Is Inside Job Canceled Or Will There Be Seasons 2 and 3?

Inside Job has been canceled, and as such, there will not be a season 2 or 3. The Netflix adult animated science fiction sitcom ended after season 1.

The creator of Inside Job, Shion Takeuchi, announced the cancellation of the show by Netflix in January 2023. The latest available episode of Inside Job is season 1, episode 18, which was made available on Netflix on November 18, 2022, as a part of the second part of season 1.

Is Inside Job Canceled?

Inside Job has been canceled. The show will not be returning to Netflix bar any unforeseen announcements. Just one season of the popular adult-themed sci-fi sitcom was released before it was shelved.

The decision by Netflix to shelve the show came as a surprise because it was doing quite well, receiving positive reviews for its writing, humor, animation, voice acting, and social commentary. It was even more of a surprise because the second season of the show had been approved by Netflix.

Will There Be Inside Job Seasons 2 and 3 Release Date?

There is not going to be a Season 2 and 3 of Inside Job as the show was canceled a few months after the first season was released. Season 1 of Inside Job featured 18 episodes that were released on Netflix in two parts; 10 episodes on October 22, 2021, and 8 episodes on November 18, 2022.

Before the release of the second part, Netflix renewed the show for a second season in June 2022. Season 2 of Inside Job was slated to have 20 episodes, however, the streaming giant opted to cancel it. The announcement of the show’s cancellation was made in January 2023 by its creator, Shion Takeuchi. As a result of this, Inside Job ended with a cliffhanger.

Why was Inside Job Cancelled by Netflix?

While no particular reason was given for the cancellation, there are a few possible reasons why Netflix could have canceled Inside Job, including viewership, the type of content, and competition from other streaming services.

It is possible that the show did not have enough viewers to justify the cost of production. A lack of profitability could have been a driving force. Netflix is facing stiff competition from streaming services like Amazon Prime Video and Disney+, so it is possible that the company decided to focus its resources on other shows that it thinks will be more successful. It is also worth noting that Netflix has a history of canceling shows after one season.

With regard to the content, Inside Job is a satirical show that tackles controversial topics such as conspiracy theories, government corruption, and corporate greed. It is possible that Netflix was concerned that the show’s content was too alienating for some viewers. Whatever the reason for the cancellation, fans of Inside Job are disappointed. However, there are high hopes that it will be picked up by a network or another streaming service.

List of Inside Job Characters

  1. Reagan Ridley – voiced by Lizzy Caplan
  2. Brett Hand – voiced by Clark Duke)
  3. Gigi Thompson – voiced by Tisha Campbell
  4. Rand Ridley – voiced by Christian Slater
  5. Glenn Dolphman – voiced by John DiMaggio
  6. J.R. Scheimpough – voiced by Andy Daly
  7. Myc Cellium – voiced by Brett Gelman
  8. Grassy Noel Atkinson – voiced by Alex Hirsch
  9. Dr. Andre Lee – voiced by Bobby Lee
  10. Tamiko Ridley – Suzy Nakamura
  11. Ron Staedtler – voiced by Adam Scott
  12. Dupil-Kate – voiced by Cheri Oteri
  13. Agent Rafe Masters – voiced by Josh Robert Thompson
  14. Ron Funches – voiced by Elliot Mothman
  15. Alpha Beta – voiced by Chris Diamantopoulos

Where to Watch Inside Job Season 1

Inside Job season 1 can be watched on Netflix. If you are interested in watching the show, you would have to buy a Netflix subscription if you do not already have one. Log onto Netflix and search for the show to start enjoying it. Even though Inside Job is canceled, Netflix still has the rights to the show and continues to feature it in its ever-growing content library.

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