How To Breed Ghazt In My Singing Monsters

Ghazt is one of the creatures in the popular video game, ‘My Singing Monsters,’ which can be bred through a combination of an Entbrat with other monsters such as Bowgart, Clamble, or T-Rox. Ghazt is one of the most popular Monsters in the game, and breeding it is considered a huge achievement.

For the record, in the video game My Singing Monsters, many singing monsters can be found. However, knowing how to combine different monsters to breed and give way to new ones is one of the best features of the game. This is because knowing how to breed monsters ends up boosting your monster collection and takes you to new levels in the video game.

The creature, Ghatz, happens to be one of the rarest Monsters to successfully breed in the game, making its breeding process very precarious and lengthy. It is known that the percentage of success in breeding Ghatz is very low, which is why many people may prefer to put their strength towards breeding as many pairs with the shortest incubation period as possible.

What is Ghazt in ‘My Singing Monsters’?

In the My Singing Monsters video game, Ghazt is presented as a mesmerizing creature that hovers gracefully in the game universe and is adorned with five rotating globes. For the record, “My Singing Monsters” is a widely popular game where players engage in the cultivation and breeding of monsters, each of which possesses a unique singing voice. The game boasts a diverse collection of over 300 monsters, continually expanding with the addition of new ones that are constantly being bred.

Ghazt holds a very special place among the original monsters featured in My Singing Monsters, earning considerable acclaim from fans. As a member of the Ethereal class, Ghazt made its debut on June 16, 2013, in version 1.17 and is renowned as one of the inaugural monsters in the game. As one of the inaugural monsters, it stands out as one of the more accessible ones to breed. There are several Islands in My Singing Monsters, and players can encounter Ghazt on two of those islands: Plant and Ethereal Islands.

Each of these islands has its unique melodies. In the melody on Plant Island, the ethereal presence of Ghazt manifests through its orbs, producing a captivating electronic keyboard sound. However, this musical expression undergoes a fascinating transformation upon arrival at Ethereal Island, evolving into a more nuanced and evocative damping synth sound. In addition to this auditory evolution, Ghazt actively contributes to the musical ambiance on Plant Island, infusing plasmatic tones into the song, which undergo a metamorphosis on Ethereal Island into stunning descending arpeggios and lingering long notes.

Acquiring Ghazt becomes possible at Level 9, necessitating five beds and a 2×2 floor space. Over time, it has been observed that Ghazt exhibits preferences for other monsters like Entbrat, Whisp, Babayag Tower, Squeed Statue, and Crumpler Tree. Also notable is the fact that Ghazt is liked by Arackulele, Bellowfish, and Rare Ghazt. However, for those opting just to purchase the singing monster on Plant Island, the cost is 1000 Diamonds, while acquiring it on Ethereal Island requires 1500 Diamonds.

Alternatively, players can sell Ghazt for 750,000 coins on Plant Island or receive 20 shards when selling it on Ethereal Island. Additionally, the singing monster is available in both Epic and Rare versions, adding an extra layer of excitement for players in My Singing Monsters.


How to Breed a Ghazt in My Singing Monsters

To breed a Ghazt in My Singing Monsters, you can employ the combination of Entbrat with any of the three Element monsters: Bowgart, Clamble, or T-Rox. Notably, the Entbrat and T-Rox pairing is considered the most efficient as it requires the least amount of time for incubation. It’s crucial to understand that obtaining a Ghazt through breeding is largely a game of chance unless you’re participating in an Ethereal Breeding Bonanza. The success rate for breeding Ghazt is approximately 1%, making it uncertain whether certain combinations are more effective. However, for minimal wait time per attempt, the recommendation is the Entbrat and T-Rox combination.

Statistically, after 70 attempts, there’s a 50% chance of successfully breeding at least one Ghazt, and after 690 attempts, the likelihood increases to 99.9%. Participating in Ethereal Breeding Bonanzas enhances the chances of breeding a Ghazt, and there’s also the potential for Rare Triple-Element Monsters. Notably, the Rare version of any monster can be utilized for breeding instead of the common version. During Breeding Bonanzas, the chance of obtaining a single-element Ethereal is 5%, whereas non-Bonanza breeding only has a 1% chance of success.

