Is Andrew Tate Dead or Alive and Where Is He Now?

Andrew Tate is alive despite reports circulating online that he has passed away. It was rumored that he was either shot dead in Dubai or killed in prison in Romania and a clone released. Another rumor circulated online regarding his health suggests that he suffers from lung cancer. However, all these reports appear to be false, as the controversial media personality is still very much alive.

The 37 year-old American-British former professional kickboxer has long been a subject of public curiosity and controversy. In 2023, the spotlight on Tate intensified, with rumors surrounding his lifestyle and activities, legal issues, and health concerns dominating discussions about his life. Here is the truth about everything concerning his health and current whereabouts.

Is Andrew Tate Still Alive?

Andrew Tate is still alive. The controversial media personality is currently under house arrest in Romania, where he is facing charges of rape, human trafficking, and forming an organized crime group to sexually exploit women. He denies all charges.

Tate found himself at the center of a bizarre and shocking incident in mid-2023 when his supposed death was falsely announced on social media. Rumors of his death have been quite persistent, however, they have been debunked and the man at the center of the rumors has come out to confirm his existence through various social media posts.

Andrew Tate, who is known for his provocative online persona, has weathered controversies before, including rumors of his death and ill health. All of the rumors were created to spark controversy about him, but no credible evidence to support the claims were ever provided.

Was Andrew Tate Shot Dead?

Andrew Tate was reported to have been shot dead in Dubai, but this has been proven to be false. The rumors about him being shot dead started after the Twitter (now X) account of British TV host Piers Morgan was hacked, leading to a cascade of sensational fake news. Among the bogus posts, one particular tweet garnered significant attention, announcing the tragic demise of Andrew Tate.

The tweet, which said that Andrew Tate had been found shot dead in Dubai, spread like wildfire, with over 4.6 million people reading the false news. Upon learning of the fake news, Tate responded via social media with characteristic wit, tweeting that he is “Hard to kill.” His humorous response added a twist to the situation, highlighting his ability to navigate controversies with humor and resilience.

Andrew Tate has had his Twitter accounts banned multiple times. Nonetheless, he continues to maintain a significant following online, with fans rallying behind him in the face of such rumors.

Does Andrew Tate Have Lung Cancer?

Andrew Tate has denied having lung cancer. However, someone from his inner circle confirmed reports that he was suffering from the illness. In March 2023, Tate’s manager, The Sartorial Shooter, claimed that Tate had a “dark spot on his lung,” which was “most likely a tumor.” Tate later denied these claims on Twitter, stating that he does not have the deadly disease and that his lungs have the capacity of an “Olympic athlete.”

It is important to note that Tate’s medical records have not been made public, so it is impossible to say for certain whether or not he has lung cancer. However, based on his own statements, it appears that he does not believe he has the disease.

Andrew Tate was Also Reported to Have Been Cloned

The latest in the Andrew Tate death saga involves speculation that he was killed in prison and clones of him and his brother, Tristan, were released. Andrew and his brother, Tristan, were jailed in Romania from December 2022 to March 2023, on charges of human trafficking, sexual assault, and forming a criminal organization. Upon release from the Romanian prison where they were kept, the brothers resumed their media activities, where they continued to confront their detractors with cutting remarks and sharp commentary.

Speculation about the Tate brothers being replaced by clones gained traction on social media platforms. A user named “Andromedaskarma” pointed to differences in their physical features, particularly the ears, as evidence of the alleged cloning. The theory posits that Andrew Tate’s release marked the emergence of a cloned version with altered physical characteristics.

Another social media user with the handle “bigguccilunarxo,” suggested a connection to ‘MK2 Ultra’ and questioned the abrupt change in the brothers’ behavior, emphasizing that they had previously advocated for their release on legitimate grounds.

Where Does Andrew Tate Live Now?

Andrew Tate is believed to be living in either Bucharest or Voluntari in Romania. He moved to the southeastern European country from the United Kingdom in 2017 with his brother, Tristan Tate, whom he runs multiple businesses with.

Tate has said that he moved to Romania because he liked “living in countries where corruption is accessible for everybody” and believed that it would be less likely to face rape charges in Romania, stating that Romanian police would ask women reporting rapes for “evidence” or “CCTV proof”, whereas in the Western world, amid the MeToo movement, Tate said that any woman “at any point in the future can destroy your life.”

However, Tate’s current living situation is uncertain, given his ongoing legal troubles in the country. Nonetheless, every indication suggests that he is still living in Romania, where he is expected to soon face trial on the rape, human trafficking, and forming an organized crime group to sexually exploit women charges brought against him.

What Does Andrew Tate Do Now?

Since his release from prison and placement under house arrest in Romania, Andrew Tate and his brother, Tristan, resumed their media activities. They launched the ‘Emergency Meeting’ podcast on YouTube, where they engage with various topics and continue to confront the accusations against them.

Despite the controversies and legal challenges, Tate remains active on social media and maintains a significant online following. It is believed that he also makes a living from such avenues. It is, however, not clear if he still actively runs his many businesses.

Prior to his arrest, Tate was a kickboxer, businessman, and social media personality. He is a four-time world champion kickboxer, who also competed in mixed martial arts. He is also the co-founder of Hustlers University, an online course that teaches people how to make money online.

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