Is Jonathan Roumie Married and Who Is His Wife?

It is not clear if Jonathan Roumie is married or not, but there are some claims that he got married to a woman known as Hannah Vanorman, while others suggest that the 49 year-old actor is still single. 

The confusion around the love life and marriage of The Chosen actor is because he is a very private individual who has kept most details about his life hidden. More so, he has never been seen with many women in the past, and neither has spoken about anyone about love and dating.

Who Is Hannah Vanorman, Jonathan Roumie’s Wife

Reported to be Jonathan Roumie’s wife, Hannah VanOrman was born on January 31, 1984, which means she is currently 40 years old. She was born in Green Valley, Illinois, the United States, which was also where she was brought up. Hannah now lives in Peoria, Illinois, according to her Facebook bio.

Of American nationality and white ethnicity, Hannah VanOrman’s parents are David VanOrman and Sarah VanOrman. She was brought up together with two a sister, Cydil VanOrman. While details about her childhood are not available, we know that she came from a very loving family and enjoys a great relationship with her mum and sister. She lost her father some years ago, in 2018.

The educational pursuits of Hannah have also not been detailed. Nonetheless, she once made it known that she was working at Schunks Grocery Store.

Is Jonathan Roumie Really Married To Hannah Vanorman

Rumors that Jonathan Roumie got married to Hannah Vanorman first began in 2020 when a marriage registry belonging to the two appeared on Bed Bath & Beyond’s gift registry. More interesting is the fact that the wedding took part in East Peoria, Illinois, on June 9, 2020. It was since this time that many believed the pair have been a couple since then.

While neither Jonathan nor Hannah has come out to clear the air on the marriage claim, the rumor is made strong by the fact that both Hannah and her sister follow the actor on Instagram. That said, the actor does not follow either of the sisters on the platform.

Another thing is that Hannah is a great fan of The Chosen, which could as well be because of Jonathan. She has used promotional posters of the series several times on Facebook as her cover photo.

In the same manner that Jonathan has maintained a strong silence on the woman that may be his wife, Hannah is also very quiet on the matter. She has revealed the names of all her family members, including her parents, sibling, and nephew, as well as some of her close friends, but she has kept all information about her love life private.

Because of the silence of the two, details regarding how they met, fell in love, and later got married have all remained elusive.

When Did Jonathan Roumie Get Married?

The date for the alleged marriage between Jonathan Roumie and Hannah VanOrman is listed as June 19, 2020. The place of the wedding is the home state of Hannah, Illinois. Details about the wedding remain sketchy as, apart from the online registries, there are no other indications to show that the two were married on the said day.

He Has Not Been Linked to Many Other Women in The Past

Apart from Hannah, the only woman that the actor was once linked to is an actress, but as it turned out, they are both linked to G.K. Chesterton Theatre Company, through which they got funds for the live passion play which was written and directed by the two; The Last Days: The Passion and Death of Jesus the Christ.

He made it known once in the past that he has dated several women in his life. Most of the women claimed to be Christians, but he did not find a spiritual connection with them, so he saw no reason to continue with the relationships being a devout Christian.

Does Jonathan Roumie Have Children With His Wife?

One more thing that adds to the mystery regarding the marital life of The Chosen award-winning actor is whether he has any kids with his supposed wife. It is worthy of note that just as the actor has never made any mention of having a wife, he has also never revealed if he has ever had any kids in the past.

On her part, Hannah has also not made any revelations on whether she is married or not and has also not stated anything about having kids. She has made many revelations about herself on social media but has not made anything known about her children. It is believed, however, that neither Jonathan nor Hannah has any kids, whether together or with others.

Whatever the case, likely, the actor who is famous for the highest-grossing crowd-funded project in history may be very much interested in having kids. This is because he once made it known that he loves children and he loves seeing them pray.

Who Are Jonathan Roumie’s Parents?

The parents of Jonathan Roumie are Rosemary “Rosie” Roumie and George Roumie. For the better part of their lives, George and Rosie have always maintained a very private life until their son gained fame playing Jesus Christ in the well-followed TV series, The Chosen.

Jonathan Roumie’s father is originally an Egyptian and Syrian, while his mother is Irish. The couple gave birth to their son in New York City, New York, United States. They also brought him up here, but he later left to pursue his career in California. As regards the faith of his parents, George is Greek Orthodox, while Rosie is Irish Catholic. Their son was baptized into the faith of his father, but as soon as the family left New York City for the suburbs, he became a practicing member of the Catholic Church.

While George is heading for the later 70s and Rosie is in her mid-70s, it is not known what the pair did for a living or what they are currently doing. But looking at their ages, it is possible that they have since retired.

Jonathan Roumie’s Family

The only confirmed family members of Jonathan Roumie are his parents, Rosie Roumie and George Roumie. It has never been confirmed if he has ever had any siblings or not. Being a notoriously private individual, the actor has never shared anything about his family life and members, except for his parents.

If the actor is married to Hannah as alleged and as it is seen on more than one marriage registry online, it means she is his only known family member apart from his parents. This will also mean that their family is still very small as there is still no indication that they have any kids.


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