Due to the low success rates, it’s advisable to focus on breeding pairs with the shortest incubation period and breed as frequently as possible, further reinforcing the preference for the Entbrat and T-Rox combination. The combination of T-Rox and Entbrat is favored by most players due to its shorter incubation time, providing a quicker alternative if Ghazt breeding is unsuccessful. This pairing is also recognized as the most successful for obtaining a Rare or Epic Ghazt. To streamline the breeding process, players can utilize the Marketplace to purchase the necessary Monsters.

For the record, knowing how to breed a Ghazt is not where the journey ends. This is because once you have successfully bred a Ghazt, maintaining its happiness is essential. Placing Entbrats or Whisps nearby, along with incorporating Babayag Tower and Squeed Statue, ensures the Ghazt remains content and happy. Happy monsters contribute to increased income in both shards and coins, making it a worthwhile investment. Ensuring the comfort and happiness of your Ghazt involves a thoughtful curation of items that resonate with its ethereal sensibilities. Elevate its mood and trigger a substantial 25% boost in happiness by incorporating the following items into its environment:

  • Whisp (level 9)
  • Entbrat (requires level 9)
  • Babayag Tower (level 15)
  • Squeed Statue (level 16)
  • Crumpler Tree (level 19)

These carefully selected elements not only cater to the singing monster’s contentment but also create an ambiance that harmonizes with its ethereal nature, fostering a blissful and harmonious coexistence on both the Plant and Ethereal Islands.

Ghazt Breeding Time: How Long Does It Take to Breed a Ghazt?

The default breeding time for Ghazt is 1 day and 12 hours, making it a creature that requires a bit of patience for its creation. But while Ghazt boasts a commendable coin production capability on Plant Island, rivaling that of the Rare Entbrat, it’s worth noting that there are other Monsters with even higher coin production rates that might be worth considering.

Upon being teleported to Ethereal Island, Ghazt undergoes an incubation period of 10 hours, offering a relatively swift transition between islands. Subsequently, Ghazt becomes available for further breeding endeavors with any other Monster of your choice. As a Single-Element Ethereal, Ghazt possesses an excellent shard production, although it is surpassed in this aspect by other Single-Element Rare and Epic Monsters, such as Reebro, Jeeode, and Humbug.

In terms of time investment, the overall breeding process for Ghazt takes approximately one day and two hours on Plant Island and 10 hours on Ethereal Island. It is noteworthy that for those seeking to speed up the breeding process of Ghatz, the strategic use of enchanters often provides an option to accelerate the incubation period and maximize efficiency. This nuanced approach allows players to fine-tune their breeding strategies and enhance their progress in acquiring the coveted Ghazt.

How To Breed Epic Ghazt

To breed Epic Ghazt in My Singing Monsters, the successful breeding combination involves pairing T-Rox and Furcorn, resulting in a default breeding time of 1 day and 6 hours.

The Epic Ghazt is a remarkable single-element Epic Ethereal Monster that holds the distinction of being the pioneer among Epic Ethereals. Its introduction to the My Singing Monsters universe occurred on February 10th, 2021, coinciding with Version 3.0.4.

Given its status as an Epic Monster, the Epic Ghazt is exclusively available during specific periods, adding an element of rareness to its acquisition.

Epic Ghazt

On Plant Island, the Epic Ghazt boasts an impressive coin production rate that places it among the upper echelons of Monsters in this category. Its coin rate is comparable to that of the Epic Entbrat, highlighting its lucrative contribution to the player’s in-game economy. To unlock the full potential of the Epic Ghazt, players have the option to either teleport it to Ethereal Island upon reaching level 15 or engage in breeding using Boodoo and Dragong. The default breeding time for this process is set at 8 hours and 20 minutes.

Notably, Epic Ghazt, like its Epic Single-Element Ethereal counterparts, stands out for its exceptional Shard production, with Epic Reebro holding a marginally higher rate in this regard. It’s crucial to bear in mind that, unlike their Common and Rare variants, Epic Monsters are unable to engage in breeding activities. The singing monster, with its formidable presence, is exclusively accessible for breeding or acquisition during limited-time events, and the breeding combinations required for it vary depending on the island.

