Is Anthony Padilla Gay and Does He Have a Wife or Girlfriend?

Anthony Padilla is not gay even though there have been speculations alluding to the contrary. The internet personality and actor is believed to be straight and even though he is not married, he has a girlfriend named Mykie. 

Daniel Anthony Padilla is a TV personality, filmmaker, host, and actor who rose to fame as a YouTuber with more than 7.5 million subscribers and over 1 billion cumulative views. More than his fame and all he has achieved, questions about his personal life and sexuality have always been brought to the fore.

Is Anthony Padilla Gay?

No, Anthony Padilla is not gay. He has been in several relationships with women in the past, but this is not enough to convince a lot of people who have been speculating about his sexuality.

Questions relating to the sexuality of the YouTuber have been on for quite a long time but it was heightened in 2022 when YouTuber, Daniel Howell who is a known homosexual drew a list of his top gay crushes. Surprisingly, Anthony Padilla also made it to the list. The two spent a lot of time together and since Padilla did not come out to debunk any belief that he is gay.

In a video he shared on YouTube in March 2017 he revealed that people had always asked him since he was a child if he was gay. He stated that the main reason why people are always doubting his sexuality is because of his looks and the way he does things. He revealed that the first time he was called gay was when he was 7 years old by another kid. At the time, he didn’t even know what gay meant, but he didn’t want to be gay because it was seen as something negative.

In the video, he said he was tired of trying to be anything other than himself. He cleared the air that he was straight but people kept calling him gay.

Is Anthony Padilla Bisexual?

No, Anthony Padilla is not bisexual. Even though there have been claims that he might be gay, there have never been many accusations about him being bisexual. He revealed that he is only romantically linked to women and not to men.

What is Anthony Padilla’s Sexuality?

Anthony Padilla’s sexuality is straight. Contrary to the rumors and speculations that have been going on about him, he has since confirmed that even though people have consistently questioned his sexual preference, he has always been attracted to women.

Padilla indicated that the manner of behavior and the color he likes among other things which people use to speculate that he is gay, are not the things that make up one’s sexuality.

Does Anthony Padilla Have a Wife?

No, Anthony Padilla does not have a wife. The 36 year-old internet personality has dated several women in the past but he has never been married. As indicated, he is currently dating Mykie but the two have not made any statement about settling down any time soon.

The only time he had come close to walking down the aisle was in 2013 when it was alleged that he was engaged to his former girlfriend, Kalel Cullen. This came shortly after they began dating but the claimed engagement sadly came to an end a couple of years later when they called it off and ended the relationship.

Who is Anthony Padilla’s Girlfriend?

Mykie is Anthony Padilla’s girlfriend. Mykie’s real name is Lauren Mychal Mountain and she was born on November 1, 1989, which means she is 34 years old as of 2024. Mykie is also a YouTuber just like her boyfriend, as well as a makeup artist. She runs a beauty and special effects makeup tutorials channel known as Glam&Gore.

Mykie was born and brought up in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. She attended and graduated from film school before moving to Los Angeles to pursue a career. She started her YouTube channel which now has close to 4 million subscribers.

Although it is not clear how and when Padilla and Mykie started dating and the manner in which they met, Anthony took to Instagram in December 2019 to reveal that he has been in a relationship with Mykie for a very long time and it has been challenging for him to continue keeping the relationship a secret.

While talking about her, he added that when an individual sweeps one off feet and reminds one of why every moment is beautiful, one would want to turn into a puddle of sap and then shout from a mountain top. He described his girlfriend as the most wonderful human he has ever had the pleasure of knowing and calling her his girlfriend.

Anthony Padilla and Mykie’s Relationship

The relationship between Anthony Padilla and Mykie is one of the longest relationships he has had and the pair are still very close. Even though there are some reports that claim he first began dating Mykie in 2010, there is nothing to suggest that it is true.

All that is known is that it was in 2019 that they made the relationship public and while doing so, the YouTuber made it clear that they had been together for a very long time, as already stated.

Today, both Mykie and Anthony are still together and happy, and they often celebrate different milestones on social media where they also share pictures of each other.

Anthony Padilla’s Girlfriends and Ex-girlfriends

Before he started dating Mykie, Anthony Padilla had dated several women in the past. His ex-girlfriend list includes women such as Kalel Cullen, Kristina Carrillo-Bucaram, and Miel Bredouw.

The first known relationship of Padilla is with fellow YouTuber, Kalel Cullen. Now known as Kale Smith, her relationship with Padilla began in 2010 and they were together until 2014 when the relationship came to an end. After they went their separate ways, the pair revealed that they would remain as close friends but that did not stop Kalel from deleting all videos that had Padilla from her channel.

After his relationship with Kalel came to an end, the next woman he was linked to in 2015 was yet another internet personality, Kristina Carrillo-Bucaram. Although there have been many speculations that they dated, neither has come out to verify or deny the claims.

The next woman he dated was Miel Bredouw. This relationship got rather serious and it lasted from 2015 to 2019 when they went their separate ways.


Is Anthony Padilla Married?

Anthony Padilla is not married at the moment and he has never been married in the past even though he is currently 36 years old.

Is Anthony Padilla in a Relationship?

Yes, Anthony Padilla is currently in a relationship with his girlfriend, Mykie, whom he has been dating for many years.


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