin Wheel’s arrow landing on 3 Relics and a Treasure Chest that holds up to 30 Relics.

Can You Get Free Relics in My Singing Monsters?

Yes, you can get them for free by participating in Wublin and breeding new monsters. By doing this, you gain deluxe, unique items; which can be used to obtain legendary Relics. In addition, you will be awarded a mystery box which can be used to purchase diamonds.

The mystery box contains the rarest and most valuable items. So run along and take advantage of all the possibilities and get your hands on some of the most sought-after Relics. There you have it! With these easy strategies, you can now start on your voyage to get Relics in My Singing Monsters.


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