On Plant Island, the coveted Epic Ghazt can be bred by pairing T-Rox and Furcorn, a combination designed to unlock its unique features. Meanwhile, on Ethereal Island, the breeding formula involves the strategic pairing of Boodoo and Dragong to bring forth the fearsome singing monster. Notably, if regular Ghazts are recognized for their adeptness at seamlessly traversing dimensions, the Epic Ghazts, despite their intimidating appearance, are renowned for the challenges they face in upholding that reputation.

This Epic Ethereal harbors distinctive traits that complicate interdimensional travel: a resolute skeletal structure that rarely achieves complete intangibility, dual-ended horns prone to snagging on the edges of dimensional portals, and stunning optical Plasmic orbs easily prone to distraction. Once it settles into a habitat it deems suitable, extracting this tenacious Monster becomes a formidable task. The Epic Ghazt, with its unique complexities, stands as evidence of the intricacies of managing such formidable ethereal beings.

How to Breed Rare Ghazt

As a Rare Monster, Rare Ghazt’s availability is exclusive, and players who are enthusiastic about getting it can breed this extraordinary creature through the strategic pairing of Entbrat and T-Rox.

The Rare Ghazt is a Single-Element Rarethereal Monster that marked its debut in My Singing Monsters on April 22nd, 2016, with the release of Version 1.4.0. This designation makes it the inaugural Rarethereal to grace the My Singing Monsters universe, contributing a distinctive flair to the limited-time Monster roster.

The default breeding time for Rare Ghazt is 1 day, 21 hours, and 30 minutes, making it a rather strenuous process for players. On Plant Island, Rare Ghazt demonstrates an admirable coin production prowess, placing it among the upper echelons of Monsters in this category. Its coin rate is comparable to the Epic Entbrat, with Rare Ghazt emerging as the superior choice when collecting resources once per day or less.

To unlock the full potential of the monster, players have two avenues: either teleporting it to Ethereal Island upon reaching level 15 or engaging in breeding activities with any combination that yields a Rare Ghazt on Ethereal Island. The latter option involves a breeding time of 12 hours, 38 minutes, and 15 seconds. Similar to its counterparts among Rare Single-Element Ethereals, Rare Ghazt distinguishes itself with excellent shard production, surpassed only by its Epic counterparts. It’s noteworthy that Rare Ghazt holds a slightly lower rate in this aspect compared to Rare Reebro, Rare Jeeode, and Humbug.

Similar to its Common counterpart, Rare Ghazt is exclusively available for breeding during brief, periodically announced windows in the game. On Plant Island, the breeding formula involves pairing Entbrat with a Triple-Element Monster, offering multiple combinations for experimentation. Options include Entbrat and Bowgart, Entbrat and Clamble, Entbrat and Pummel, and Entbrat and T-Rox.

In cases of unsuccessful breeding attempts, the result may yield one of the parent Monsters or a standard Ghazt. For optimal efficiency, the recommended combination for the shortest wait time per attempt is Entbrat and T-Rox. It’s crucial to note that the chances of breeding Rare Ghazt are lower compared to its common counterpart. The utilization of Wishing Torches, along with deploying high-level Monsters, enhances the likelihood of success. Additionally, any Rare Monster can substitute for a parent in the breeding process.

On Ethereal Island, the breeding dynamics shift, allowing for the possibility of obtaining the singing monster by pairing it with any other Monster instead of the common variant. To maximize efficiency, it’s advisable to opt for breeding Ghazt with another Single-Element Ethereal rather than a Double-Element Ethereal. This strategic choice minimizes the chances of acquiring a Double-Element Ethereal, which necessitates a significantly longer time for both breeding and incubation. Viable combinations include Ghazt and Grumpyre, Ghazt and Reebro, Ghazt and Jeeode, and Ghazt and Humbug.

Once a Rare Ghazt is successfully bred, a prudent breeding strategy involves pairing it with a regular Ghazt to generate additional Rare Ghazts. This method helps avoid the introduction of one or two-element Ethereals into the breeding mix, particularly while Rare Ghazt remains available for acquisition.


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